1. Grounding

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About Course

Grounding is the most essential first step on the path to personal growth and development. In this three part series, you will learn:

1- How to ground yourself and connect with Earth and her abundant resources.

2-How to activate your Hara line, the shaft of light that brings the Life Force and abundance of Earth to your body and being.

3- How to energize your Base Chakra with the Life Force of Mother Earth. You absorb that Healing Life Force into every iota of your body  and spread it from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

Once you learn the steps for grounding,  you can use it regularly for consistent and steady Personal Growth and Development.

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Course Content


  • Grown your roots to connect with Earth
  • Grounding with Gold and Quartz to build your Hara Line
  • Grounding and energizing your First Chakra