Great Silent Watcher

Great Silent Watcher

Great Silent Watchers favorite stone is turquoise colored stones such as Amezonite and blue Topaz or other alternatives.

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Great Silent Watcher is a Cosmic Guardian responsible for the creation of our planet and the entire solar system.  She held the idea and the vision for the creation of this entire solar system in her hear and her mind, for millions of years, until this solar system came into being.

Great Silent Watcher is a Mother, or a grandmother who gave birth to our entire solar system and to our planet. It is extremely fortunate to know her and be in her loving protection.

Her sign is a gigantic eye or a pair of gigantic eyes. If you see a single gigantic eye or a pair of large eyes in your dreams and/or visions it is a sign from the Great Silent Watcher.

It is appropriate that the gigantic photo that was sent to earth by a NASA satellite  shows the image of a gigantic eye in the sky.

Great Silent Watcher is an immensely powerful Cosmic Guardian. She offers to help and assist all who come to her with request of help. She is especially interested in offering us her protection, to relieve fear, anxiety and stress.

You may call on her to request relief from physical, mental, emotional trauma and to transmute pain and struggle.

It is important to remember that to get help we need to ask and you might find great solace from offering her your personal prayers and petitions.

She has enormous love for all of us and our planet as she has a motherly love.  Experiencing her presence can be extremely empowering.

Her Light streams forth in Turquoise Blue streams. You are invited to experience her protection and her blessing through the meditations offered here.

Great Silent Watcher
`Photo: Courtesy of NASA.

The following meditation offers a Grid of Light for Protection and Transmutation with the Turquoise-Blue Bubble of Light of the Silent Watcher.

Grid of Light for Release of Anger, Fear, Pain and Struggle

Meditation for the Release of Anger, Fear, Pain and Struggle

Excerpt adapted from Path to Enlightenment, Book II, The Golden Throne, by Nasrin Safai.

A Grid of Light is a formation where you are surrounded by Angels and deities who send you their healing Lights and protection. In this grid you may imagine that you are standing with the Angels of the Four Directions.

Archangel Uriel stands in the North, facing you. Archangel Michael stands in the direction of South, behind you. Archangel Rafael is to your right in the direction of East, and Archangel Gabriel is to your left in the direction of West.

Archangel Uriel sends her light in the color of Yellow from heart and from the palms of her upraised hands. Archangel Rafael is sending you the Pink Light of Divine Love from her heart and palms of her hands. Archangel Michael is sending the light of Mercy in the color of Aquamarine-Blue. Archangel Gabriel is sending Emerald-Green Healing Light.

Imagine that Great Silent Watcher, a great being of love and Light, is hovering above this entire Grid. 

From the space of her heart, she is creating a Turquoise-Blue Bubble of Light which forms around you and the four Archangels.

The energy substance of this Bubble holds the texture and qualities of Turquoise within it.

Turquoise removes negative energies from the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body.

It can buffer you from absorbing energies of anger, pain, jealousy, envy, fear, worry, and panic, from penetrating into your being. It protects you from the external elements that cause anger and discomfort.

Visualize yourself at the center of this Grid of Light with the four Angelic Forces all around you, each sending you their respective Light.

Lower vibrational energies will now come to the surface to be transmuted. For the transmutation of these energies, I now call forth an Tornado of the Turquoise Blue to create a cylinder of Turquoise Light around you.

Visualize a Turquoise Blue Light spiraling from the base of your feet upward, winding its way all around you, spiraling counterclockwise and reaching to the top of your head. A dome of Turquoise Blue Light is now forming around you which will encompass your entire body.

This dome is about five feet wide and extends from the top of your head and higher all the way down to the bottom of your feet, releasing all lower energies which come to the surface.

The spiraling whirlwind of the Turquoise Blue tornado moves upward and outward from the base of your feet to the top of your head and beyond. It is spinning clockwise and spiraling upward, up.

Energies such as anger, fear, pain and dross are being pulled from your own body into the Turquoise Blue tornado and transmuted away from your body.

The spiraling Turquoise Blue Light is bringing healing your mental and emotional and physical body. Take a few deep breaths and continue to visualize this entire Grid of Light.

