Awakening the Energy Layers Around Your Body

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Your Whole-Body Unit

You are a bundle of Energy and so is this entire creation. Everything is made of Energy. When energy condenses it becomes tangible and visible. Every physical construct has its energetic component. Your Whole-Body Unit is a holistic construct, and a conglomerate with many layers. Your Physical Body as the only visible and tangible Layer sits at the very center of this conglomerate. This physical part of you is tangible because your Energy has condensed to become tangible and visible. The other layers are less dense and therefore intangible. All organs of your body emit electrical and magnetic pulses. So do your Energy Layers. They all form force-fields that interact with each other and set the tone for each other. An ailment in your physical Body, the tangible part of you, impacts the less tangible parts and vice versa. When your Energy bodies are inactive or disconnected from your Physical Body you are not firing on all cylinders. When the existence of these layers is hidden from your conscious awareness, you are operating in less than perfect conditions and don’t even know it. This Blog and the related course explain the significance of functioning optimally at your whole-Body Unit capacity. You are given the tools and techniques to awaken, activate, energize and optimize the combined function of your entire body and energy layers.

Your Energy Bodies

These invisible parts create layers that surround your Physical Body. We call these your Energy Bodies. The Energy Body Layers and your Physical Body converge to complete your Whole-Body Unit. They play a great role in your human experience and contribute to your Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual health and wellbeing. You can’t see or touch your mind or emotion, but you know you have thoughts and feelings. The same applies to your energy Bodies. Once you become aware of them then you can work to optimize their performance to your advantage.

The invisible parts of you are also made of energy; but they are much less condensed and therefore remain intangible and invisible. Exceptions do apply where sensing and feeling the presence of these energy layers are common- e.g. People who can see auras and Fibromyalgia sufferers who feel pain outside their bodies- in essence they are feeling the pain in their Energy layers surrounding their bodies.

Significance of the Energy Body Layers around your Physical Body

 Your energy layers emit energy and send signals to the body. When blocked, polluted, or inactive, these Energy layers cannot function properly or provide their service or necessary exchange with your physical body.   That means you are missing out on the full energy exchange between all your parts.  This Blog is  to bring you awareness of these energy layers surrounding your body and help you understand their significance. The Foundational Course series related to this blog, “Awakening the Energy layers Around Your Body” teaches you to awaken, cleanse, activate and energize these layer to enhance the performance of Your Whole Body Unit and to elevate your experience of being in the body. After all, you (as the Conscious Self or the Soul) are the driver of this Vehicle (the body).  The enhanced experience of functioning inside of your body is like driving a newer model of a car that runs much more smoothly than your old car. Running the body without the input from your Energy Layers would be a similar experience.

Merging of the Western Science and Eastern Medicine 

Evidence of these intangible parts of the body exists in the esoteric teachings and ancient philosophies. In present day scientific circles some of those ancient mysteries are researched to incorporate new therapies and modalities. Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk is a psychologist and author of “The Body Keeps the Score.” He is a pioneer in popularizing ancient practices such as Mindfulness and Meditation techniques as tools in psychology for  healing and enhancing the body’s performance.

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a field where the energetic pulses emitting from the Whole Body Unit are taken into account in the process of healing. The Cranial Sacral therapist examines the pulses emitting from the organs of the body and the nervous system. Through the tips of their fingers the cranial-sacral therapists gauge the energy moving through your energy centers. When they detect the presence of trapped/blocked energy they facilitate its release to free the patient from discomfort and pain. Dr Eric Mulier an osteopath from France has pioneered a Cranial Sacral Therapy Technique that combines the meridian system of the Chines medicine, from the eastern philosophy, with  Polyvagal Theory which examines the role of Vegas Nerves that stem out of the base of the brain and feed all organs of the body. The meridian System is the highway through which the information from all the energy layers around your body communicate with your Nervous System. Your Nervous system takes the information to your brain. Your brain issues orders to be carried out by your nervous system to support and benefit your body.

