Best Crystals for Meditation

Woman using meditation crystals

Crystals can help deepen your meditative practice. These meditation crystals can help you connect to the world beyond your senses, helping you find the oneness in the world that is spoken of in the ancient wisdom teachings of the world.

woman using meditation crystals

Crystal stones can additionally assist you in magnifying your goals and intentions for your meditation practice. Their healing properties can work to clear your energies, connect you to a higher power, and release and healpast trauma.

Create a sacred meditative space when you’re using the best crystals to foster a more profound sense of the world around you and your inner self.


AMETHYST meditation crystals

One story, coming from Ancient Greek civilization, is believed to be the source for the name given to the Amethyst stone. The deep red color of the Amethyst stone veins became a reminder of the color amethystos attributed to the red color of the sublime Greek wine.

Amethyst is a crystal with myriad healing potential. It comes in the form of crystal clusters that range in size from very small to large enough that you can stand or sit inside them to meditate. These large clusters are known as cathedrals. Other crystal shapes range from rough chunks to tumbled and polished. Some pieces of Amethyst are carved into statues and ornaments. Wearing Amethyst as a piece of jewelry can assist as a beneficial means for addressing healing and a meditation helper since its vibration reaches directly to and through the skin spreading throughout the body.

Amethyst is believed to be an excellent helper for all types of headaches including migraine headaches. One popular use for Amethyst is to place it over the Third Eye Chakra. Placing a small piece of Amethyst on your forehead above your eyes, an energy center known as Third Eye, can enhance the meditation experience. It can be a way to speed up the process of opening and expanding your Third Eye Chakra and giving you the ability to experience higher states of consciousness and to take journeys into the higher realms.

These healing crystals work by pulling divine energies, which energize the Third Eye Chakra while also purifying and cleansing the entire body and all other Chakras and energy centers. These experiences can accelerate the meditator on the spiritual path to connect with higher realms and evolving spiritually.


Rose Quartz medtiation crystals 3

Rose Quartz is a member of the quartz family found everywhere around the globe. Small and large chunks of Rose Quartz are polished into geometric shapes and all forms from dishes to statues and jewelry. The range of pink coloring can go from light pink to the traditional deep pink color of the roses. The deeper the pink coloring, the more favored the stone.

All forms of Rose Quartz are beneficial for meditation and capable of amplifying energy, especially Love Energy. You can meditate sitting down or laying down with small pieces of tumbled Rose Quartz held in your left hand and your right hand simultaneously or just hold a piece in your left hand, which receives a higher frequency, and place your hand over your heart. It can render healing of the heart, calming of the body, and uplifting your mood.

Quartz has the quality of spreading and magnifying love and healing energy and to bring peace and harmony. It is therefore a perfect stone to reduce stress and anxiety. You can carry it around with you to bring you comfort and be a reminder to tone down your stress and anxiety.

You may also meditate while laying down with a piece or Rose Quartz directly placed over your chest (on your Heart Chakra center) and another piece placed above your head touching the crown of your head (at your Crown Chakra center). Combining the pieces in the hands with Rose Quartz at the Heart and Crown Chakra centers you while meditating to add healing and calming of all stress and anxiety.

It is believed that Rose Quartz crystals can uplift and enhance familial and romantic relationships. Its rose-colored hue may be beneficial for those who may be experiencing mental or emotional pain, trauma, heartache, heartbreak, sadness, and grief by bringing emotional balance and harmony back during your crystal meditation practice – even when such experiences may be part of your past history. Known as the heart healing stone, Rose Quartz is especially beneficial for those experiencing heartache.


meditation crystals neclace

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding crystal to bring into your meditation practice. It is a terrific tool for protecting and shielding your body from negative people, their depressing energy, and all traumatic and negative events and circumstances.

Black Tourmaline ties your own power center and your chakra energy centers to Mother Earth. Clearing negativity and low vibes from your own body’s energy, Black Tourmaline can bring positivity and motivation. It can become even more efficient if you pair Black Tourmaline with Selenite, another excellent crystal for meditation.

These healing crystals are perfect for bringing harmony and balance to you and your environment. Black Tourmaline is believed to be especially beneficial in relieving anxiety and stress, drawing the mind out of negative thoughts, and releasing negative emotions to restore the flow of good energy through the body, mind, and emotions. Black Tourmaline can, therefore, benefit those with grief and depression.

