2024 The Year of Your Quantum Leap!

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The Numerical configuration of 2024

This year is set to make it an auspicious and prosperous year. This is initially from a numerological perspective which we will discuss first before going on to other bags of goodies and tools that 2024 has to offer. We use the numerology as taught by Pythagoras; the ancient Philosopher known as the father of Numerology- born 570 BC. His teachings ring true for multitudes since then, including for me and everyone I have worked with in the past decades.  

Pythagoras the father of Numerology

For more on the numerology of Pythagoras and to learn about your own Mission in Life based on the numerology of your birthdate, you may read the book: “The Life You Were Born to Live” by Dan Millman. He has been a student of the Mystery school where the teachings were disseminated orally. Millman has divulged the basics in this book.

Numerology of 2024

We arrive at the number for the year by adding up all the digits of the year: 2+0+2+4= 8. Number 8 signifies victory and prosperity- more on that to follow. 4 is the number of Solid foundations and 2024 is made up of two solid foundations:  the 2 from the millennia and the 2 from the decade- 2 thousand and 20 plus the 4 which is the last digit of the year (2+2=4+ the last digit which is also a 4).

The Significance of Double Solid Foundations

Solid Foundations are always welcome, because they let you build new things, and you can get things done faster and easier when you have a solid foundation. 2024 has two of them, a doble bonus where 2 layers of solid foundations are rooted and baked into the energy of the year you are working with.  This can mean projects and plans can take root faster and solidify into events and outcomes that you can easily and speedily create and benefit from.

What Role Did 2023 Play to Benefit you now?

To give you a comparison, last year of 2023, added up to number 7, the number for Spiritual Attainment and an odd numbered year where the Emotional Body and the Feminine energies and Beings are on the helm. It became the precursor to this year: Feminine Polarity has helped you get ready for this year by working with your Emotional Body to release the emotions you no longer need. Time to Build Solid Foundations over the spaces that have opened up in your own body and being, and in your Life. So, pat yourself on the back and know that you did everything you could and there is gain from the pain you might have experienced personally and globally.  

Significance of Even-Numbered Years

2024 is an Even-numbered year and as we already discussed, the digits of the year add up to 8, the number for Victory and Prosperity. Turned on its side, Number 8, becomes the symbol for infinity, providing infinite opportunities and possibilities. In every Even-Numbered year you work with your Mental Body Energy layers to accomplish success in worldly and global pursuits.

How humanity at large interacts with this year and whether we are able to help heal our world and interact with the Energies or revolt and react remains to be seen. It would be a missed opportunity if collectively and individually we missed the boat on this one. So, please think of yourself as a torch bearer and a pioneer and do what you feel our world needs in your own way. No effort ever goes to waste. You may also explain this phenomenon to anyone who might hear and act accordingly to benefit themselves and others.

The Divine Masculine Has the Reign in 2024

Even-Numbered years are the domain of Masculine Energies and Divine Masculine Beings. They can help you focus on what you desire to manifest. Remember to ask them for what you need! More on that further down. Once invited they offer their Grace and Guidance to you. You can seriousy set intentions for what you desire to manifest and make your personal plans for projects that can come to fruition during the year and provide a platform to continue in future years.

The Masculine Energies relates through and interacts with your Mental Body to process everyday events. A Masculine year provides a logical, rational and sensible platform for your growth and evolution. 

Building your Desired Physical Reality

The primary focus of an Even-Numbered year is on this Physical Reality (as compared to the Sublime and Spiritual Reality which is the focus of the Divine Feminine in the Odd-Numbered years.) You focus on and use your Mental Body Energy Layers as the container for everything: to build your new reality, to process all stimuli from the outside world and for communication.

Significance of Odd-Numbered Years

 All Odd- Numbered years work through your Emotional Body Energy Layers where the emphasis is on Release of Negative Emotions and building a stronger Emotional Foundation. The idea is to discourage reactional behavior and enhance the neuropathways of the brain that enhance positive interactions. The influence of the Divine Feminine in Odd-Numbered years helps to raise you up to your Highest Spiritual potential and guide you to fulfill your Soul Mission on Earth. When unchecked, emotions can come to a boiling point and hidden emotional issues stuck in individual and the of humankind come to the surface to be aired and cleared. As the inteligent human speci reigning on Earth we must raise up and expand our emotions and our Emotional Body Energy Layers and clear the 3rd Dimension of all pain and dross before we can become multi-dimensional and completely do away with pain and struggles and the Divine feminine Helps us with accomplishing that at personal and global levels in Odd-Numbered years.