Your Energy Body Layers

Physical Body and its Sheath are the central focal point around which all these Energy Bodies form.  The Physical Body sheath protects the body and contains the full range of electrical pulses which are emitted by the body, its organs, its molecules, its cells, its RNA and DNA. Technological advances in the medical fields are experimenting with the use of electric or magnetic pulses to heal organs and parts of body which are not functioning optimally*.

*Therapies that use electric pulse to heal- Geoffrey Ling & Corinna E. Lathan, DEC2018 Scientific American Article “Electro-Ceuticals, Nerve-stimulating therapies could replace drugs for Many chronic conditions.” 

 The Etheric Body It sits approximately 10”to 12” over the Sheath of your Physical Body. Your Etheric Body enables you to connect with others. It is the way individual species connect with one another.  The birds that fly in large numbers in their beautiful formations in the air, the schools of fish that swim together in the sea in a dance that seems invisibly choreographed by unknown spirits, and other similar phenomena happen through the Etheric Body connection of the species. They are all connecting to one another through their Collective Consciousness that runs through the Etheric Body of each member of the species. Your Etheric Body connects you to all people, all beings, all things Earthly.  The edges of this Cocoon/Sheath are thicker, creating a barrier that separates it from the next Energy Body Cocoon.

The Etheric Body is a buffer between the Physical Body and all the energy Layers encasing it. It acts as a store house; whatever is hard to stomach gets sent out of the Physical body consciousness to be stored in the Etheric body. These could range from memories of events and circumstances that go back to invitro and even past Lives. The Etheric Body stores becomes the storage facility for such memories to give the physical Body a respite and make room for continued function. Such incidences may get triggered sometimes decades later when the memories begin flooding back from the Etheric Body into the Physical Body Consciousness. This return happens to help clear the negative impact from the person’s Whole Body Unit. There is never a good time to remember or deal with trauma, but its presence whether in the Etheric or the Physical Body can lead to sickness and disease. The body, in its wisdom chooses the timing to free itself from such dross.

The Etheric Body also functions as a Filters for the Higher layers. The memories of thoughts, emotions, events, and circumstances that are kept inside the Emotional Body, Mental Body, Spiritual Body, and Light Body get filtered through the Etheric Body to reach the Physical Body. A great example is when people have an epiphany, a sudden awakening to their spirituality and urgently seek to find their Life Purpose. I have witnessed this type of situation frequently as a Spiritual Life Coach. One fun example was a young man who had a sudden awakening and went to 14 different psychics in one day! He wanted to find out who he was and why he was here. He evaluated his experience by following the common threads  he coolected from the 14 readings. He took courses and studyied with various teachers and found his way to me. Over the ensuing decades he went from a tech executive to a skilled teacher and healer serving multitudes of people.

The Etheric Body is also known as the Auric Field, commonly known as Aura.  Kirlian Photography has advanced the ability to capture the movement of energy around the body via photographs. The colored lights emitted from the Etheric Body or Auric field appear in the picture taken by the kirlian camera equipment.

Some people can see these layers and the color of lights emitted from the Auric field. Psychics or Medical Intuitives* can read the state of your body’s health or ails, by looking at your Aura. The information is read from these energetic files stored in your Etheric Body Cocoon. The mechanics for such an extraordinary ability are not as yet fully known. This is an innate ability in people who are born with it or it can be developed. It is possible to develop such abilities and there are some schools and institutes that teach such developmental practices.

Edgar Cayce is one of the most famous American psychic mediums of 20thcentury (1877-19450). Known as The Sleeping Prophet, he offered prognosis of diseases in the body and holistic health advice and treatment of illness- while in a state of trance sleep. Many of his cures are still practiced and used.

(A.R.E. Foundation Virginia Beach.

*Caroline Myss is a contemporary Medical Intuitive and NY Times bestselling author of “The Anatomy of Spirit” and “Sacred Contracts” as well as several other books.

