Crystal name and make up: Selenite has a transparent moon like appearance. It is named after Goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon in Greek Mythology. In the New Age literature Celena (Celeena) is the goddess of the full moon while Aphrodite is the goddess of new moon and Hecate is the goddess of waning moon. The three goddesses work hand in hand to serve and assist those who call on them for help and assistance.


Polished selenite wand for healing or meditation. Direct the point at the area to send healing. For meditation you may hold one wand with both hands. View in our shop.

Praying to Selena on full moon nights is a powerful way to get results and manifest objectives. Don’t be surprised if you get a full dose of charged energy if you call on her, while looking at the full moon standing outside in nature. I have had to stop myself from tipping forward from the charge of her response when calling on her in this way.

Selenite’s makeup is gypsum; a common mineral which is found readily in large deposits especially in sedimentary rocks. Large deposits of saline waters crystallize to create solid pillars and deposits of Selenite.

It is a soft stone that bends easily. Thin bladelike pieces of Selenite can look and act like arrows and wands: they are good at pointing the magnified charge of energy in the pointed direction. Selenite is a great conductor of energy, as well as an insulator. It can feel warm to the touch.

Color and Shape: Selenite has a transparent, pearlescent appearance that resembles the full moon with a warm and fuzzy feeling when placed on the body. Selenite is usually found in the form of large and tall pillars many meters or feet high and wide. After harvesting it from large Selenite mines or sedimentary deposits, some pillars and stickletts are sold raw and used as meditation tools.

Large pillars can be placed in the corners of a room or space. Smaller ones can be placed on a desk or table by the bedside. Mostly though, it is cut and polished as slabs, trays, arrows, wands, and shaped into all geometric shapes as well as hearts and other random shapes.  Polished Selenite healing wands with points or curved ends are used in healing. These are popular and gaining even more popularity day by day with great results.

Selenite is not particularly durable. The soft surface of Selenite can be easily scratched, even with your fingernails, and can be tarnished in the presence of water or moisture.

Special qualities and healing virtues: Selenite has the quality of magnification and amplification in a harmonious and pleasant way.  As an energy conductor, Selenite can magnify and amplify positive energy running through your body or for the purpose of magnifying your specific intentions.  Selenite connects you with the heavenly realms, transferring those energies from the Higher Realms to our world.

Selenite Hearts

Polished selenite hearts. Anything in the shape of hearts brings more gentle energies of love and nurturance. View in our shop.

Selenite works perfecty for clearing and release.  It performs clearing and cleansing with great gentleness. Selenite remains unencumbered by the energetic pollution of our world. Clear quartz and other varieties of quartz do the same but tend to pick up pollution more easily. Selenite is programmable in the same way as Clear quartz.

This means you can specifically use your Selenite pieces for application and magnification of your intentions. Selenite has an inbuilt discriminatory mechanism where it will not pick up malignant energies or negative thoughts. It only brings the warm loving energies to you.

It is therefore an excellent tool for healing, clearing and release of mental emotional trauma. Meanwhile it can be used to powerfully magnify and intensify your focus; facilitate manifestation of your desired intentions, and accelerate the manifestation process. The best attribute of Selenite, in my opinion, is that it connects you to the Celestial Realms and the Highest Guides. 

Since it is connected to the Celestial Realms and Higher Beings, Angels and Guardians, it will only magnify positive intentions and manifest the highest plan for you. It remains unaffected and untarnished when exposed to lower vibrations or negative qualities such as anger, rage, depression, ill will, or animosity. Furthermore it helps to provide you with protection from dark energies. It remains clean and clear and constantly connected to the highest and best energies of Light; and never picks up dark or bad energy.

For all these reasons Selenite is one of the top healing tools for the toolbox of any advanced healer and beginner alike.  As a result it has been gaining popularity and the price for Selenite has been rising in the past few years.

Ways to use it: The natural organic quality of Selenite is great to be used as an insulator to prevent lower vibrations and negativity into the body and into your environment.  The polished version of Selenite gives it a smooth exterior which is excellent to use as healing wands and to hold in the hands during meditation. Meditating with Selenite is a wonderful experience; it enhances your meditation and allows you to experience an expansive energy.

Similarly, healing work with Selenite in the form of pointed wands or healing wands with smooth curved ends is a great healing experience. Furthermore, laying inside a Selenite crystal layout is an extremely potent way to accelerate your spiritual healing and activate your Chakras, charging your mental and emotional bodies and experiencing great visions. Selenite is one of the most desirable stones to use in personal healing; to pick up your mood and uplift the energy in any environment – around the house, office, personal and public spaces.

Since we started offering Selenite from our gifts store, I have heard people tell me that placement of Selenite in their bed, bedroom, other rooms or in a healing grid of Selenite helps them sleep better, relax easier, worry less, focus more. You may use it for all those reasons. We continue to offer Selenite Crystals in our gift store.

Pairs of selenite wands. Perfect for meditation. Hold one in each hand while meditating. View on our shop.

Placement in Grids and Layouts: Placing 4 large pillars of Selenite (or wands) standing up in four points and lying inside, is a great way to experience that expansive state. 

Similarly you may place Selenite blades in a formation around the body; one at the top of their head and one at the bottom of the feet (together with a grounding Stone such as obsidian hematite jet or any other dark or black colored stone that is useful for grounding).


You may place two or three pieces of Selenite, in any form – raw blade form or in polish from – as healing wands and arrows on either side of your body. Place one on both sides of you at shoulder level, at waist level and at knee level.

This is a potent and powerful way to experience Selenite. If you are a beginner, use this Grid with less Selenite pieces and stay in the Grid for only 5 to 10 minutes for your first few experiences.

After and while you will build up tolerance to the expansive experience and you may then stay longer.

In our gift store we provide Selenite wands, hearts and other shapes, as well as Selenite Layout Grids, for placement between the mattress and box spring of your bed and in your bedroom.

Chakra Placement: You may also use small pieces of Selenite on the Higher Chakras of your body, placing them anywhere from Seat of the Soul and higher. The Personal Hear Chakra, Cosmic heart Chakra, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras will all benefit from a piece of Selenite  placed directly on top of the Chakra.

Once again if you are a beginner, do it only for a very short time until you build up your ability to withstand the potency of the energies of Selenite.

selenite sticks wands

Raw unpolished selenite sticks/wands. Best use for these is placement in different spaces or areas in a room, office, desktop, bedside, between matress and boxspring, or under the bed. The rough surface can flake off and is not as pleasant to handle as the polished version. These can be purchased at a much lower price than polished versions. View in our shop.

Whose favorite stone is it? Selenite is one of Divine Mother’s favorite Stones. Divine mother and many members of the Divine Feminine Entourage and female deities enjoy and recommend the use of Selenite as a healing tool, as well as a means to connect with them. Selenite is one of the best tools in the healers first aid kit.

It is also Goddess Aphrodite, Goddess Selena and Goddess Hecate’s favorite Stone. Since it is a versatile stone and connected to the Celestial Realms where Angels, Archangels and Guardian reside, every Angel and Deity enjoys it.

Do’s and Don’ts: Selenite is a soft stone. It can be scratched easily. Selenite is also water soluble which means you cannot immerse your Selenite in water or even use a wet cloth on it.

Selenite does not need clearing and cleansing. Occasional placement in the Moonlight and Sunlight can restore a tired and depleted piece of Selenite. However this is rarely necessary as it is a self claning stone..

For all these reasons selenite is one of the top healing tools for the toolbox of any advanced healer and beginner alike.  As a result it has been gaining popularity and the price has been rising in the past few years.