Name and make up: The name turquoise to denote a color- as in turquoise blue- comes from the stone turquoise especially the variety found in ancient Persia, present-day Iran.

That area of the world boasts the most pure, clear and precious variety of Turquoise without any grans or vains or impurities in that very special turquoise blue which has lent its name to the color by which it has become known.

TurquoiseIt’s Make up is Hydrated copper aluminum sulfate. The high grade clear turquoise variety without any grains or impurities are more rare, precious and expensive. These are used for jewelry.

The Persian variety still carries the highest rates for jewelry making and is most sought-after by famous jewelry designer and collectors alike.

South west of United States, especially Arizona has the purest and most expensive varieties of the US turquoise. China Middle East Afghanistan Australia are other places where turquoise is prevalent.

TurquoiseTurquoise comes in chunks some less precious priorities are made into statues and ornamental items as well as jewelry.

Turquoise is considered Sacred by many cultures revered by the Native American culture as one of the most sacred and precious stones it is used in ceremony and for special occasions in the form of large ornate jewelry together with other stones and wood.

Color and shape: the color is similar to the color of the water on the beach is where the sand is made of crushed pink color coral. the sun shining upon the sea water while it’s in Shallow Parts on top of the pink lanterns the water into a turquoise blue color.

Pendulum with Blue Lapis and Turquoise MagnesiteSpecial Qualities and Healing Virtues: a sacred stone perfect for protection in all arenas: protection against self-doubt and negativity;   to protect you against other people’s negativity and lower vibrations. Also known to ward off evil energies and entities of alien nature.

Archangel Metatron once sent us to a crater in Arizona believed to have been created by the collision of Meteor.

He told us that an alien species with intention of harm was responsible for hurtling that large meteoric rock our way and asked that we go to it and throw a piece of raw Arizona Turquoise, as deep into the middle of the crater as we could reach it, with the intention of clearing the footprint or rather the imprint of the lingering alien energy from it.

We did the job to his satisfaction since he did not ask us to ever go back there; and we did it with just one small tumbled piece of turquoise purchased at a small store selling mostly native American jewelry and artifacts.

I became sick to my stomach during and after the ceremony ad could not wait to get out of there. How much of the experience was due to my preconceived notions about the energy and how much  of it was the actual experience of the alien energy as it was being transmuted and lifted out of there, is something I have wondered about.

Ways to use it. Carry or wear turquoise to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. it pulls you out of negativity and help you too pull your energy in and protect yourself when you feel that you are stretched to the Limit and unable to be in the moment or to ground yourself turquoise is your best friend.

Chakra Placement: You may place your piece of turquoise on your personal heart Chakra seat of the soul and Cosmic heart Chakras it will give you the energy charge to connect you to yourself and to the higher realms with your guides.

Great Silent WatcherA favorite Stone of Great Silent Watcher a cosmic being of enormous size and stature. She possesses a large scepter of power. She holds her scepter above your head.

Upon request from it the turquoise blue light of empowerment fearlessness and protection over you, creating a dome of protection around you.

Use this image everyday as you awaken and call Great silent mortar to protect you in her turquoise blue light and go about your day as usual you will feel her presence with you through the day and she will make the day easier protecting you from all harm and unnecessary Energies.

Do’s and Don’ts: You may immerse your turquoise in water; it will not cause any harm to it. Water is a great cleanser and purifier. you may use a damp cloth on you pieces of turquoise 4 immerse them in water if you feel they have become heavy.

Water will clear and cleanse the pieces of turquoise from whatever energies it may have picked up during a healing session or. From carrying it around with you.

Placement in sun and moonlight restores its optimum balance. Avoid oils and oily substance especially for the precious variety if turquoise.Your more expensive jewelry items made with turquoise would not tolerate oil for oily substances.

The oil effects the chemistry or the stone and causes discoloration which reduces its precious value dramatically. If you have an expensive turquoise ring remove it when you wash your hands with any soap or use creams and moisturizers.