9. Your Higher Self Is Your True Self

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In this 3-Part Course you will understand the significance of your Higher Self and learn the techniques to connect with Your Higher Self and receive direction and guidance. It feels safe and reassuring to know that your decisions and actions are guided by a Higher Power. The confusion, uncertainty, and dread of making mistakes can fade away when your own Higher Self is running the show. Sanat Kumara, our planetary Logos, is the Guardian of all Higher Selves, for the planet and all Souls. He facilitates the connection between you and your Higher Self and empowers you and your Higher Self with his Grace.

Part -1 is about meeting Sanat Kumara at the Throne of the I Am that I Am.

Part -2 is about merging with your Higher Self and receiving your Higher Self’s Guidance.

Part -3 Is a meditation summary of the steps for your daily exercise.

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Your Higher Self Is Your True Self

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3