Goddess Introduction

Who is the Goddess

There is a Cosmic Consciousness which is the Creative Power behind all manifest Creation. This Cosmic Consciousness takes myriad forms.

Those forms are collectively known as the Goddesses. However, before it takes form, the collective source of the whole consciousness before it takes form is known by various terms.

For example, the Feminine Creative Force, the Mother God, the Feminine Principle of Existence, the Divine Feminine, the Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Shakti and many more.

Why is the Goddess so Important Now?

Earth is ready to embrace the Divine Feminine once again as we move out of the rigid old masculine paradigm of the age of Pisces and enter into the nurturing feminine cycle as we move into the age of Aquarius. This is triggering a mass awakening and the remembrance that “the spirit” is embodied in the Form of the Feminine.

Some of these forms become earthly goddesses and others become cosmic guardians. Some we know as religious and cultural figureheads and others remain unknown and work behind the scenes guiding and directing those who remain in integrity to be the element of good in our world. 

We distinguish between those two types by calling the aspects of Divine mother who actually take human form and incarnate on earth as earthly Goddesses; and those who remain further away from us in the celestial realms and in the cosmos without ever coming close to taking human form as Cosmic Guardians. This is not a distinction or comparison of their power but a means for delineation.

GODDESSES Divine Mother

Divine Mother

The collective consciousness after it has taken form but without bias towards any culture/religion or special attributes is known as Divine Mother. She emerges from her secular form to embody special attributes and represent specific cultures or denominations. Then she becomes know as various deities from different cultures and religion at different times in history.

At the PTE Mystery School and Waves of Bliss our emphasis is on the ecumenical and non denominational, even secular aspects of the Divine Feminine form. We know her as our very own Divine Mother.

To us, she represents the combined forces of all those feminine forms and carries the combined power and the qualities of all known and unknown goddesses and female deities.

We go through cycles of moving away or getting closer to our Divine Source and to The Mother. The closer we move to her, the happier we are as human beings. The further we ebb away from Her, the deeper our misery as we get stuck in the solid and rigid trappings of the material world.

At critical junctures Divine Mother calls on other aspects of her Cosmic Consciousness to assemble around her. These we know as Cosmic Guardians and Cosmic Council Members. They do not take form because their job is to work from the higher realms in supervisory roles.

However, when called by Divine Mother to come to her aid, together they descend upon us to guide, protect and help humankind in course correction, for positive change and ultimately for paradigm shifts.

We are at that all important phase of our evolutionary cycle when a huge paradigm shift is eminent. This is a great opportunity for us to serve the highest good and a phenomenal chance for our soul growth and evolution.

GODDESSES Cosmic Guardians

Cosmic Guardians

At PTE Academy’s Mystery School Our focus is mainly directed at working with Divine Mother and the Cosmic Guardians. This is because we can be of greatest service to earth, to humankind and to the Divine Feminine in this way. It is less likely that you would find this material elsewhere.

We therefore place more emphasis on the Divine feminine Cosmic Guardians and Divine Mother. We also offer you expansive materials to work with well known Earthly goddesses through our Live seminars, online courses, books and ebooks.

As you journey with us to receive the teachings of our Divine Mother at PTE Mystery School the significance of working with the Divine Feminine and the role they now play in our individual and mass evolution becomes clearer.

GODDESSES Great Watcher

Great Silent Watcher

She is a gigantic Cosmic Guardian who brings light and life force to us all from the center of the cosmos.

Her appearance is very large and stocky, even though female, her Energy is so powerful that it might come across as Male Energy.

She holds an extremely large Scepter of Power.  It has a large multi-tiered golden globe that comes to a small round ball that sits on the very top, and a very long rod that she holds above everyone’s head.  Her colored light is Turquoise Blue.  She emanates this Light from her body, she emanates it from her Scepter and she creates a huge dome of Turquoise Blue Light around you.  Her number is 4, 44, 444 and hundred and forty-four.  Her symbol is her eye or a pair of eyes which look intently at you.

Her gift and symbol is a large dome of Light which she places around you and it covers from way above your head all the way to bellow your feet. It is wide so you can stand inside of it with your arms outstretched. The purpose of this Turquoise blue dome is to bring you her Turquoise Blue light of protection.