The Emotional Body sits over the Etheric Body and extends approximately 10” to12” to create the Cocoon of the Emotional Body. In this Layer you carry all the emotional experiences collected from events and circumstances in life- extending from in vitro to the present. The emotional feedback and imprints of all events are stored inside this layer. Scientific research is finding evidence of the impact of Mothers’ memories and emotions leaving its imprint on the fetus and through the lifespan of their children. The evidence is found in the hormonal and chemical state of Mothers are replicated in their children. The emotional imprint of the in vitro experience is carried within the fetus into birth and remains present through their entire life.  For example, those born to moms who were depressed during pregnancy show a higher tendency toward depression.

Your personality traits, emotions, feelings, and experiences that together make you who you are, based on past, present and even future experiences are collected here. People with healthy and strong Emotional Bodies, are open hearted, capable of experiencing and expressing emotions in a healthy way with discipline and boundaries. They are generally easy and fun to be with. Such people are deeply sensitive to other people and their needs and willing to exercise compassion but stay in control of their emotions when necessary and do not succumb to overly emotional behavior or drama.

A person with an over extended Emotional Body becomes overly sensitive and may show signs of irrational emotional behavior or be over sensitive to emotional stimuli. An over-extended and enlarged Emotional Body can expand to overlap with the next Energy Body, the Mental Body. This overlap would compromise the qualities of the Mental Body Layer: rationality and logic. Such a person would rapidly become overly emotional, be overly sensitive to other people’s words and actions, feel out of control and emotionally highly strung, need to control every situation by micro managing everyone and everything in their environment. When the Emotional Body fully covers the surface of the Mental Body, the person may become emotionally unstable and behaviorally unmanageable. Such persons’ behavior can easily become chaotic and out of control.

Mental Body Energy Layer – The next energy layer which sits approximately10” to12” around the Emotional Body Layer is the Mental Body. All thoughts and mental processes, including wishes fantasies and reveries, all knowledge, and skills you have gained through life- and sometimes even in past lives- what you have read, heard, seen and thought about, are stored in the Mental Body Energy Layer, even if you don’t remember them.  People with a healthy and strong Mental Body are grounded, rational and logical. They’d think before acting and don’t have knee jerk reactions to every small thing. They can be counted on to support and ground others.

In exaggerated cases, the Mental Body Cocoon might overlap and cover the Emotional Body layer, partially or fully. Then the emotions are experienced through the filter of the Mind/Mental Body. With a large and over-powering Mental Body people become emotionally distant or reserved, or emotionally unavailable; slow to act on emotions or have difficulty with feeling or expressing emotion.

Similarly, the overlap of the Mental Body can extend to the next layer and fully or partially cover the Spiritual Body Layer that sits beyond it.  People with overly scientific mind, who expect and obsess over scientific proof in all situations, don’t believe in anything outside the provable parameters and have difficulty with any philosophical, mystic, or esoteric experiences, spirituality, or religion could have their Mental Body partially or fully covers their Spiritual Body Energy Layer.

People with photographic memory, scientifically called “Superior Autobiographical Memory” can remember everything that has ever happened to them in exact detail. This is another interesting function where the Mental body Layer can actively contribute to superior memory. Scientific research has found that two areas of the brain, one related to memory and the other related to habits and skill learning, are much larger in people with this ability*.

* program aired by 60 Minutes on CBS, Dec. 19, 2010.  Actress Marilu Henner was one of the people interviewed in the 60 Minutes segment.* Marilu Henner’s book on this subject is called “Total Memory makeover: Uncover your past, take charge of your future.”

Spiritual Body- It sits approximately 10” to 12’” around the Mental Body.   This does not infer any religious affiliation but an Energy Layer that helps you to embrace your Spirit Essence. It brings you in contact with your Soul and Higher Self.  On one hand, you belong to Earth and you are of this Earth.  On the other hand, your True Self – the Self that knows everything you do, witnesses your dreams, doesn’t need to eat, or sleep and doesn’t have an ego- is fed and nurtured through the Spiritual Body Energy Layer. Your True Self belongs to Spirit and resides in your Spiritual Body layer. Your sense of belonging, your intuitive instincts, your ability to connect to everything, everywhere and feel the oneness shared among all, comes from your Spiritual Body Energy Layer. Without it you might feel disconnected, scattered, unresolved, fearful, depressed, or even unhinged. Your True self is aware of you as a Divine Soul who is bigger and vaster than this limited physical Body.

