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Our Mission

We choose to live a purposeful life filled with Joy. Our mission is to inspire everyone to find their True Purpose and Live Life in Joy in every precious moment of life. We do this by offering tools and resources to find your true purpose. We help you focus on skills such as guided meditation and mindfulness for personal development and enhancing mental/emotional well-being.

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About Waves of Bliss

Waves of Bliss is the online presence of The Global Unity Foundation, FAGU. The teachings and materials offered through are based on the premise that everyone deserves to experience Joy and have a fulfilling life. We hope to inspire everyone to live their Joy with Purpose and Intention.

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Nasrin Safai

Nasrin Safai Foster is an internationally known visionary, author, life coach and spiritual teacher. She has authored several books and created hundreds of courses and workshops on the topics of spiritual growth and personal development.

With over 30 years of experience, Nasrin has provided Coaching and consulting to CEO, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, business owners, professionals and individuals who aim to be of service to humanity and the world.

Nasrin is co-founder of the Foundation for the Attainment of Global Unity (FAGU), the mother organization for Waves of Bliss & Path to Enlightenment (PTE) Mystery School. Waves of Bliss provides online educational resources through workshops and courses in Energy Healing, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Personal Development.

Nasrin has Studied at Chelsea School of Art in London, UK. She has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Decorative Arts, a Masters (MA) degree in Planning & Development from Nottingham University in UK and Doctoral Studies in the Role of Women. She has taught at higher educational establishments and universities around the world, including Harvard University. She taught Women Studies Courses at the master’s degree program at Harvard’s faculty of Committee on Degrees in Women’s Studies.

Nasrin travels around the globe meeting with the native elders and peoples of the world perform ceremonies for world peace and global unity. Over 120 countries have been visited to date.
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James Foster

James Foster, AIA is co-founder of FAGU, Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School.The work that James and Nasrin have collected over the past few decades, spans through thousands of hours and resulted in the volumes of knowledge and wisdom that is the backbone of the Mystery School.

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School (PTEMS) is  Jim’s  brain child. His vision is to develop the Mystery School to become an acredited post graduate program in the future. Meantime  he co-teaches  the Advanced Courses together with Nasrin offered on Waves of Bliss.

James received a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Energy Systems Engineering, and a master’s degree (MS) in Architecture from Iowa State University. He is a member of American Institute of Architecture (AIA).

Jim is the founder of his Architectural Consultancy business, the JMF Group, which has been in operation for over two decades. Through JMF group, Jim provides Architectural Design and Project Management Services in New York City, East and West Coasts of the United States, and around the globe.

Jim is also the founder of Kumas One Concepts, a land and property development Consultancy firm. Jim combines his knowledge of the healing properties of land and the spatial spread of healing energy flow, in subdivision of land and the design and creation of architectural structures (VASTU), which are visually beautiful practical, functional, versatile, and spiritual.

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Have been coming to Wavesof Bliss for inspiration for over 1.5 years. I make a point of spending a few min or longer daily to set my mind at ease and feel re-connected.

Jim B.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!