2. Centering Your Chakras

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Chakras are energy centers of your body. Clearing and aligning the chakras is the first step in energy body healing and restoring vibrancy and alignment. This course is about the 9 Chakras that run from the top of your head, your Crown, to Your tailbone, your Root. This 2-part  course focuses on awakening and energizing your 9 primary Chakras. Tuning your Chakars with the resonance of their specific colors restores their vibrancy. It clears the pollution and releases stagnancy to allow your chakras to operate optimally.

Part 1- Centering technique for empowerment: is about being centered with your Chakras operating at optimal level. This helps you to be fully present to perform your highest and best with focus and clarity. Lack of clarity and low energy in your core can lead to stagnancy, depression, lack of self-confidence, and/or inability to produce your best.

Part 2- Centering with Chakra Colors: is about sending Energy Healing to your own Chakras for greater vitality, to realign you and to uplift your mood. Once you learn the techniques provided in this course you may help your loved ones, patients, and clients.

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Centering Your Chakras

  • Centering Technique For Empowerment
  • Centering With Chakra Colors