2023 delivered exactly this at global scale with two wars (Ukraine and Gaza) and extended into 2024. You might have noticed the occasional emotional knee-jerk reactions or unease in personal interactions with others during 2023. Your Emotional Body Energy Layers get a chance to rest and recoup during 2024, while you focus on rational, logical and practical matters and success in worldly pursuits in 2024.

 You may take advantage of the clean, smooth Flowing, Even-Numbered year of 2024 and focus on practical matters especially since the next two years,  2025 and 2026, will both be both Odd-Numbered years. We will go back to focusing on healing the emotions and working with the Divine Feminine on other worldly and spiritual life and our soul mission. 2025 adds up to 9 which is a year of completion and conclusion- summing up a cycle that started since 2021(the last time the year added to 5.) 2026 adds up to 1 which is starting anew from a higher platform!

Who Supports you during this Year?

Your masculine Guides and Guardians work with you to reinforce your Mental Body Energy Layers. 2024 provides a platform for your success and accomplishments in this 3D Reality. Using your Mental Body Layers you use your mind, your logic and rationale and the Solid Foundation that the double 4 year of 2024 provides. The Over- Lighting presence of the Masculine Energies provides constant support and reinforcement during the year.

Sanat Kumara, the Masculine Guardian of 2024

Please Remember Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos during this year of 2024. He is the head of the Hierarchy for all the Masculine Energies and all the Masculine Light Beings who offer their support and their Energy during this year. As the Planetary Guardian, Sanat Kumara Guides and directs both the Masculine and Feminine beings. They all work in tandem with and report to Sanat kumara. The wellbeing of the entire planet and all the species of all creatures of Earth is the responsibility of Sanat kumara. All the Light Beings, in Masculine and Feminine forms are here on Sanat Kumara’s behest. They come to serve and uplift our world and all Species.

Divine Mother, the Cosmic representation of the Divine Feminine came with her entourage of the Feminine Beings- Great Silent Watcher, Feminine Council Members, Feminine Guides, Deities and Guardians. They came to work with Sanat Kumara to shift the trajectory of our present reality to a higher level where pain and struggles give way to peace and prosperity.

Goddess Victory, the Feminine Guardian of 2024

Goddess victory is the champion of 2024. Number 8 and its inverted representation, the symbol of infinity, are also Goddess victory’s own number and symbol. Goddess Victory has offered her help, Grace and her signature energy of Victory for over 300,000 years with projects that benefit Earth and all Humankind. She has been Victorious and prosperous and in all.

Please call upon Goddess Victory to make you victorious and prosperous and bring us infinite opportunities throughout this year. Call on her and Sanat Kumara with all your ideas, plans and project where you need to get to the finish line with ease and Grace and win the day for yourself and all who benefit from your actions and services.  

Our Mission with Divine Mother Marches on

We continue to work with both Feminine and Masculine contingent during this year and in every year.  The qualities and the qualities or Feminine are baked into the and Odd-numbered years to give us a chance to work with both the Mental Body/Masculine Energies and the Emotional body/Feminine energies on a by-yearly basis.

You are Supported by Both the masculine and Feminine

As awakened Light beings your Spiritual Body, which is a Higher Energy Body Layer, Over-Lights your Mental and Emotional Bodies. To accomplish your Divine Mission, you use your Spiritual Body and your Light Body as the Encompassing presence.  You will always have the support and guidance from both the masculine and feminine Beings and you will continue in pursuit of your Soul Mission which has become your primary focus. You have joined all Highly Evolved Initiates and Light Beings in this pursuit.

Having said that,   it is beneficial to have this respite and the flipping  of the energies which is a universal/global matter even in your case.By flipping the Baked-in Template that allows the transition from Emotional to Mental Body Energy Layers and from Feminine to Masculine and vice versa you too get a respite even though your Soul’s work goes beyond the Emotional or Mental Energy Layers and the polarity of Masculine or Feminine.

