Sacred Metals


Name and make-up: Considered a sacred metal, gold has been chosen as a symbol of power and might, since the dawn of time. It is worn as jewelry and turned into countless objects and items. Many a golden talisman has been adorned by royalty throughout history.

Color and shape: Gold lends its name to the color gold and golden color.  The moment you say the word gold, a shiny shimmering golden colored vision comes to mind.  Gold is one of the most adored and adorned minerals and is considered one of the most precious metals; a symbol of power and wealth. It is almost indestructible, as it can be reheated and reshaped over and over again and lasts for hundreds of years. It is much easier to lose a piece of gold than to destroy it.

Special Qualities and Healing Virtues: Gold brings strength, durability, stability and grounding to the environment around it and to the person who uses it.  It has an energizing effect to the wearer while inducing self-confidence and self-esteem. Gold tends to be a great clearing and cleansing medium.

Gold Healing VirtuesIt is therefore a great Catalyst for connecting you to your Higher Self and the Higher Realms.

In our channeling sessions, Divine Mother, the Masters and Angels have stressed the importance of wearing high karat gold as a way to increase your vibration and raise our consciousness.

We have been encouraged to wear gold in order to help us to move to the Higher Realms and to connect with Guides, Angels, Guardians and Deities faster and easier.

Furthermore, gold can clear and cleanse the environment from negative energies, entities and negative qualities such as anger, rage, depression, jealousy, envy or when we are feel fear, worry and pain.  

Such qualities carry lower vibrational energy and distract us from focusing on the bigger picture with positive thinking.

Gold can enhance the sense of self-confidence and self-esteem because it is a medium for cleansing the negativity and lower energies from within the body, as well as environment around you.

The higher the karat value, the more potent and powerful the gold becomes.  During our ceremonies, we have been advised to carry and hold small nuggets of 24 karat gold in our hands in order to bring higher energy to us and bring healing vibration two members of the group.

In its purest form of 24 karat gold, it is soft and therefore it does not lend itself to jewelry making. The highest karat gold for jewelry making is usually 22 karats.  However, even that is too soft for wearing and tends to break easily.  for durable jewelry, the most popular is 18 karat and lower.

How to Use it: You may use your gold by wearing it, placing it under your pillow, holding nuggets in your hand during meditation, placing a nugget on your Chakras, or if you do not have any nuggets or gold coins, you may use your high karat jewelry during meditation.

You may also use gold nuggets or coins in crystal grid layouts. It will clear and cleanse your energy, your body, your aura and the environment.  

You may lay your gold jewelry by your bedside, under your pillow or wear it, if it is comfortable for you, during your night sleep.  It will help to clear your energies and allow you to move to Higher Realms to meet your guides and serve a higher purpose during your dreamtime.  You can use your gold for going on a Vision Quest.

Wear a lot of gold to sit in meditation and see how it can move the energy around you. You can use your gold in conjunction with clear quartz and selenite, as well as other gems and precious stones, to magnify the impact of all  stones and gems.

Do’s and Don’ts: There are no dos and don’ts for gold, except to remind you not to lose it. You can clean your gold, and golden jewelry by immersing it in a solution of water with a small amount of Epsom salt minerals, salt or table salt. Soaking it overnight in Moonlight in that solution and during the day in the sunlight can lift up the heavy energies and restore your gold to its original potency.  

Clearing and cleansing gold is only needed on an occasional basis. It is not necessary to perform regular cleansing of your gold except under special circumstances where it becomes heavy and drained. As a general rule, you would not need to clear your gold more than once or twice in a year.

Whose favorite is it?  Gold is the favorite of Saint Germain , Archangel Metatron, Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti and many other Masters And deities.


Name, make up, Color and shape: Copper is a natural metal mined from earth. The name copper represents the color copper. It is mined in nuggets and chunks from veins.

This beautiful metal is used in a lot of ways. One of its uses is to mix it with precious metals such as gold and silver to help make them more durable and strong, since both gold and silver are soft metals and cooper is a much harder metal.

