PTE Academy – Beginner Path Curriculum

Beginner Path: We invite you to begin on this path if:

  • This is a new venture for you,
  • You are at that stage where you are asking what your true purpose in life might be,
  • You are awakening to a greater experience of life that has meaning beyond mundane existence.
  • You are experiencing an awakening to bigger things that your intuition is leading you to explore.

We also invite you to begin here if:

  • You have already started to explored those adventures explained above;
  • You have already awakened those senses which are beyond the traditional five senses;
  • You recognize that you are a soul with a mission to explore more of yourself and the invisible inner world and rich inner realms where guidance and assistance of the highest benevolence is available to you;
  • You have already seen glimpses of who you are as a Soul and where you are headed;
  • You  have already studied with other teachers and healers or have been led to explore on your own but and feel that you have a good grip on the basic material.

Beginner Core Curriculum Requirements
Both Beginners & Intermediate seekers are requested to take the following core curriculum classes as a start:

•  Chakra System Ph1 and Ph2
•  5 Body System Ph1 and Ph2

The core teachings which we offer beginners and intermediate seekers at our PTE Mystery School (PTEMS) offer you a solid foundation to build your knowledge base and exercise your visual perception and connection with the higher teachings. Some of this foundational background is taught exclusively at PTE. The arena becomes wider and the learning curve becomes more expansive as you move up the ladder to explore and venture into the Advanced Path.

We highly recommend that you take a bit of time to fully understand the foundational composition and the framework upon which our teachings are based. This will in time prove to be beneficial as you add more pieces to the puzzle and explore the landscape more fully.

Once you have completed the above courses you may explore more courses from the category of beginner and intermediate levels. You may allow your intuition to guide you to those courses which jump out and get your attention. Furthermore, at anytime that you feel confident and ready, feel free to explore courses from our Timeless Path category.

PTE Academy – Beginner Path Curriculum

Awareness, Healing, General Knowledge and Angels
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Series A: Self Care Tools – Self Awareness - Mindfulness

Courses offered in this series:

BP-A1:1902 Clearing Technique to Clear your space, energize yourself & boost your mood

BP-A2:1902 Wellness Technique to Ground Protect Center & Reboot your Self

BP-A3:1902 Centering for Empowerment

BP-A4: 1901 Centering with Chakra Colors

Series B: Reboot Your Body – Healing & Recalibration

Courses offered in this series:

BP-B1:1902 Awakening & Healing the energy Layers around the Body with Colored Lights

BP-B2:1902 Release of Stress & Trauma using Healing Lights – Copper Gold for Strength &

BP-B3:1902 Mood Boost & Protection from Negativity using Colored Lights – Turquoise Blue &
Topaz Blue for Self Esteem & Self Confidence

BP-B4:1902 Releasing Self Sabotage & Self Criticism with Healing Lights – Golden Pink Light of

BP-B5:1305 Healing and Recalibration of 5 Body System & Light Body

BP-B6:0901 Sacred Geometries I & II

Series C: Guided Meditations – Angels & Nature Spirits

Series D: Crystal Chamber in 5 D Octave

Series E: From Lemuria and Atlantis to Present Day

Series F: Gifts of Divine Mother