Her other gift of protection is a twisting twirling tornado of turquoise Blue light. You may call on Great Silent watcher to bring you her Turquoise Blue tornado of protection.  You can call on her for your loved ones, your home, office, cars etc- Imagine yourself protected inside one such Turquoise Blue tornado at all times. It covers you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Imagine a cord of light going from the top of your head all the way through the heavens above and reach the pool of creation where Great Silent watcher’s Turquoise blue light collects. This cord brings down and gives you protection from Great Silent watcher.

Her favorite gem is turquoise which transmuting negativity, especially attachments, entities and negative intentions.

Her favorite metal is gold. Her Gold brings you clarity of focus and releases negativity from your mind and your path.

To connect with Great Silent Watcher, wear turquoise colored clothes, wear turquoise gemstone at times when you feel the need to connect with her and/or carry a piece of raw or tumbled turquoise around – in a pouch kept on your person or in the form of jewelry.

Great silent watcher also likes aquamarine gemstone or raw stone, blue and green amazonite.  The sea-foam blue colored amazonite is good for expanding the heart and opening the heart to new creative plans and projects.  The deep green amazonite is good for healing the heart and opening the heart to release heartache.

Great Silent Watcher has brought us smaller Aspects of herself, known as Silent Watchers. These aspects of Great Silent Watcher are here to protect us and empower us.  They supervise over a large number of Angelic Watchers who are brought to Earth in billions and Silent Watchers guide them to watch over us and be our guides and guardian angels.

Angelic Watchers are responsible to administer healing, release negativity, restore balance and empowerment and provide us with protection as they use their light and life force to form bubbles of Turquoise Blue Light that cocoon us.  Ask for this cocoon of Light from Great Silent watcher.
Here is how to do it:

Imagine yourself inside a huge bubble or cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light that carries the Energies of Angelic Watchers. Imagine that there is a beautiful Angelic Guardian known as the Silent Watcher who oversees the healing work of the Angelic Watchers, They wrap the tornado around you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Train your mind to constantly see yourselves protected inside a tornado of Turquoise Blue Light to clear the negativity and to uplift your mood.  You can imagine a similar tornado around your loved ones, your cars, home, businesses and offices, etc.

Then imagine that Great Silent Watcher is holding her large Scepter of Power above your head pouring down Turquoise Blue Light which forms a very large dome around you.  Imagine yourself, your family members and your loved ones all under this dome.   You may imagine such a dome above your homes, your town your country and the globe.

GODDESSES Cosmic Guardian Protection

Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection

A powerful Cosmic Guardian who is the Higher Self, or the Higher Aspect of Great Silent Watcher.  She works closely with Great Silent Watcher.

She appears wearing Topaz Blue colored garments made of Light.  Her appearance on the scene has been consciously known since 2017.

She holds a fan shaped Scepter of Power. It is a very large fan that spreads widely and is shaped in peacock feathers with the Lights emanating similar to the Lights that are in peacock feathers, the same blues and greens that turn into Dark Cobalt Blue and almost Black.

Her number is 12.  If you happen to see 12:12 a lot, this is a sign from the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of protection. She is offering you her protection and her guardianship. 

Her purpose for coming to Earth is to bring her protection, protection from harm for each individual that calls upon her and connects with her, but also protection for Earth and all species, all creatures who need protection from extinction especially at this present juncture of Earth where pollution and corruption within the 5 Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are making many species of creatures extinct and polluting the Earth in detrimental and disastrous ways.

If you wish to call upon the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian, imagine that she’s standing before you and ask her to protect you.

To show your gratitude or to call upon Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian you may wear topaz blue colored clothing, especially over your chest to impact your upper chest, your thymus gland, the seat of your Cosmic Heart Chakra where you make connection with Topaz Blue.

Her favorite gemstone is Blue topaz. To feel her energy closer to you and to connect with her you may wear clothes in Topaz blue color or the gemstone of Blue topaz in her honor.

Her sign and symbol is a huge soap bubble of Topaz Blue which surrounds you and holds you in her light. Call on her to surround you with her soap bubble of Topaz Blue which becomes a cocoon around you and request that she places such a bubble around you, your home,  office, car, around each of your loved ones and their homes, schools, offices, around every space and localities that you wish her to protect and guard on your behalf.


Meditation to Receive Protection and Blessings
from Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian of Protection

Imagine standing before the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian at the Pool of Creation.  Imagine that you bathe in the Pool of Creation and absorb the Turquoise Blue Topaz Blue Light that emanates in the Pool of Creation to prepare you to receive the Energies of this Cosmic Guardian. 

