Crystals Grid Layout Private Session

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The Crystals Grid Layout Private Session

Crystals are powerhouses filled with mysteries, Healing Power, Self empowering and energizing qualities that remain unknown and unused for the most part.

In these private sessions we choose those crystals and gems which are capable of rendering their healing potential for your best use, to heal physical as well as mental emotional pain and trauma, to release stress and anxiety, to accelerate the healing curve and to enhance your experience of joy, peace and harmony. These magical creatures from the mineral kingdom are our friends and allies.

They can untap the mysteries and bring magical healing results to your body and being. In these sessions we may target your specific needs including:

  • Use of specific crystals to gain a targeted outcome such as Health, wealth, joy, happy relationships; success at work, in social or in personal life; to create a joyful and solid foundation for family life, to enhance existing family relationships and solidify a closer family unit .

Teach you to use a Crystal Grid layout for yourself- sitting or lying down inside a layout made of various crystals that are uniquely gathered to address your specific needs can be impactful. It can help to accelerate release, open you up to accept new possibilities, relax and calm you or invigorate you and add the element of fun.

With each further use in your own space you may enhance the outcome even further. You may purchase a customized Crystal grid for your personal future use. The fee for this private session does not include any crystals. The Crystal Grid price can only be determined in your private Crystal layout session where your specific needs are evaluated.

Crystal Grid layout

Crystal Grid layout private healing session (in person only)
Time duration 45min- 1 hour Fee $330

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Comprehensive Personal Crystal Layout Grid
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