7. Know Your Soul

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Course description Know Your Soul- Foundational course  2- part series.

This is a particularly important course because it connects you with your Soul. As human beings we all come to Earth for an important purpose: to fulfill the mission of our Souls. In the process of dealing with Life in this reality, we lose track of why we are here and forget all about the Soul. We get engrossed in the needs of the personality aspects, the ego and our survival needs.

Many incarnations may go by before we begin to wonder why we are here and what we are truly supposed to this with our lives.

 This course brings you that wisdom and gives you the tools to connect with your Soul. Once you do, you will remember who you are and why you are here. Your Soul will help you figure out the next steps- the steps that bring you closer to fulfilling your Soul Mission.

In p-1, you go to the Pool of Creation and prepare yourself to receive and connect with your soul. In p-2, You meet, connect, and merge with your soul and invite your Soul to be present with you and to guide you from this point on. Your Soul can fill your “Seat of the Soul Chakra”, an Energy center specifically designed to spread the Energy and the Life Force of your Soul.

Hearing the voice of your Soul, coming from within your own being, is a magical experience. It helps you feel safe and helps you to operate and function optimally. After all you have always been fully united with your Soul- You are a “Highly Evolved Soul” having a Human Experience. This is how it should be: the Soul was there first; the soul has always been there for you, past, present, and future. The memory lapse has caused the priorities to shift where the human aspect of you has taken center stage and the Soul aspect has been pushed to the side. Yet, the Human aspect is only a limited part of your Whole-Body Unit. Without the Soul’s presence and guidance, you are navigating Life almost blindfolded. The Soul can take the Blindfold off by being present and residing in your body.  

This Course shows you techniques to meet, connect and invite your Soul to be present with you and occupy your Seat of the Soul Chakra. Once you accomplish this, you will be united in one-ness with your Soul once again and life becomes more meaningful, easier and much more fun. Great silent watcher plays an instrumental role in connecting and healing you and your Soul.

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Know Your Soul

  • Know Your Soul Part 1
  • Know Your Soul Part 2