As you arise out of the Pool of Creation imagine that Angels are standing with robes that signify this ceremony.  You wear those robes; they emanate the same Topaz Blue color that this Cosmic Guardian is emanating.

Stand before her and imagine that she holds her fan shaped Scepter of Power above your head, from it pours down Topaz Blue colored Light which begins to form into a large soap bubble cocoon around your entire body.  Inside of this bubble you breathe this Topaz Blue Light into your lungs and you absorb the Topaz Blue Light through the surface of your skin. 

This Light will protect you from harm, harm from other people, other places, other things, other things that might inflict injury, other people who might inflict thoughts and emotional conflict, disharmony, other places which may have disharmony, disharmonious energies.

Different localities carry different energies depending on the nature of the currents that move through Earth, but also the nature of events and circumstances that may have transpired on that spot in the past. 

Protection from what goes on in a space, clearing that space with the uplifting Energies of the Topaz Blue Light and with the presence of Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian will uplift your mood, enhance your clarity, harmonize your emotions and provide you with a platform to succeed to grow and evolve for higher and better future.  Imagine that the soap bubble remains around you every moment you carry it with you and it uplifts your mood.

Every morning as you wake up begin your day by imagining the soap bubble and the presence of the Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian protecting you and guiding you.  During the course of your day remind yourself of the presence of the Topaz Blue soap bubble and the protection that you receive. 

And at night before you fall asleep imagine the soap bubble around you, around your bed, and call on Topaz Blue Cosmic Guardian to accompany you to the highest realms, to teach you of greatest knowledge and wisdom available in those realms, to accompany you to grow and evolve even while you are sleeping and dreaming, and during the day as you rise and attend to your day to day life.


Cosmic Guardian of Stability

She is a powerful Cosmic Guardian who is here to stabilize us individually in our personal lives; and to stabilize Earth and all souls at this critical juncture of earth’s history.

We are in the process of moving away from the old Masculine based paradigm of the Age of Pisces into the new Feminine based paradigm that is coming with the Age of Aquarius.  A new wave of life that promises the loving, nurturing qualities of Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine Creative Life Force will shift the old to bring in the new and this Cosmic Guardian of Stability has offered to stabilize earth and all souls to receive these new energies and to welcome the New Age of Aquarius which will heal our wounds and restore earth to its original glory.

Her appearance carries a Deep Eggplant colored Blue Purple Light, even her skin is beautiful Dark Blue color; she sends the emanation of Deep Dark Bluish-Purple Light from her body.

Her number is 6, the number that bridges Heaven and Earth.

Her sign is a symbol of X, two rods that cross over.  She places this X symbol into your body when you call on her.  It rests with the points on your shoulders on top, and on your thighs, left and right shoulder, crossing over in the area of Solar Plexus, your belly region, to then land at left and right hip. 

She also gives a Purple Blue colored candle flame that sits right over thymus gland at the Cosmic Heart Chakra and it remains lit to stabilize your Energies and to connect you with her.

Cosmic Guardian of Stability is specifically here to provide assistance to the Indigo Souls, the children of the new age, those born under the 7th Ray, the Violet Ray of Transmutation and the Violet Flame.  She’s interested in working with the millennials and the star born children, most especially those born since the turn of the century going all the way to 2020 and beyond. 

If you are familiar with the Qualities of the 7th Ray and work with Violet Flame of Transmutation you will enjoy working with Cosmic Guardian of Stability.  She carries the motherlode for the Violet Flame.  She is the overlighting presence that magnifies the impact and the outcome of the Violet Flame.

Her gem and jewelry is deep dark purple blue amethyst in the form of raw cluster or single points. Charge your Amethyst by calling on Cosmic Guardian of Stability to fill it with her loving Light and bringing healing and stability into your body, your life and your world.


Meditation to Receive Blessing
from Cosmic Guardian of Stability

Envision standing before Cosmic Guardian of Stability who comes to you bedecked in her deep dark eggplant skin colored robes.  She extends her hand to offer you a beautiful deep dark chunk of multifaceted purple amethyst.  She places it in your left hand and asks you to touch it to your chest. 

Then she places a small candle flame that is burning in a deep dark purple blue colored light right above where your hand is resting on your chest in the region of your thymus gland, also known as the Cosmic Heart.

