These Vedic mantras sung in Sanskrit language, have sacred powers to clear the
environment from dross, pain and struggle. Listen to them, and sing along or meditate
with them with the intention of eradicating the Corona Virus and all its impact from our
world. There is energetic substance in the sound emission of these sacred syllables.
Please share freely with anyone interested.
Thank you for your service. In Divine Mother’s love,
please see below the phonetic spelling of the Mantras and their meaning.

Mirtun jaya Mantras
Om triyam bakam yaja maheh             Sugan dim Pushti varda nam
urva rukam iva bandanam                    murt yor mukshi ya mam rutatam

It means we pray to Lord Shiva, “The third eyed lord Shiva who sees what we can see
but who also sees what we cannot see. I invoke, Increase my good deeds (not of
material aspects but spiritual aspects and soul purpose.) My soul is like a cucumber
bound (to the body); please free me from the captivity of death and give me

Benefits of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantras- It is said to be beneficial for our mental, physical
and emotional health. It promotes happiness and peace of mind. It also brings
prosperity and contentment to life.

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