Building a Solid Foundation with Spiritual Courses

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In my journey as a student of spiritual teachings I have often marveled at the vastness of this field.  I have also heard people express the same back to me in different ways.  One that I often hear is, “There is so much to learn, now I am not sure where to begin”.  To that I would answer, “start at the beginning and build a solid foundation with workshops and courses that introduce you to the basics first. Then move on to Life Coaching and Private Healing Sessions.” 

The Basic Spiritual Teachings can help you build a solid foundation around you to create a continuous flow of health and happiness within your Body, Mind, Spirit, and in the world around you. The more solid your foundation becomes the greater a body of knowledge and experience you can build on it.

It is important to start with the basics especially if you are a beginner and at the start of your journey.  You will learn to enhance your intuitive instincts and make choices that are in alignment with your Self, your Soul and your Higher Self. You can fill your life with joy, success, and accomplishments but also with a sense of purpose and Spiritual Value that is priceless.   Look for Foundational Spiritual Teachings that resonate with you and elevate you. You may find them in Self Help and Personal Development materials such as books, workshops, courses, podcasts, blogs and in people who have already walked the path a few steps ahead of you or Highly elevated spiritual teachers. 

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“Ask and you shall receive!”  Ask the universe for materials that teach you how to bring your awareness to recognizing your own Higher instincts and call on the support and guidance that is available in the Higher Realms.  Then watch it happen! Don’t be surprised when the book you need to read falls off of the shelf and hits you on the head or falls at your feet (For me, it usually had to hit me on my head before I got the message!) Don’t be surprised when the teacher you asked for comes to you in a distinct but unexpected way! Don’t be surprised when Love and blessing pours down to you and showers you with unique and sublime experiences that sustain and motivate you!

Any foundational course or workshop should teach you the basics for understanding how to use your own Unique Signature Energy to gain and attain the life you want to live in this world.  It should also bring your awareness to a very important aspect of your life which gets overlooked especially in western cultures. 

You have an important mission that is even more relevant and necessary than how you live your life and how much money, success and accolades you collect. A spiritual path should remind you of your greater mission and help you accomplish what you promised you’d accomplish on behalf of your Soul. 

 What Do You, Your Soul and Your Higher Self have in Common?

It’s fun to be born and live a life of joy and prosperity.  It is even more fun when you live your life in awareness of the contract you have made with your Soul and the contract that your Soul has made with your Higher Self.  Your Soul is the intermediary between you and your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self and other members of your Soul Lineage are your ancient Spiritual Family. They have been with you for many lifetimes spanning thousands of years- a lot longer than anyone who knows you in this lifetime!

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The Head of Your Soul Lineage and Your Soul Lineage Members

Foundational Spiritual Teachings will help you expand your horizon to connect with your Soul, your Higher Self, Your Higher Soul Lineage Head and other members.  Once you get to be aware of them then you can call on them for help and guidance.  They can pour down their guidance, assistance, and Love in myriad ways that make this life so much easier and more fun.  Showers of beautiful and sublime Energy pour down to you when you connect at this level with others who know you better than you know yourself.

Then you will reconnect with that part of you which has remained hidden to you thus far and your long-lost Spiritual Family Members. Some Call them Guides, or Guardians or Guardian Angels or Ascended Masters and Divine Feminine Beings. You can call them by whatever title you feel appropriate or comfortable to you. They are part of you and you are part of them. You just have been separated for a long time and you have forgotten about them but they never forgot about you. They have been waiting for the time when you remember and you reconnect with them again.

That Energy exchange with them prepares you to become receptive to powerful unknown parts of yourself which has been hidden from you thus far.  It opens your Energy Centers, your Chakras, and your Energy Bodies to receive and transmit higher power light and energy. Once you have these foundational systems in place, the ebb and flow of Powerful yet sublime and blissful energy can keep you Centered and Empowered. When you have this level of awareness and your energy is connected to your own Soul and Higher Self you will have support and love from your own Highest source guiding and directing you in all decisions and actions. You won’t feel alone or lonely and you can truly enjoy every precious moment of life. 

At Waves of Bliss we offer Foundational courses, workshops, guided meditations, Spiritual Life Coaching, Spiritual Business Coaching, blogs, books and other materials. These will help you build a solid foundation for your spiritual journey whether you are at the start of your journey, fully integrated in your spiritual path, or anywhere in between. We highly recommend for everyone who is interested in our courses at Waves of Bliss to start with the foundational courses so that you can build a solid structural foundation for your growth and evolution in all aspects of your life.

Having a solid Foundation can be effective wherever you may apply it with favorable results even when the outcome is not intentionally spiritual in Nature. Doing good and being in integrity is in itself a spiritual way of life even when not intended for a spiritual outcome. Similarly bringing spiritual values to everyday events can elevate those events and everyone affected by them.

A little bit of time spent in learning at a deeper and more detailed level will bear great results in a short time. Happy Travels in the Realms of Light. We are happy you are joining us!

Please click here to see the foundational courses for beginners, the personal development courses for intermediate-level seekers, Our Advanced courses for the students of our own Mystery School. Our courses that offer various guided meditations for relaxation, Meditations with Crystals, the Centering Techniques and the Chakra Meditations can be enjoyed by everyone at every level.

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