1. Release

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The course fee includes all 4 modules of the Release series.

This is a course with a huge beneficial Impact as it addresses your personal healing from the moment of your birth to present and beyond. The Healing is specifically focused on your Child aspects, in Module one which addresses from Birth to 7 years of age; a timeframe scientifically proven to be most impactful in forming beliefs and behaviors that inform and influence your entire life. It then expands the healing to your 7–14 year old in Module 2, your 14-21 year old in Module 3, and your 21 year old to present and beyond. The 4 modules combined can bring deep healing for your entire lifespan and shift the impact of life on your body and being from the experience of Pain to focus on Joy. 

This course also addresses the regeneration of your body and being by focusing on the Physical Body at its core as well as all the Energy Layers that surround your body and preserve specific Energetic qualities which play important roles in your life. Module 2 addresses your physical body and your Etheric body, the layers which protects and conserves your memories of all incidents- Our focus is especially on events of the first 7 years of life where childhood memories can influence your outlook to life,  the quality of your life based on your childhood experiences and your ability to construct coping mechanisms that remain in operation for the rest of your Life.

Module 2 Addresses the Emotional and mental Body Layers focusing on the age of 7 to 14 where puberty and hormonal fluctuations impact the wellbeing and quality of your mental emotional state which influences later stages of life.

Module 3 Addresses the Spiritual Body layer focusing on you from 14-21 years of age when the transition from being a teenager under the protection tutelage of the parents and guardians to being an adult and experiencing the world alone. The Spiritual body houses the essence of your Soul, that part of you who’d take over as you gain individuality to make decisions for yourself; decisions which could shape your life and impact your future. Awakening yourself to the energy of your Spiritual Body and the presence of your Soul is a huge step in the right direction. In this world at present, there is almost no awareness of the Soul or the influence of the Spiritual Body Layer. Young people look for role models to replace what is missing in their lives. Connecting to the Energy Body layer and the presence of Your Soul will dramatically improve things for you that impact your entire lifetime   even if you are way past the age of 14-21.

Module 4 addresses the Light Body energy layer focusing on your adult self-aged 21 and beyond. The struggles of growing up and taking responsibility of coping without any map or instruction manual can make or break anyone at any stage of life. Your Light Body Energy layer is explained in Module 4. It comes to the rescue, bringing the Higher Power your aid. The vastness of what you can do through your Light Body helps to provide perspective, relieving you from the constriction and limitation of this mundane world and all its heaviness. It allows you to see the big picture perspective where this entire reality is a very small part of your existence. Focusing on your Light Body Activation and its connection to your Adult Self can make a huge difference in your outlook to life, but also on how you conduct yourself. It allows you the power in your control and get things done as opposed to failing under the pressure of the power this world exerts. Sadly, the skills and techniques to find your power and might are lost to almost everyone in this world. The experience of your Light body brings back memories that you have a Power mightier than this whole world at your disposal. In that awareness lies the knowing that you are vaster and more powerful than anything that happens here; you will conquer for yourself and change the world to become a better place for all to enjoy.

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Module 1

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Module 2

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