PTE Academy – Timeless Path Curriculum

This path covers a collection of classes and courses which are precious, interesting and indeed timeless. Some offer you a perspective to the current state of our world from the perspective of the flow of energy from the higher realms to the 3rd Dimension  angle.

Others offer a perspective that might give an overview of the history from such highly evolved and extinct civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis. These gems amongst civilizations are believed to have magical and mysterious potencies. From them we can learn about where we may have been in past timelines and  explore their beneficial lessons and knowledge.

Still other courses in this category bring energetic connections with preciously Timeless and benevolent ascended masters and deities who are willing and eager to guide and assist you on your path to greater advancement.

PTE Academy – Timeless Path Curriculum

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Series A: New Courses Coming Soon.

Series B: Sacred Magic & Goddess Isis

Series C: Quan Yin in the Jade Palace

Series D: Comprehensive Healing

Series E: Divine Mother’s Healing and Manifestation

Series F: Victoria, Goddess of Victory