Copper is also a much more readily available and cheaper metal than gold and silver.

Qualities and virtues: Copper is a great magnifier and purifier of the energy.  Placement of copper in any environment can clear and cleanse the environment and it can clear and cleans the body when worn.

Many pieces of copper are shaped into anklets, bracelets and other items for wear on the body to reduce joint and arthritis pain.

Copper QualitiesCopper is considered one of the Sacred Metals, along with Gold, Silver, Nickel and Pewter from the ancient times. 

Copper can be a conduit of energy.  It is used on the body to help with general aches and pains, especially pains in the joints and muscles. 

Copper is also used in structures where purity and magnification are necessary. 

Copper wire or copper pipes are used to create sacred geometric shapes to use in crystal layouts. 

For example, a copper pyramid, large enough that a person can sit inside, used in conjunction with crystals, can be a great combination for healing, for alignment, for release of fears and phobias, pain and struggle, and memories of trauma.

The presence of copper simultaneously purifies the environment while magnifying the impact of the crystals. A copper pyramid is a great geometric shape with alchemical, as well as healing, potencies.  

Using copper in a pyramid shape makes the entire object more potent and powerful. Much of the alchemical qualities and potencies of both copper, as a sacred metal, and a pyramid, as a sacred geometric shape, were known in ancient times and used for healing and teaching in ancient Mystery Schools.

The qualities and the alchemical powers are being rediscovered through the New Age channeled information that is brought from the Higher Realms by the guidance of Deities and Guides.


Name and makeup, color and shape: Silver is a sacred metal whose name lends itself to the color silver.  Silver is a metal that brings feminine energy. 

The moonlight, on a full moon night, has a silvery color.  Moon is associated with the feminine energy.  Wearing silver helps to connect you with the feminine energy and with the feminine deities, as well as the feminine aspect of yourselves. 

Silver Sacred MetalsEveryone has the male and female or the masculine and feminine polarity within them.  When these polarities are in alignment, you can connect with the other gender easily and you can communicate with both male and female of the species with ease and grace. 

When you fall out of alignment in one or the other polarities, it has an overall impact on the entire body as well as the mind and emotions. 

Furthermore it can affect the spiritual body and the ability to reach the Higher Realms and connect and communicate with the Higher Self, the Soul, the Angels, the Guides and the Male and Female Masters. 

Silver is a sacred metal that allows communication with the higher realms and carries the quality of self-love, self-nurturance, motherly-love, and motherly-nurturance. 

Silver is a great conduit for healing memories and emotions related to betrayal, abandonment and rejection and perfect for restoring self-love.

Ways to use Silver: As a general rule, silver can be worn anywhere on the body.  In recent times silver anklets have become fashionable.  This is a great idea for balancing energies, especially as pollution on the ground can penetrate through the feet and the legs to the rest of the body. 

Wearing silver anklets, silver bracelets, necklaces or earrings or any other type of silver jewelry can bring the high vibration and the pure energy of silver to the body releasing the impurities and attracting you to move to a higher level of alignment.

Placement on the chakras:  You may place your silver jewelry on the higher chakras of your body, especially in the region of upper chest, to rejuvenate and enhance the performance of the chakras of Seat of the Soul,  Personal Heart, Cosmic Heart and the Throat. If you can get some pure silver nuggets, that is even better and more effective

Whose favorite is it? Silver is connected to the Divine Feminine energy and the moon. All female members of the Divine Feminine, that is all female deities favor Silver. Goddess Selena (Celena), Aphrodite and Hecate, who are collective representatives of the moon energy, especially favor silver.

Do’s and don’ts:  Silver tends to tarnish fast when exposed to moisture in the air.  Also silver can tarnish and oxidize as a result of exposure to body fluids such as sweat and perfumes and oils used on the body which come in contact with your silver jewelry.  It is best to keep silver in a dry place. 

Placement in a plastic bag or a container that is airtight, especially in the summer months, is suggested.  This is even more beneficial if you live near the ocean or in areas with high humidity.  Ocean water further tarnishes the silver and all metals because of the high content of salt.