Wellness Mindfulness Coaching Programs

Wellness and Mindfulness Coaching Programs

Wellness programs are offered to benefit professionals in a wide range of disciplines from Hospital and medical professionals and staff, alternative and Integrative medicine, professionals in behavioral health organization, and all professionals in direct patient contact service industries, psychologists, supervisors and educators in the field.

The goal of Wellness programs– Our Wellness Programs and Mindfulness Coaching and Mentoring are for professionals and clinicians who spend a large portion of their working life dealing with the needs of others and are personally affected by the plight of those under their care.

The involuntary nature of being exposed to other people’s sickness and suffering, trauma, pain or disability- be it of Physical, emotional, mental or behavioral nature, leaves unnecessary yet inevitable scars on the professionals who have to deal with them on a regular basis. Over a period of time the gradual debilitating impact can accumulate to cause extensive damage.

The productivity of any such organization diminishes as the detrimental impact of regular exposure to trauma and suffering leaves indelible marks in the hearts, minds and psyche of the professionals exposed to it on a regular basis.

The well being of the professionals is a key to the success of any project or organization in any field and the impact is even more prominent in fields and industries that deal with the needs of public at large. The productivity can pick up with establishing strategies and protocol that can be incorporated through regular wellness programs with the primary goal of addressing the needs and the well being of the staff and professionals.

Customized Wellness programs to suit your organization’s needs– You may contact us for a free consultation to customize programs for your specific needs in the range of topics relevant for you.

Fees for Wellness mentoring programs are determined based on the scope of your organization’s needs, the hours needed and the number of programs needed on a monthly or yearly basis and the number of participant in each program. Contact us via email support@wavesofbliss.com

Wellness seminars can cover a wide range of topics. To see some of the topics covered in our Mindfulness seminars please follow the link to our Clinicians path.

Wellness Mentoring Programs can be customized for your organization in group setting and /or individual consultations. See our mentoring program available to individuals and corporations. Mindfulness coaching can be adapted to offer hourly sessions for groups or individuals, weekly or monthly sessions, or through workshops and seminar style. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting with your Wellness and mindfulness director.

Private and public organizations who are interested in customized wellness programs may contact us through the form below or send us an email support@wavesofbliss.com Governmental bodies and agencies are welcome to use grants as form of payment. Group rates are available for Wellness programs, Mindfulness and mentoring for hospitals, clinics, governmental and private agencies, and public and private businesses. 

Fees & descriptions upon request by emailing support@wavesofbliss.com or by using our contact form below. Initial consultation with Nasrin is free.



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We welcome your questions and inquiries.

We welcome your questions and inquiries.