It is a perfect grounding stone that has the quality of drawing you back to live in the present. You can sit or lay down in meditation with a piece of Black Tourmaline in your left and another in your right hand. A third piece can be placed between your legs at the crotch so that it can connect with your root chakra. If you are sitting, place it on or near the Root Chakra- in your pants pocket- it can help with keeping you grounded and holding you connected to the present moment and the task at hand.


Selenite meditaiton crystals 2

Selenite is perhaps the bestcrystal for smooth and harmonious energy disbursement. It has the ability to intensify the good, happy, positive energies from the higher realms to you. It draws its light and positivity from the Celestial realms where only positive energy flows. As a result, Selenite has the tendency to only magnify and intensify the positive traits and intentions, spreading those high positive energies to you and around you wherever it is placed.

Similar to Clear Quartz, Selenite is a programmable crystal, which enhances magnification and amplification of purely sublime and positive energies. As an energy conductor, Selenite allows the positive energy to course through your body and enhance your state of wellbeing.

While magnifying your intentions, Selenite connects you with the Celestial beings and realms and promote transfer of energy down into our earthly world. Because of this special quality, Selenite does not pick up polluted energies easily and rarely needs to be cleared or cleansed.

Selenite is water soluble and loses the shiny patina on its surface if exposed to water. Use Selenite crystals every time you feel heavy energies around you. If you are an empath, Selenite is your best friend because you can clear all the negative energy, pain, depression or trauma you might picked up from people, places or things.  

For best meditation results hold a Selenite wand in your left hand and another in your right or, if you only have one Selenite wand, then wrap both hands around your single Selenite wand and meditate. After you are done with your meditation, please make sure you are fully immersed back into the consciousness of the body, since selenite wands can pull you out and transport you into the Celestial realms, where everything is smooth and sublime. However, to function in this reality you would want to get fully back into the body and feel yourself in the “here and now” before returning to your normal daily activities. At night, however, you may leave your Selenite wand by your bedside so that it can easily transport you back to those wonderful realms for great dream time experiences.


Clear Quartz meditation crystals

Clear Quartz is perhaps the very first crystal every meditation experience which includes a crystal should begin with. Clear Quartz has the quality of magnifying the depth and quality of your meditation as well as accelerating all intentions you put into it.

You can connect with your chosen Clear Quartz crystal and energetically transfer your intention, for the purpose of acceleration of manifestation for the intention you set, into your clear quartz crystal. This process is known as programming your crystal. Clear Quartz is one of the best candidates for easy programming and fast manifestation. This crystal can magnify the impact of a specific objective, idea, plan, design, or intention.


Think of your specific intention and your desires and program them into your Clear Quartz. Then hold it in your hands during your meditation in order to magnify the outcome and deepen your meditation. Furthermore, you may carry it around or wear it on your body after you have programmed and meditated with it. It can be constantly permeating with the energy you have put into it and spread that energy and your intention around while it is carried with you.

It can also cleanse and purify your overall energy, energy centers, physical body, mind, and emotions. These meditation crystals are vital in a beginner’s toolbox and equally beneficial for every master healer. The most favorite and powerful shapes for use in meditation are Single Terminated (polished with one end coming to a point) or Double Terminated (with terminated points at both ends).

Clear Quartz can be found in nature in the form of single terminated points or double terminated. Chunks of quartz are also cut and polished into single and double terminated shapes since these shapes are most favored by healers and meditators alike. Double Terminated Clear Quartz is the perfect stone to use for crystal healing, as it is capable of receiving and transmitting energy from both ends or points, doubling its power.

Single Terminated polished crystals, which are also known as Crystal Towers are great for using as Crystal Gid layouts (as they can be stood up on their flat parts with their points receiving and transmitting energy) to magnify the impact of your meditation when you sit close to such a grid. Setting crystals in a Crystal Grid Layout format allows them to constantly charge and magnify your specific intentions, even when your attention is elsewhere.

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, and Selenite are just a handful of healing crystals that enhance and heighten your meditation experience while accelerating your healing process and enhancing your manifestation intentions for whatever you are looking to achieve.

Each of these crystals has unique properties worthy of your experience and further discovery. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, incorporating these crystals into your practice can help you reach new levels of insight and awareness.

So, why not give them a try? Book an Exploratory Session with Nasrin to learn more about crystals and meditation.

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