Alchemy of Justice Module 4

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Divine Mother has been Guiding us to offer petitions and prayers for raising of the consciousness of all humankind and the planet to choose what is best for us, the future generations and for Earth.

In Module 4 She asks us to focus our prayers and petitions for the Realignment of our Free Will with our Divine Will.  Using our Free Will to control our world in ways that is abusive has let our world to this point. Realignment can bring us back to unity and normalcy as intended in the original plan for earth and all Souls.

Earth needs help and support to clear and cleanse herself from pollution, corruption, and all interference. The current misalignments affect the 5 Elements adversely and cause  their inability to function properly. A case in point is the Fire Element which has gone out of control with rampant forest fires across the globe and polluting the air as a result. The volcanic eruptions carry the rage of Mother Earth and demonstrate her need to vent off steam which has been building under the Earth Crust.

As catalysts for change you and your Light can make a huge difference. Change does happen when you place your conscious awareness on such topics and especially when you demand change for Earth, humankind and all species and future generations through prayers and petitions suggested in these courses. Thank you for your service!

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Alchemy of Justice 4

  • Lesson 4