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Clearing Negativity and purifying your energy field courses

On a day-to-day basis you pick up energy from people, places and things. Some energies uplift you, others bring you down.  Depression, sadness, grief, loss, anger, and fear are negative energies.  These could even be your own negative feelings, thoughts, or emotions that well up and drown you. You can also pick up negativity from going to crowded places and from objects: things that can pick up energy, like rocks, crystals, glass etc. All organic materials pick up and transmit energy. Live plants clear and transmute negativity; having them around helps you stay clear and pure. Cut flowers do it too but they have a much shorter life because they don’t have roots which helps to transmute negativity. That’s why they live for just a few days. Have you noticed that your flowers die faster when you are down and stay fresh longer when you are happy?

This Blog is about a technique described in detail in the course series entitled “Clearing negativity and Purifying your Energy Field with Great Silent Watcher’s French Press Technique.”

The logistics and the mechanics of practicing the technique are described in the course. This blog is about the significance of using the technique and all the things you can do with it. It is about clearing your mind from negative thoughts and emotions and ridding yourself from the heavy burden of carrying around negativity. You can benefit from this technique in two ways and it can be done simultaneously: 1- clearing negativity and 2- Filling and replacing what has been cleared with the Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment. This light and all the clearing it brings is given to you through the Grace of Great Silent Watcher. In our last blog, I wrote about the significance of Grace and its merit bestowing properties.  In case you haven’t read or seen it, that blog is called “How to Harvest the Benefits After the Solar Eclipse of April 2023.”

This blog is also about multiple ways that you can be the element of good by clearing negativity from people, places and things. Those are described in detail here.  I suggest that you start with the course and then read this blog. If you have done that already then consider being the element of good right away and set the intention by Saying, “Great Silent watcher, as I read these words, I ask you to clear the energies from all negativity and fill every situation with your Turquoise Light of Empowerment.”

If you have not read the course and wish to start with this blog first, then please state the above intention and trust that even if you are not certain about the steps, the act of good will for releasing negativity and replacing it with Light will be done and you will be the element of good through this action.

Consider spending a few minutes each week to serve by helping Great Silent Watcher clear negativity and replace it with her Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment. Our world will change for the better as a result! You can pick a different issue or situation that needs clearing each week to work on. The rest will be done by Great Silent Watcher. You just ask for her French Press technique and imagine it clearing negativity, purifying the energies, and instilling her Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment to lift everything up to a better place for all.

You’d earn so many merits for this service. In return you can ask her for things that are important to you; things that will change your life for the better. This would be a win-win. You would benefit, our world and all the people would benefit, Mother Earth will be relieved of her burdens and maybe life could go back to a place where we’d be proud to leave tis world for the generations to come without fear that there is very little time left.

Great Silent Watcher and Divine Mother will get things done in exactly the way that serves all of us and our world. This is a great opportunity to serve, and to have favors returned to you with exponential results, that serve and benefit all. Please, seriously consider this opportunity to act in benevolence and in service!  And remember that you can ask for specific favors in return! Below are ways you can serve. You may have other topics and situations that are not mentioned here but are near and dear to you. Add those to your list and send us a note so we can all add them to our list too.

Brief Overview Of The Technique

The technique uses the concept of the French Press. You call on Great Silent Watcher to place you inside of an imaginary Cylinder of Light. She then sends her Disc of Light to descend down from the pool of creation down. The Disk looks like the disk of a French press coffee brewing machine. It comes down inside the Cylinder of Light which is now formed around your body. it clears you as it goes through your entire energy field. All negativity- that you may have absorbed from people, places, and things, or from your own negative thoughts and emotions- gets attached to the disk. The Disk clears you up as it moves down your body to reach bottom of your feet, then the crust and the core of the Earth. It dissolves at the Core of the Earth and all Negativity dissolves with it. You repeat that process.

How And Why Does It Work?

Great Silent watcher offers you this technique to aid you in relief from negativity and purification of your energies.  It works because she offers it through her Grace.  That means you don’t have to do anything to earn it. She wants to give it to all the people who can and will work with it because she wants to clear as much negativity as she can, as fast as she can, out of our world. You may ask for this healing. You may even extend your request to include other people, place and things. You may even request this healing in the case of events and situations with large scale impact, such as the cases of natural or man-made disasters, mass shootings, mass extinction, grief, fear and other negativities that impact masses of people.

The mechanism of the French press is that a Disk of Light will start at the pool of creation- where the purest Light resides. By the grace of Great Silent Watcher, the disk brings cleansing and purification contained within her Turquoise Blue Light- which is the substance that the Disk is made of. The idea is to clear and cleanse negativity from your physical body and the energy layers surrounding your body and extend out from you to everything so that it can cleanse and purify the 5-Elements- it therefore can impact other people places and things through you. The purifying and empowering shaft of Turquoise Blue Light will be established around you to fill you up with Great Silent Watcher’s protection and Empowerment. Her signature energy of Turquoise Blue Light first releases negativity and then purifies and restore a state of well-being and peace to your body and being and then spread out from you to everything else.

How do I use it? You would do it by calling on Great Silent watcher and Saying, Great Silent watcher pleas send your French Press Disk of Light to clear negativity and purify my Energy field. Then you imagine the Disk of light coming down the Cylinder of Light which forms around you. The disk picks up the negativity as it moves down your body. You repeat this exercise a total of three times. Then you imagine three more rounds where the disk comes down bringing Great Silent watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment to fill you up with her protection and her Light.

