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The ebb and flow of life interacts energetically with your DNA. Your energy powers your destiny. Sail to your destiny easier, happier and faster with our courses and coaching.

Live Your Best Life With Life Coaching

With over 30 years of spiritual practice & professional experience, Nasrin will serve as your personal mentor. Let her help you clear your path and achieve your goals. Explore how Nasrin can support the manifestation of your best life!

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Featured Courses​

Our Featured Courses bring you awareness of the current energies showering our world, their reason for coming in, and how you may enhance your own life through receiving and engaging with those energies. Through guided meditations, each course offers techniques and methodologies you can adopt to benefit yourself and your loved ones and serve your higher purpose in the world.

Featured Crystal Products

Our Featured Products are tools that augment the teachings in our courses, support the healing you receive from the guided meditations, private healing sessions and coaching sessions, to accelerate the manifestation of your desires or to just fill you with the joy of having a new and useful toy to play with. 

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LiveJoy Blog

Our Blogs offer practical perspective on current global events. They explain the energetic exchange that happens between you and the world and your own impact on our world.

Life Path Reading

Have you ever reflected on this life and the reason for being here?  Have you ever wondered:




If you have, then try the Life Path Reading Session. It can be a timely exercise and an invaluable experience. Full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your session. Let’s spend a few minutes together to explore this rare opportunity.

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Healing Session

Sessions are customized to your specific needs:

  1. Physical relief and Healing related to an ailment or a specific part of your body.
  2. Healing of emotional or mental nature, an event or memory that you need to release or heal.
  3. Healing of relationships with a person or a number of people. You may desire to understand the dynamics, clear the karma, sever, or restore relationships and connections.
  4. Learn what lessons the events are presenting that need healing and closure, thus ending repeating patterns. Achieving relief and feelings safe to move on or to join in wholeheartedly without doubt or resentment.

Private Session

Private Sessions address your specific questions or issues and bring clarity and relief,

  1. When you feel stuck, doubtful, or confused about a decision or a situation.
  2. When you need to take immediate action and need guidance and direction.
  3. When you desire clarity, resolution or closure of circumstances or relationships.
  4. When you need courage and determination to face the challenges at hand.
  5. When you need the tools to let go and forgive yourself or others even when it’s hard.
  6. When you have questions about: the future, job or career changes, relocation to nearby or faraway places, relationships, family or social problems or any other questions.
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Free Foundational Courses

Our Foundational Courses are offered Free of Charge to help you:

  1. Understand Your Body’s ability to heal and regenerate through Energy Healing.
  2. Explore techniques to regenerate and rejuvenate your Body, Mind, Spirit.
  3. Increase your stamina and your Life Force to succeed and thrive.
  4. Heal Energy Centers within your body and expand The energy layers around your body for Transformational Therapeutic impact.

Free Guided Meditations

We offer you Free Guided meditations that support you in:

  1. Calming your mind and your nerves.
  2. Releasing stress and reducing anxiety.
  3. Uplifting your mood and elevating your Energy.
  4. Alleviating your depression, sadness or despair.
  5. Empowering you to heal and thrive.
  6. Lead you to connect with your Guides and Guardian Angels in the Higher Realms and help you find solutions to your questions and challenges.
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Our Guarantee

At Waves of Bliss, we are committed to providing a quality online learning experience, and we stand behind our platform and courses with our 100% money back guarantee.

Thank you so much for your constant support. I appreciate every word and am learning a lot. I have had magnificent experiences while meditating with you. This particular module was awesome and much more vivid for me. This time I could follow everything accordingly and felt it with every cell. I have read about the new innovations with the DNA and that we can regenerate every cell ourselves and that we knew about this knowhow in the beginning of our existence…. I read this article in scientific America. Thank you for your beautiful efforts. I am committed to help restore and generate all elementals and minerals and all that exists in our beloved world. May your life and the life of your loved ones be filled with prosperity, health, happiness and joy and all bounties you wish for.

Anahita A.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!