Then she produces two Rods of Power that look like eggplant colored light-sabers. She puts them together to form an X shape. The whole X is now emanating transparent, translucent, shimmering, Deep Dark Bluish-Purple Light, Light. The X shaped double is placed over your torso. Upper points point of the X rest on your left and right shoulder and the lower points of the X are on your left and right hip.   

The entire X formation melts and gets absorbed into the skin and have become an energetic substance that stabilizes you and your Energy Bodies, uplifting and empowering you to become the embodiment of your soul and the enactment for uncovering your Soul’s Mission, your purpose in life, your Divine Purpose.

She places her hand over the crossing point of the X which is your Solar Plexus, the Center of your Power and your will center.  Your entire body receives and absorbs her Deep Dark Purple Blue Light of Stability and begins to relax. Lean into this Energy which has been missing from your Energy Bodies.  Its return to the body and brings sense of safety and peace.

Cosmic Guardian of Stability walks you to a Sacred Altar where a flame in Deep Purple Blue colors is shining and shimmering inside the Sacred Altar.  She will cup her hands and takes a double cup full of the Sacred Fire Tongues and she brings it to you and she rubs it to your Solar Plexus. 

This Fire is of higher dimensional vibration, it does not burn.  It provides a soothing healing Energy and Life Force that is absorbed from your skin into your body.  It enters into your organs and reaches to the DNA/RNA of every cell.  She repeats this exercise by taking double fistfuls of Sacred Fire Tongues and rubbing it to all parts of your body.  Breathe and bathe in these Energies.  Ask for all that you wish to receive.

Cosmic Guardian of Divine Order and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Organization

Cosmic Guardian of Divine Order and
Cosmic Guardian of Divine Organization

These two Cosmic Guardians work in close conjunction with Cosmic Guardian of Stability.  Together they create a Triangle of, Stability, Divine Order, Divine Organization.  These two Cosmic Guardians have offered their services to restore Divine Order, Divine Organization and Stability to Earth.  Their intention for coming to Earth is focused on Stabilizing Earth, more so than offering personal assistance to individuals.

Cosmic Guardian of Divine Order works closely with Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos for Earth.  She has therefore agreed to carry the Fuchsia Pink colored Light and overlights that Light which is Sanat Kumara’s Light in order to protect, empower and stabilize Sanat Kumara’s Light and his consciousness.

Cosmic Guardian of Divine Organization works in close proximity with Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher, who has taken human form and resides on Earth hidden from view of humankind but physically present on Earth. 

His colored Light is a Moss Blue Green, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Organization has therefore adopted the Blue Green Moss colored Light with Silver Foil to protect and support Christ Maitreya.

This Trinity of Stability, Divine Order, Divine Organization overlights the 7th Ray and the Violet Flame of Transmutation and the Chohan or the Guardian for that Ray.  Presently that Chohan is Lord Saint Germaine.  He has been appointed to this position since the 1950’s.  For the 14,000 years preceding St. Germaine it was Lady Quan Yin who carried the Guardianship of the 7th Ray. 

She transferred the baton to Saint Germaine in order to focus her full attention on the children of the new age and their mothers, who need to carry them and their Light, maintaining the integrity of that Light.

The Higher Aspect of the Violet Flame of Transmutation is the Triangle of Stability, Divine Order, Divine Organization.  You may call upon this Triangle and the Guardians, especially if you feel that you are here as a member of the 7th Ray or to serve the 7th Ray.

Meditation to Receive the Triangle of Stability, Divine Order, Divine Organization

Meditation to Receive the Triangle of Stability,
Divine Order, Divine Organization

Calling upon this Triangle of Light and standing in the formation in this Grid of Light is a great act of service.  It will enable Earth to absorb the renewed Energies of Divine Order, Divine Organization and Stability which is sorely needed, and it uplifts all the souls who are here to serve the 7th Ray.

Imagine that you have already received the gifts from Cosmic Guardian of Stability who has now moved to stand behind you as the point of Triangle that is pointing to the south.  South represents the Earth while north represents Heavens. 

Cosmic Guardian of Stability is placing her hands on your midback as if to charge the double Rods that are now fully in place in the X formation, and to magnify the Healing Power of the Flame that is now inside your Cosmic Heart Chakra.

Imagine Cosmic Guardian of Divine Order walking forward emanating Fuchsia Pink Light together with Sanat Kumara.  Sanat Kumara stands at the northeast point of the Triangle.  Cosmic Guardian of Divine Order becomes the Overlighting Power that towers over Sanat Kumara.

