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The Most Vibrant You! Spring Retreat

The Most Vibrant You! Spring Retreat

Dream • Nourish • Awaken

April 12th – 14th

This event will be held Friday 2-6pm, Saturday 9-5pm and Sunday 9-1pm.

Join Nasrin Safai, Adora Winquist and Dr. Lulu Shimek for a journey of
self-transformation to Dream your biggest vision, Nourish deep levels of self-care
and Awaken to the magic within you at Epione Clinic in Asheville, North Carolina.

Spring Retreat Medicinal

Experts, with a combined 55 years of experience, in the fields of natural medicine personal transformation, and spiritual mentoring will weave a sacred and nurturing space where together we will explore leading edge tools and techniques to rejuvenate physical vitality, empower emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening.

The authenticity of this program allows for every individual to commune with others of like mind, create life-long bonds while being fully heard, seen and understood physically, emotionally and spiritually.

* The Core Benefits *

* Renew Vitality & Energy *

* Boost & Balance Metabolism *

* Tools to Optimize Weight Loss *

* Freedom of Self Expression *

* Speak your Truth *

* Expand Your Creativity *

* Let Go of Limitations *

* Create Healthy Boundaries *


Epione Clinic for Integrated Healing, LLC, 19 Zillicoa Street, Asheville North Carolina

EPIONE Clinic for Integrated Healing



Mindfulness Training Seminar

Three Pillars of Mindfulness- Self Awareness, Self Acceptance and Self Love
February 2019 | Middletown, CT


This conference is available free of charge to all p1 Union members working with the State of Connecticut.

Three Pillars of Mindfulness- Self Awareness, Self Acceptance and Self Love

Clinicians are personally affected by the plight of patients under their care. The voluntary or involuntary nature of trauma, pain, and suffering leave deep indelible marks in the minds and hearts of professionals and clinicians who spend a large portion of their working life dealing with the needs of their patients and clients. Some situations induce tears, others can enrage and unnerve and still others might bring a sense of helplessness and frustration.

Many cases bring up questions which may remain unresolved and disturbing, on a day to day basis. This seminar aims to provide tools to improve the long term, mental, emotional health and wellbeing of clinicians and their patients; techniques to alleviate trauma, stress, anxiety; and methodologies to encourage peace and calm to prevail in all situations.

Area of Focus

Self Awareness, Self Love and Self Acceptance are three pillars of Mindfulness which will be our primary focus in this seminar. Behavioral skills can be enhanced when these three pillars of Mindfulness are fully embraced by clinicians and management teams and extended to patients, staff, coworkers and the public.

We will begin this Journey of Mindfulness, exploring successful evidence-based techniques and strategies for practical intervention; with the ultimate goal of reaching positive long term benefits and deep healing impact.

You will have a chance to participate in the exercises to gain firsthand, personal knowledge of their potencies. You will also pair with other participants in the group for exchanges that enhance your direct personal experience.

We will marry these mindfulness techniques; Self Awareness, Self Acceptance and Self Love, with the primary concept described in Somatic Psychology – the premise that the needs of the body, mind and emotion can be addressed as a somatic unit in order to bring on deeper and wider range of healing.

You will gain an understanding of the invisible layers of energy trapped inside the physical body, the mind and the emotions and the havoc they wreak – especially in the behavioral and cognitive area. We will focus on fully familiarizing you with the powerful ways that the tools of Mindfulness can lead to the release of those trapped energies and enhance the restoration of behavioral and cognitive health.

What can you expect to gain from this seminar?

These Mindfulness exercises and related techniques can become powerful tools for Self Regulation, growth and empowerment.

Such tools can:

  • Enhance your ability to devise effective strategies in your practice.
  • Improve the behavioral health and cognitive skills of your patients and can become popular training tools.
  • Restore mental and emotional balance and longevity necessary for clinicians and professionals to perform their highest and best while serving the needs of patients and their loved ones.
  • Provide a solid foundation for personal growth and self-regulation which will lead to enhanced interactions with patients, staff and the public.
  • Improve management skills of Self Regulation and Self Observation.
  • Enhance your ability to exert boundaries with patients and their family members or guardians using Mindfulness methodologies in the field of Self Awareness.

Who can benefit from this seminar: Professionals in behavioral and cognitive health disciplines and practitioners in direct contact services, including: executive and management personnel, supervisors, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists, counselors, case workers, case managers, nurses, MDs and medical professionals, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, naturopaths and professionals in integrative and alternative medicine and all related staff.

This full day Seminar offers 8 Hours of clinical participation.


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SEPTEMBER 20th – 23rd 2018 | Asheville, NC


Join Dr. Lulu Shimek, Adora Winquist and Nasrin Safai for an escape into the majestic beauty of OM Sanctuary in Asheville, North Carolina. This transformational healing experience includes daily instructional educational classes, healing mind-body-spirit meditations, yoga, and ample free time for restoring your vitality.



Recover Restore Reclaim




* Cellular DNA Repatterning *

* Organ healing head to toe *

* Emotional Clearing *

* Transformative Tool Box

* Equinox Ceremony *

* Guided Meditation *

* Three delicious daily healing and vegetarian meals *

* Daily Holistic Classes and Meditation *

* Serenity Labyrinth Garden and Waterfall *

* Tranquility Trail Guided Hikes *

* Enhance your stay and book a body treatment *


OM Sanctuary is a beautiful 54-acre mountain retreat center in Asheville, North Carolina where we will have our retreat to learn, explore, and heal in a nurturing community. Experience mindfulness to bring enriching balance to your body, mind and spirit while surrounded by nature.

EPIONE Clinic for Integrated Healing




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About Nasrin Safai

Presenter’s bio:

Nasrin Safai is an internationally renowned visionary;  educator in holistic and behavioral health; author of several books in the field of self-help and personal growth. She provides  mentoring  programs  to individuals and corporations around the globe.
Nasrin is the founder of the Foundation for the Attainment of Global Unity (FAGU). Nasrin’s Waves of Bliss and  Path to Enlightenment Mystery School are online resources offering educational  seminars and classes in Energy Healing, Meditation and stress release, Mindfulness, personal Growth, self-regulation and behavioral health.

Nasrin has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and a Masters (MA) degree in Planning and Development and Doctoral Studies in the Role of Women.  She has taught at higher educational establishments and universities around the world, including Harvard University. As an engaging motivational speaker and personal coach to CEO’s, industry leaders and professionals worldwide, Nasrin continues to innovate and elevate public awareness in the field of personal growth. For more information please visit To contact Nasrin please email or use our Contact Form below.


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