PTE Academy – Advanced Path Curriculum

This path is available only to the long term students of the PTE Academy/Mystery School.

These are seekers who have been involved with Path to Enlightenment Mystery school from its inception in 2008 and even go further back to the inception of the Waves of Bliss in 1998.

You would qualify to participate in the classes and courses in this category if you have been a student of the Mystery School for about 3 years. Occasionally a person may be invited to join some advanced course series which relates to their specific interest; or join a current advanced series.

Exceptions: If you have covered the core curriculum studies and feel an urge to participate in any of the advanced classes, you may directly contact Nasrin via email,

PTE Academy – Advanced Path Curriculum

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Series A: Past Life Regression – 1

Series B: Past Life Regression – 2

Series C: At the Cosmic Council & Cosmic DNA Activation & Four Attunements

Series D: Sacred Ceremonies