Similarly, Cosmic Guardian of Divine Organization walks in together with Christ Maitreya.  They both emanate the Moss Green colors of Divine Organization and Maitreya’s favorite range of colors. 

Christ Maitreya will stand at the northwest point of this Triangle with Cosmic Guardian of Divine Organization overlighting him, standing to tower above him.  You are at the center of this Triangle facing north with Goddess of Stability behind you.

Christ Maitreya and Sanat Kumara stretch their arms toward you sending their respective Energy and colored Lights, as do Cosmic Guardian of Divine Order and Cosmic Guardian of Divine Organization and Stability.

Stand in this formation, offer your service to all three Cosmic Guardians and the World Teacher- Christ Maitreya- as well as the Planetary Logos- Sanat Kumara.  Set your intentions and plans for yourself, your loved ones and for all earth and all species. Ask them to bring in the Energies of harmonious flow, peace, joy, love, compassion.

Every day imagine that you stand in this formation with the protection of Cosmic Guardians of Stability, Divine Order, Divine Organization, Christ Maitreya and Sanat Kumara are with you, and you carry the cross formation made of the Rod of Power from Stability, and the Purple Blue Flame of Stability fully aflame in your chest. 

Start the day inside this formation. Intend the day to be successful, productive, abundant, in service to the highest intentions of all these three Cosmic Guardians and the two male masters.  End the day carrying those Energies into dreamtime.  Stay for as long as you wish and bathe in the Energies.  Set your personal and global intentions.


Goddess Victory

Goddess Victory is a Cosmic Guardian.  She does not belong to our world, our planet.  She carries the Energy of Victory and has been victorious for over many hundreds of thousands of years.  She has brought the Quality of Victory to Earth.

Her appearance – Victory has a tall slender body.  She appears in Transparent Shimmering Platinum colored Lights.  She likes to show herself in strawberry blond colored hair and deep green eyes. Goddess Victory’s light of Victory is a 3- layered Light consisting of Platinum, Lemon Gold and Pewter colors.

Goddess Victory holds two important power objects.  Her Torch of Victory carries the Flame of Victory.  Her Rod of Power carries the Power of Victory.  Her Rod is in a Shimmering Platinum colored Lightsaber and her Torch carries a live flame.

The quality that Goddess Victory brings is the Energy and the Quality of Victory; a Quality that is sorely needed at this present time on Earth.

Goddess Victory’s number is 8.  If you turn number 8 on its side it becomes the sign of infinity and that is Goddess Victory’s Symbol.  She works with the Symbol of Infinity to show that she has infinite ways to empower us with her Energy of Victory.

The gems, metals and jewelry that Goddess Victory likes includes diamonds, silver, platinum, pewter, blue diamonds, yellow diamonds and pink diamonds.

Goddess Victory also carries her Energy of Victory mixed and meshed with other qualities.  She brings a Frosted Blue with Platinum Shimmers that is indicative of Victorious Mercy, being merciful and conquering victoriously at the same time

This is the feminine version of the Energy of Mercy- which has so far been a Masculine Energy held by Archangel Michael through the First Ray, the Ray of Divine Will.

Goddess Victory’s Pink with Gold Shimmers is indicative of Victorious Love.  She brings the Power of Gold which has transmutational potencies and is capable of taking the Energy of Love to the next level for the anchoring of that Energy and for the Empowerment of Love.

Sometimes you open your heart to love and the outcome is heartbreak and heartache.  Calling on Goddess Victory to bring her Gold and Pink, Pink with Golden Shimmers and protect you as you make yourself vulnerable, to keep your heart open and continue to succeed without fear of heartache.

Goddess Victory also offers us a Light Beige colored light which is indicative of Victorious Compassion.  Calling upon Goddess Victory and her Light Beige Light of Compassion helps you embrace the experience of compassion without coming across as weak or incapable of accomplishing the task.  Without pushing, forcing, disempowering others you can experience Compassionate Victory and accomplish successfully.

Goddess Victory took an interest on Earth and agreed to bring the Quality and Energy of Victory to Earth many thousands of years ago. Goddess Victory stepped down Aspects of her Soul to incarnate on Earth in order to populate and propagate Earth with the Energy and Quality of Victory. 

