Create Your Best Reality with New Moon and Solar Eclipse

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The Total Solar Eclipse of April 8th, 2024 was an amazing and unforgettable experience with lasting impact. We have discussed the importance of the Total Eclipse and its impact on our world and especially on the North and South American countries on its path in our previous blogs and Newsletters.

What is the Energetic Importance of the Eclipse?

From an energetic standpoint it provided a big shift in our Reality, a cornerstone for raising the vibration for us to create a New Reality and a platform to increase the vibration of our current Reality. We are Energetically pivoting our consciousness to embrace and create a New Reality focused on a softer, more compassionate life stream, good for all souls, and for our beloved Mother Earth.

The New Reality also provides a Container for advancing our consciousness to Higher realms and levels of Existence where Thriving is the optimal goal and surpasses our current modus-operandi which is survival. This New reality can encompass a balance at both Spiritual as well as technological and scientific levels of existence. We have already discussed the phenomenon which is taking shape through technological and scientific advances in Quantum Physics and  Artificial Intelligence, AI as well as technologies that will take us to the next level of evolution such as Super Computers and astro physics. Some of these discoveries, have led to new knowledge and wisdom which tie in with existing spiritual evidence described in old scripts such as Upanishads and Vedas and the teachings of great spiritual Teachers, past and present. Scientific discoveries are helping us to understand and demonstrate the direct correlation between the two.

Eclipse + New Moon, a Perfect Combo for Your New Reality

Solar eclipses always happen on the New Moon, which is a perfect time to WILL your intentions into manifestation. It is a time to focus on your personal and Global Intentions with some gusto. The Power of the Total Solar Eclipse has added more oomph and to the overall energy that is available for your benefit.

It is a good time to make a list and start focusing on every item daily. We had started making a vision board together a few weeks ago.  You may use the intentions from your vision board and add new ones. You can write your wishes in the form of a petition or a command. Keep thinking about those goals and intetions and envision them as if they are already yours, and you are enjoying a Reality filled with the benefits that come with  their manifestation. You can do this on the run, anytime, anywhere, multiple times a day if you can. The more you focus on them the faster you manifest your desired outcome. You may also bring those petitions and Intentions to your Meditation practice. While meditating, go over each individual item one by one, or start your meditation by reading the list of your intentions. You may say command sentence quietly or out loud. Say,

“I Command the manifestation of…. state each of your specific demands, intentions, wishes and desires…. I “WILL” Each of these intentions, petitions and commands into manifestation in MY Reality NOW.  So It is!”

Direct your intentions and demands to the Higher Powers that you believe in. You can demand things from The Universe, which is less specific and more general but can be perfectly fine if you do not have a specific high-powered deity or spiritual Master/teacher in mind. Otherwise, you may petition a Higher Powered being by their name, to intercede on your behalf and stand with you.

Calling the name of a Being adds a specific target and accelerates the process because you are not relying on your human, third dimensional power of manifestation but you are being empowered and accelerate with the Higher-Powered-Beings’ immense Power of manifestation.

In my few decades in this field, I have developed a special connection with Divine Mother. She is the Cosmic powerhouse that commands the Divine Feminine Creative force. She is the force behind the Power and Energy of creation and manifestation. Everything in our world is created because she has willed it into manifestation. I feel comfortable calling on her because, Divine Mother is like a true Divine-Mother-Being with unconditional love and acceptance without question or judgement. Please feel free to go to whomever you feel comfortable with, or experiment with Divine Mother if you have not had a personal experience with her yet.

Before you go into your petitions and demands, it is always beneficial to offer yourself, in service to Divine Beings and/or offer prayers for and to them. They need our prayers for them to help them succeed in serving us. They need our prayers for them as much as we need their prayers for us.

They need our prayers to them, so they can help us achieve our goals. They have the power to do things for us but, they need us to ask them to do it. They can give us those things when we ask them but not without asking. This is a mistake that many people make, thinking that whatever they need will be given to them and they don’t need to ask. But the opposite is true.

In interacting with these Divine Beings, please begin by extending yourself to them before asking them for things. You don’t want to be like the people who remember you when they need something from you but rarely call to offer you anything or see how you are.

You may say something like,

“I pray for Divine Mother… (replace with your own high powered being if different, or use the general term I pray for the Universe…) I ask for immense power of Manifestation to be bestowed upon Divine Mother. I ask Divine Mother to empower me to serve her and fulfill my Divine purpose in doing it. I ask to be the instrument for creating a new Super Reality together. I offer myself in service for the success of this New Reality to benefit Divine Mother and her entourage as well as all Souls, all Species and Mother Earth. I now ask Divine mother for the following specific intentions:… (read the list of your intentions or say whatever you desire to benefit yourself, your loved ones, the world, and all Souls.) I ask Divine Mother to help me create and manifest my Best Reality and enjoy life to the fullest. I ask all this to be given to me through the grace of Divine mother and her feminine Creative Power. So it is!”

Feel free to make your petitions using your own words or use the prayers offered in the blog above.   Let your instinct guide you. The Prayers in this blog can provide you with guidelines and your instincts will help you get there.

The energies of Higher-Powered Beings support you to accelerate the manifestation of your desires and put your intentions into High gear.  Those of you who are consciously aware and willing to help uplift all Souls become the spearheads in Manifesting your own desired Reality and blaze the trail for others to follow you. You earn the merits for spearheading the shift and get elevated to Higher levels of consciousness and Spiritual Enlightenment.

How can you benefit from working with Your New Reality?

Think of this New Reality as a clean slate or a pure container that you can fill with your specific intentions. The New Reality is in its new and pure stage right now, much like a child who can naturally adapt to you and your way of Life. The container of this New Reality can be filled with everything you need to Live and experience your Ultimate Best Reality.

Our Prayers for a New Pure Reality will go a long way towards elevating us and the intended Reality. That process will replace or decrease the need for harsher measures in the future. After all, Mother Earth knows how to heal herself and remove the corruption and pollution in our world. As we grow and elevate our consciousness, we help Mother Earth to prevent harsher measures. We are stronger and better equipped to serve our world and to heal Mother Earth when we create and live our best reality and enjoy living life to the fullest. Our world becomes a better place for all creatures when we reach critical mass, and all living organisms live in harmony.

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  1. Another masterful insight Nasrin! I am so grateful for your work in direct connection to Divine Mother and all the Divine Beings! Yes, it is time and we are the Ones! Much Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, & Victory!
    Reverend Jacqui

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