8. With Sanat Kumara in Shambhala

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You meet Sanat Kumara in His Spiritual Retreat at the Palace of Shambhala. Sanat Kumara is the political and Spiritual Leader, a Regent for our Entire Planet. His  Life Force Energy provides the Umbrella of Empowerment and protection for our world. He is a High-level leader with great compassion and benevolence. He has dedicated his entire life in service to others.  Sadly he has been exiled from Earth and has receded his present from earth and from our collective memory. Our world has lost enormously in his absence. Mother Earth has lost her vibrancy and her bounty.  Now, Sanat Kumara is calling on us to remember him and awaken to the memories of his presence and “WILL” Him to Return. This course provides a platform to energize and accelerate you in preparation for his return. 

In  Part 1 of this course, you will meet Sanat Kumara in Shambhala, his  Etheric Retreat. In part 2  Sanat Kumara offers you the Flame of Eternal Union to fill your Heart with joy and Peace in anticipation of his return.

* Please read the related blog before you begin this course. The blog post  “With Sant Kumara in Shambhala”  provides more detail about Sanat Kumara and Shambhala. The blog explains why he is vital to Earth’s recovery and survival. Also why it is important that we call for his return at this juncture in Earth’s history.

* Please read the requirements provided for this course before starting the course.

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With Sanat Kumara in Shambhala

  • Part 1 Meeting Sanat Kumara
  • Part 2 Receiving the Flame