She brought members of her own Soul Lineage, her Spiritual Family, to incarnate on Earth to be the receiving transmitting antenna of her Energy.  Their job was to anchor the Quality of Victory and sow the seeds of Victory on Earth.

However, her participation in the affairs of Earth stopped abruptly at the time of the sinking of Atlantis.  That story and the reasons for Victory’s abrupt withdrawal from our reality merits a separate and lengthy discourse. 

Her abrupt departure led to severing connections between Victory and all these Aspects that she had brought to Earth.  The impact was severe on the Aspects that were incarnate on Earth. 

It was similar to pulling the Soul out of a body or cutting down the Lifeforce and Sustenance from a body.  These Aspects of Victory were left to their own accord and have survived extreme hardship over many subsequent incarnations that stretch to present. 

They carry scars and grooves from those painful experiences, while maintaining the integrity of the Flame of Victory, which they have carried in their heart and is reminiscent of the Power and energy of Goddess Victory.

If you have experienced great trauma and hardship in this lifetime and you read this material and it stirs up something within you, you may be one of the members of Goddess Victory’s Soul Lineage. 

Calling on Goddess Victory can be a great solace, especially at this present juncture where Goddess Victory has chosen to return to Earth to collect and heal her own Soul Family Members. 

Even if you are not a direct member of Victory’s Soul Lineage you will still benefit from calling on Goddess Victory to help you and support you, to shine her Torch of Victory upon you, to point her Rod of Victory at you on your path to higher growth and evolution.  You may follow with the meditation below.

Meditation to Receive the Flame of Victory and The Rod of Victory’s Power

Meditation to Receive the Flame of Victory
and The Rod of Victory’s Power

Take a deep breath and imagine that you are standing at the Throne of Goddess Victory.  She’s seated upon her Throne. She resides in the 121st Dimension.  She’s wearing Platinum Shimmering colored robes. 

She’s holding her Torch of Victory in her right hand and her Rod of Power in her left hand. When she stands up and steps down from her Throne you will notice how tall she is, tall and slender, but powerful as she walks towards you.

Notice that she will point her Rod of Power in your direction and a Yellow Light with Platinum Shimmers begins to pour out, and this Energy is absorbed into your chest. 

Beams of Light emanating from her Rod of Power, her Rod of Victory, sending Energies of Victory that is received in your chest cavity and absorbed into your body and your Energy Bodies, restoring you to the original intent, for the Qualities of Victory and the Energies of Victory to permeate within you, to uplift you, and to make you a receiving and transmitting antenna of Victory. 

Now notice that she now raises her right hand where she holds the Torch, and from her Torch tongues of fire begin pouring down and they land first on your head and then on your shoulders and your arms, and they move down your torso all the way down to your legs, and these flames are gentle, loving and supportive and they have no burning sensation, but a cooling sensation that is absorbed into your body. 

Various tongues of fiery Light that carry the Lemon-Yellow Platinum Pewter Shimmering Light that is signature Energy of Goddess Victory, are absorbed through the surface of your skin into your body, reaching to all the organs, into your cell structure, into the DNA/RNA of the cells.

Take a deep breath.  Imagine that Goddess Victory walks you to a shallow pool.  Inside of the pool a Platinum colored Light is emanating.  She asks you to walk inside and bathe in the Pool of Victory, when you do it feels as if the surface of your skin begins to absorb this Silver Platinum colored Light and you become Silver leafed, but that Silver Platinum Light begins to get absorbed and the color of your skin returns to its natural original color and texture. 

The absorption of this liquid Light of Victory allows you to be uplifted.  Bathe in this Pool of Victory and let layers of this Platinum Shimmering Light, Lemon Gold Shimmering Light, Pewter Shimmering Light be absorbed through your skin and enter to the core of your being to bring you healing.

You may ask Goddess Victory to heal the wounds and scars carried from many past lives over thousands of years. Goddess Victory, comes to Earth to make Earth and all souls victorious at this critical juncture of Earth’s history as we have a chance and a choice to move from the old paradigm of the Age of Pisces with its old dogmatic boxed- in concepts, to a victorious new paradigm at the Age of Aquarius.

It is a blessing that these cosmic beings have come to our aid to change the direction we are headed and shift the nature of our reality before it’s too late.

When you come out of the pool of Victory you are offered robes that carry the Energy and the Quality of Victory.  Your heart and your soul are uplifted from the contact between this Ethereal Light filled robe with your skin. 