How to clear Intentions and plans that may be outdated and no longer serve or benefit me?

This is an important one too. Have you ever wanted something for many years and finally when you actually got it, you had passed the stage of wanting that specific thing? Maybe because by the time it manifests you are in a different stage in life? A good example would be that little apartment near your college, that would have been a dream come through. Then it happens at the point when you have a family and the last thing you want is to live in a crammed little apartment in the hustle bustle of college life.

Well, many plans and intentions can pan out that way. Some of them could be plans that were meant to happen for you but you chose to go a different way and now they are no longer valid, they may even be a nuisance. A great idea would be to periodically ask Great Silent Watcher to run the French Press through ideas, designs and concepts that are no longer valid or beneficial and to replace them with the ones that are of utmost benefit to you. You ask her for this and visualize that she runs the French press three times to clear the ones that need clearing and then you imagine that she pours down the beneficial ones lodged inside her Turquoise Blue Light to fill you up, to surround you and to permeate within your life from that point on.

How to Clear Mother Earth of Her Negativity and Purify Her? One of the most impactful ways that you can be of service to our world is by using this technique to clear negativity from people, places, and things. The technique would be the exact same ones for every one of the ideas suggested below: Calling on Great Silent Watcher to run the disk through the situation three times to clear things and then 3 times to fill it with her Turquoise Blue Light.

You can do this with any natural disaster:

You can clear the angry energy of a tornado by using the French press technique to defuse its fury and dissolve its negativities.

You can imagine the French press moving through the fiery veins of a volcanic eruption and change the direction the lava is flowing away from public places, traffic, roads, major cities, and redirect it to areas where it will do no harm.

You can use the French press technique where there are floodings to redirect the flow of water and abate the danger to people, places, and things.

How to rid Mothe earth from natural disasters and global warming?

You can use the French press technique to abate fires and reduce the speed or intensity of winds and air currents and dissolve Negativity from all natural disasters.

You can run it in the areas where Global warming is causing droughts, winds, scarcity of resources, hardship and starvation to people, animals, birds, mammals etc.

How to rid Our world from man-made disasters, accidents and injuries?

You can also use this technique when there are incidents and accidents. Using it at the scene of an accident by releasing fear and negativity from people who are affected by it is a way you can serve and help those affected even if they don’t know you.

Clearing Fear and negativity from the scene of a mass shooting.

Using it at the scene of a mass shooting to clear the energy of fear, anxiety, stress, grief, and sadness, while you can also use the same technique to clear the energies of Saul, who have suddenly lost their lives and are suspended while trying to disconnect their soul from their bodies you can use the French press technique to release the soul from the body and offer the soul to the turquoise blue light of great silence watcher to be freed from the pain of the body and go  to the higher arms in the direction of light , this act of act of freeing the souls from there, damaged and destroyed bodies in accidents injuries, or mass, shooting is an immense act of service. You can clear the energy of shock, fear and grief from the area, and from the people affected by it you can clear the severed energy connection between those who lost their lives and earth. These souls can be freed from all the grief and the misery, and the sudden Ness of the shock of being deprived of life and living in a body.

Where and when do I use this technique?

  1. You can use this technique on yourself. I provide a detailed step-by-step description of how you can use this technique on yourself in the course (link provided above.)
  2. You may use this technique to clear negativity from your loved ones.
  3. You can use this technique to clear old energies from a parcel of land. This can be done for land or a location where accidents or injuries or problems have occurred and it can be done even if you do not own that land. This is because you are providing a service. It can also be because you or a loved one have purchased a parcel of land and you want to cleanse and purify it of all the old energies which no longer apply to you or serve your purpose.  It would be beneficial to start with clean energies whether you plan to build a structure on it, or simply to set up a vegetable garden.


How to clear my own space?

  1. You can use this technique to clear and purify your home or office or any space or property

You would do it the same way as usual Imagine three rounds of pulling the disk for the purpose of cleating and then three rounds of pulling the disk with the Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment from Great Silent Watcher to fill and empower that space and all that permeate within it.

Clear other people’s energy from land and property that you might want to buy, rent, or rent out and from hotel rooms before and after your stay.

Pulling your own energy out of any place when you no longer use it is a great way to conserve your own energy.  Have you ever traveled to some place and even after you return, you keep feeling as if you are still back there? When you leave an area, some of your energy may continue to wander and waft even after you have left. It’s fun when you are vacationing and you love the energy of the place but it can distract you from being present where you need to be. It is even more necessary when the energy of the space or place you have visited is not a good one and you are still feeling yourself back there. Pulling all your energy out of such places or circumstances brings you longevity and brings it back where you need it. You’d know and feel the difference if you have ever been somewhere and felt completely wasted afterwards. You can consciously choose to gather your energy out of an area or situation and pull it back into yourself. First, call on Great Silent watcher to Send her Disc to clear that space from your energy with the first 3 rounds, then you imagine all your energy returning to you where you are located inside of the turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment of Great Silent Watcher.

 Finally, please remember to ask for a thing or two or 10 that you would want in return for the service you are offering Great Silent Watcher and Divine Mother. You are offering an important service which will change the nature of our reality in time to come. You deserve to ask for things that would enhance your life and your world in return.

Thank you for your Light and your service. So it is.

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