Alchemy Of Justice Module 2

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In Module 2 we go before the  Tribunal of Justice and petition the return of Liberty and Freedom to Earth. When Earth was populated with Human Souls in the first place, It was agreed that this planet be a Planet of free Will, meaning that the Free Will and desires of all human beings be considered as equal and as valid regardless of gender, race, creed, status. The Masters have always respected Humankind’s, Free Will. Divine Mother has always told us that we would need to ask for anything we want before she can give it to us because she has to respect our Freedom of choice!

Sadly at this juncture in our human evolution, it is our own kind who are  disrespecting the Free Will and desire of the masses. For example, masses of women around the globe desire Freedom about their personal health and individual choices. The masses of people around the globe demand addressing Global warming but those in Leadership positions choose personal profit before survival and well-being of our planet and all species. Minorities everywhere around the globe want to be treated as equal to the majorities. The poor and middle classes wish for equal human rights to survival- food, shelter, safety. But these rights are now hampered by the few ultra-rich or ultra-powerful in leadership positions who use force- in dictatorships- or exert their money, Power or status for personal gain at the cost of the masses. Greed and corruption in industry leaders and governmental bodies are becoming rampant and the freedom of speech and freedom of the press to report the truth is Hampered.

Divine Mother ushers us before the Tribunal of Justice to request the return of Freedom and Liberty in its pure, uncorrupted from back to Earth. We also request Justice for those whose voices are drowned and deserve their Free Will to be respected as well as Justice to be meeted out on those who exert their power, money, clout and status to deprive others from their freedoms.   and the hierarchies in the higher Realms are happy to do that. However at this present juncture, those in positions of Money and power are  exerting their will over the Free Will of the Masses. This can be seen in examples such as women’s rights over their bodies in about the importance of respecting the Free  Will of the Masses. 

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Alchemy OF Justice Module 2

  • Alchemy OF Justice Module 2