Become aware that there is an emblem which sits right over your chest. It represents your Soul Lineage, your spiritual family lineage and line of ascendance.

Now imagine that you walk back to Goddess Victory’s Throne.  You may sit at her feet, or on her lap, and you may talk to her about your personal life, your desires, your aspirations; about your pain, your negativity and what you wish to release; about your loved ones; about the state of the world affairs and how you perceive it; about what you wish to see changed; about what you wish to bring to this world to make it a better place.  Take as long as you need and remember that Goddess Victory is always available.

Goddess Victory has a gift for you.  She’s going to give you this gift by putting it in the palm of your hand while you are sitting with her.  Look down to see what she has given you.  Cherish this gift because it provides you with the Energies of Victory.  It is a symbol of her Victorious Light especially for you. 

When you are ready to depart from her presence offer your love and gratitude to her and ask her to remain involved, to be an overlighting presence that continually oversees your life and pours the Energies of Victory’s Flame and Victory’s Power on your path to you and all your loved ones. 

Ask her for the future of Earth to be bright and victorious.  Ask her for the return of the Quality of Victory to Earth so everyone can feel uplifted, and all pain and struggles are released, and in their place victorious love, victorious compassion, victorious mercy prevail.  So It is.

Goddess of Liberty

Goddess of Liberty

Goddess of Liberty is a Great Cosmic Being of Light. She carries the quality of Liberty, Equality and Freedom for many hundreds of thousands of years and has been involved with many civilizations at different junctures of earth’s history.  Her intention is spreading democracy and liberation of all souls from all manners of bondage.

This includes freedom from Karma and karmic entanglements as well as transmuting the need for re-incarnation in this low dimensional reality where too much darkness and chaos exists. She has kept her etheric retreat over the Seventh Dimension in the area of Versailles in France.

Call on her to bring you to her retreat and help you release your own Karma and dross.

The color emanating from her is a pewter colored light- the color of elephant skin- mixed with green for true integrity and power. Her number is 7. Her special symbol is her torch. Ask her to hold it over you to illuminate your path and direct you to perform your highest and your best always and forever.

As the guardian of Liberty, she has served for many millennia in many civilizations of Earth and has been able to gain momentum in spreading the Light of Liberty upon all souls in various times through history.

Her sign/symbol is her Torch of Liberty. She holds her Torch of Liberty above her head to illuminate the path for all who ask for her protection and the Light of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York City Harbor has an uncanny resemblance to Goddess of Liberty.

Even the enormous size of this beautiful statue is smaller in size but depicts her power and might. The statue is large enough that you can walk inside of the structure and go to the top where her raised arm holds the torch.

We have gone to Liberty island and ascended up inside the body of the statue all the way to the torch. Standing inside the circle of the torch we have performed many ceremonies in the past. The view from up there is amazing.

This statue was a gift from the people of France to the people of America at the early phase of the birthing of America or the I AM RACE. If you rearrange the letters in AMERICA, it will read as I AM RACE.

The flame of liberty helps us to accelerate with the transmutation of inequality and to gain momentum in spreading the Light of Liberty. She has promised that whomever calls upon her and seeks her council and intersession will receive of her Blessings, Might, Power, Momentum and most importantly, of her ability to GRANT FREEDOM and to LIBERATE all souls in all endeavors.

You may call upon her for liberation from mundane as well as sublime matters. Goddess Liberty always walks ahead of you, holding her torch to illumine your path and free from obstacles, distractions and delays.

The Torch of Liberty is clearing the path of obstacles and distractions and delays, the Torch is also a sign to any being who want to oppose you that she is there.  Read more about liberty In Gifts book series and on line course, Victory and Liberty, ascension Flame ph I and II. Link

Goddess of Glory is a Cosmic Being of Light. She is tall emanating shimmering Golden colors. She holds her Rod of Glory above her head. Golden Light emanates from her Wand to those who seek her.

Call on her and ask her assistance in all your endeavors. For as long as you ask Goddess Glory will continue to focus her attention and her Rod of Glory at you; you will walk in her Glory. Her color is gold, her number is 8, her favorite metal is gold and her symbol is her rod of glory which she carries to attract the energies of glory and to direct them to those that she favors.

Call on her and ask her to hold her Rod of Glory over you, to illuminate your path with her glory and to guide and direct you to uncover your true purpose for being born in this life.