Continue to keep this visualization and take a few deep long inhalations followed by slow long exhalations. Begin to relax and release all that no longer serves you.

Receiving a blessing from Great Silent watcher’s Heart Chakra

Imagine that Great Silent Watcher comes to stand with you. She holds her Scepter of power in her hand. It has a golden disc which she is gently lowering over your head.  Turquoise Blue Light pours down from her scepter to your head and into your body down to your feet.

Great Silent Watcher is sending a beam of Light from her Heart Chakra.  This Beam of Turquoise Blue Light will lift you to magnetize you into the center of her Heart Chakra where you will find yourself in a Great Hall with a very large Flower in the center.

The Flower has the shape of a Sunflower where the Petals are arranged in three layers all around the edges.  The Petals are a transparent, translucent Silver Platinum shimmering Turquoise Blue Light. 

They feel as if they are made of Crystals because they have the shimmer and they are transparent but as you are walk closer and touch them, you will see that they are as soft as flower petals.  The center of this Flower is filled with smooth chunks of Turquoise imbedded into a turquoise colored powdery sand.

Imagine that you sit on the shiny surface of one of these large pieces of Turquoise that is smooth and flat on top and you can run your hands to the edge where the powdery Turquoise Blue sand fills in between the pieces of Turquoise. 

You can lift the sand and pour it from one hand to the other and see that the Turquoise Blue shimmering Platinum Light starts filling the air all around you in the flower. 

Sit quietly and feel the light surround you and penetrate indie your entire body healing and uplifiting you. Ask Great Silent Watcher to bring you healing for the release of all karma and negativity, betrayal, trauma , pain and all darkness.

Ask for all the grooves that are the result of pain from birth to present and from many previous life times to be removed from your body completely.

Now imagine that the Turquoise Blue Light forms a Cocoon of healing Blue Light around you . It begins to heal and uplift  organs of your body, your cells, atoms to the core of each of your DNA strands.

Petition Great Silent Watcher to protect you from all harm, to empower you in increments that your body can absorb, digest and process until it is fully anchored.

Petitioning Great Silent Watcher to carry you in her Light for the rest of your life so that you can in turn use her light and her healing on behalf of Earth and humankind.

Remember that Turquoise Blue stone which you are seated on and  the Cocoon around you.  Feel free to cup your hands and pick up the powdery sand and blow it into the air so that the Turquoise Blue Platinum shimmering Light fills the Cocoon that is administering healing through the surface of the skin, through each breath into your organs, into your blood vessels, into every cell, every molecule, every iota of your being, releasing the DNA of the qualities and energies that no longer serve you.

You may stay and offer your personal petitions to the Great Silent Watcherfor all your personal and global needs.

So it is.



You may repeat the following invocations.

Mantra to Release Anger, Fear, Pain, and to
receive Empowerment from Great Silent Watcher

In the presence of Great Silent Watcher I  Am

 In the Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher I  Bathe

In the Turquoise Blue Dome of Great Silent Watcher I release all karma

In the Turquoise Blue Tornado of Light I release my pain and struggles

In the Blue Light of Michael, I Am Protected

In the Pink Light of Rafael ,I Am loved

In the Yellow Light of Uriel, I Am joyous

In the Green Light of Gabriel, I Am healed

I release all dross from my body, mind and emotions

I release all pain from my body, mind and emotions

I release all fear from my body, mind and emotions

I release all anger from my body, mind and emotions

I petition Great Silent Watcher’s intercession and protection 

I petition Great Silent Watcher to overlight and empower me

The Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher I Am

The Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher I Am

The Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher I Am

I Am That I Am,

So it is.  It is done.  Amen.



Repeat this exercise for nine consecutive days fully embrace them. After that, repeat it whenever you need a boost or when anger, fear, pain or negative emotions or memories come to the surface.

Ask Great Silent Watcher and the Angels of  four directions- Uriel, Rafael, Michael and Gabriel– to continue to send you their healing lights around the clock for the full release of all negativity and for a boost.

© FAGU 2012

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