When you are aware of your Spiritual Body Energy Layer and are connected to it you experience a deep sense of Peace, calm and safety. You know that you are always protected and watched over by your own Higher Power who is capable of supporting you in all situations at all times. This brings on a true sense of loving compassion for all. You feel yourself moving into and through the streams of consciousness where creativity and benevolence flow through you.  Manifesting a desired outcome in a timely manner happens gracefully and easily.

The Higher Self can be of greater service and guidance when the Spiritual Body Cocoon is active and healthy. The Spiritual Body Energy Layer connects you to the spirit and essence of things.  It’s the invisible Layer that sits on top of all the other Layers. The Cocoon is thicker at the edges where it connects with the adjacent Energy Body Cocoons.

The Light Body Energy Layer- The most ethereal and least tangible Energy Layer, which sits approximately 10” to 12” around the Spiritual Body, is the Light Body.  It is an incorruptible Energy Body because it is made of Pure Light without pollution. This layer has the most quotient of Light and is least solid. Light condenses on its journey of Ethereal matter to become Solid Matter. As Light condenses, it gains solidity and dims down. That is when it falls prey to pollution, contamination, and darkness.

The Light Body is the Final Energy Body Layer around you. It has its own protective sheath which encases it.  The Light Body is your vehicle of Light, the vehicle through which you can take journey into higher realms of consciousness without needing any other vehicle in physical form. The ability to activate and benefit from the Light body as a vehicle of Higher spiritual experiences is only possessed by a small minority of people who are aware of it and know how to use it.

Activating this Energy Layer reinforces your healing process. You will recognize the difference when it is activated. There is a gradual- and sometimes huge- shift in your awareness, as you develop your ability to perceive the Higher Realms and to function within them. You begin to receive clear guidance from your guides and guardians in the Higher Realms. Such guidance empowers you to serve in a superior capacity beyond fulfilling urges, desires, and needs.   

It reminds you that you are not alone but supported and empowered by powerful energies coming from Guided and Guardians you have forgotten about. Your access to these realms and the Guides provides the knowledge and wisdom to live in peace, experience compassion and exercise benevolence.  It changes your perspective on Life and helps you find your Higher Purpose.

For most people, the Light Body and its sheath are inactive. It can only become active once all other Energy Layers are active and functioning optimally.  There is a gradual process to fully activate Each energy Layer starting with Physical Body and moving outward to the Light Body.

  For more on this topic please check out the free Foundational Course series, “Awakening Energy Layers around Your body.”  You will experience the energy activation of these layers during the meditations in the 2-part Course.

You are here at this juncture of earth’s evolution for an important reason. Your Soul has sent you here for two reasons,

  1. you are an instrument for change and play a very important role in changing our world for the better. You must remember and prepare your body to play that role and change the trajectory of Life on Earth to a better one where we will rescue this planet and save it for many generations yet to come. This is why you are here and what you have come to do. So, please prepare yourself by doing these exercises that uplift you to be more, do more and get more support from the Higher Realms.
  2. Your Soul will benefit from you being here because being incarnate at these critical times gives your soul much higher benefits and accolades. These are critical times and let’s be honest, they are not fun times to be alive! So, let’s get the job done and make this world a better place so we can get to do better things with ourselves and our Souls too. These free Foundational courses, blogs and other materials are tools you can use to elevate our world and your SOUL! Thank you for being here and doing what you do.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to read more about please comment in the comment box. I am compiling a book on, Healing the Body- aligning the Chakras and Energy Layers with Healing Lights. Your feedback is deeply appreciated. Please feel free to let me know what other topics peak your interest. Thank you.

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