Summing up 2024’s Qualities

We have only just come out of the energies of 2023 and some experiences are still being processed as we move out of the energy of that year. The year provided Emotional upheaval but valuable learning opportunities. 

2024 is the year that provides, 

  1. A year of Victory, prosperity, and infinite possibilities within a Solid Foundation.
  2. It is an Even-Numbered year which brings us the support of the Divine Masculine. They are specifically geared to help and guide you to deal with worldly pursuits, and success in the world at Global and individual scale.
  3. Your energy Will be over-lighted and scaled through your Mental Body. This supports you to think and reflect on matters and act logically and rationally. It is easier to find common grounds with others when working with your Mental Body. Thoughts are processed through the Prefrontal Cortex of your brain which is the most advanced, compassionate and intelligent part of your brain. (In comparison you process the raw emotions through the limbic system, the more basic and self-centered part of your brain whose focus is on your survival and safety.
  4. You work with greater focus, able to build strategies. Your focus helps attract the manifestation of opportunities and intentions into your reality.
  5. The year is geared l to emphasize your success in this current reality- the year has a baked-in structure that helps you draw and bind your intentions to stick into your reality and manifest into your life.
  6. The energy of the year has a smooth flow to it. Every part of it is in harmony with every other part. Everything that is baked into the structure/qualities of the year flows together.
  7. The year itself is solid. Its numbers sing together in great harmony: double 2s and a 4 make give you that double solid foundation. Just to give you an example, this is an Even-Numbered year with its last digit (number 4) is not only a great solid number but it is also an even number. In comparison, the year 2029 is also an Even-Numbered Year that adds up to 4. However, the last digit of that year is an odd number (9 Which is about completions)- a little twist in the energy quality of the year albeit a necessary one given that it is the last year of the decade and it needs to bring about the completion of the decade. There is rhyme and reason for everything in the big picture perspective. Yet the harmony that brings the year 2024 together is just perfect!
  8. Embarking on new projects and their manifestation is easier when the solid foundation and mental focus are baked into the fabric of the year. It helps to pull things together for you more reliably. It helps you get reinforced practically and usefully.
  9. The things you want to manifest have a better chance to take effect faster and easier because the energy of the year supports you to do just that. If you tried something like that in a year focused on Emotional Body releases and higher spiritual perspective, you’d be swimming against the tide because the year is not offering you the necessary glue to hold things together in this reality but pushing you to be reflective and seek otherworldly pursuits.

How can you make the most of 2024?

1)This is a year where your energy is grounded to this Earthly Reality. So, your primary focus would be on things that put you ahead and speed you up here and now: success, money, Physical health and wellbeing, building Solid foundations with people, Places and Things and creating a safe and successful path to a better future. 

 2)-Each of us in our group can add more power to others by holding our united intentions for everyone’s success at all levels. In our newsletter for next week I will provide you with info to create your own 2024 Crystal Grid of Light with recommendations for  specific Crystal Sets to enhance , empower and accelerate the manifestation of your desires.

3)-Meantime, please make a list of things you want to manifest this year.  Figure out at least 8 major intentions so we can make a grid with 8 Crystals. Four of those intentions can be about you and your personal needs and the other 4 can be about bigger picture perspective if possible- like what you wish to happen for our world- although overlaps are fine too.

 4)-Start a journal with all your wish list, with all the obvious and practical ones as well as the hard to achieve ones.  journal with all the intentions you’d want to manifest.  Look out for the announcement in next week’s newsletter about the Crystal Grid for 2024.

5)-I will offer you New Courses and Blogs with tools and techniques to help you take full advantage of this year and accelerate you in manifesting higher outcomes. Together we will work to manifest the best reality we can create for ourselves, our Group members, and our loved ones. We will spearhead our world to become a better place for the future years and future generations.

Check out our weekly newsletters (sign up for our newsletter to get the announcements via email if you are not registered to our weekly Newsletter.) Feel free to send your thoughts, comments and suggestions in the comment box or via email. It is helpful to have your feedback about specific topics you are interested in.

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  1. I’m blessed having you. My dear divinities, you have made a shift happen in my awareness since last year. I deeply appreciate your guidance and your full support and hereby send my blessings and prayers and love to the group and wish you success in rising awareness and clearing the way for the shift of all beings in this realm. ☀️🤍💫🌿🕊️

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