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This is a crystal grid for manifestation of your desired which can be in the form of objects you want and a state of being you desire. It is t important that you think of this as a long-term plan lasting around 12 months.

Together, with all of you, we create a group energy to start this Manifestation Grid at the beginning of the year 2024 and plan for its impact to last to the end of the year and beyond. Please Join us to start this as our Group Resolution and let its energy continue to work for us for one year. You may join us at any point during this year or any year and still be part of our group for the rest of the year- or to last for a period of one year from where you start.

Given that it is a long term manifestation grid, I suggest that you come up with a list of 8 intentions/items to manifest during this time- It is preferable that you have all 8 right now if possible- You can divide them into two categories even though they can overlap:

a)- a set of 4 intentions which can be physical items such as a car, a house, a job, a promotion, a romantic partner, a business partner, starting or finishing an educational degree, or a training for a change in job opportunities. These can make life more pleasant and easier. to complete or any other physical item that enhances Your life.

b) another set of 4 intentions can be events or desirable State of Being for yourself or for global and worldly enhancements. for example, health and well-being in your body- or a specific part of your body- or the body of a loved one. Another good intention would be Peace and Harmony within your family unit and in all relationships. Ending the global warming, Ending the wars and violence around the globe, Freedom of hostages, refugees and prisoners of wars, ending homelessness and hunger in the world and other global states are all intentions that benefit us and our world and are about states of being. Release of pain, Trauma and struggles for all species can be intentions for global and personal states of being.

Instruction for Selecting Crystals for Your Crystal Grid.

I have chosen the Crystal Grid for Money and Resources as a sample Grid. It contains a good selection of crystals made of:

1- Four Green Fluorite Towers which is perfect for manifesting Healing of Body as well as attracting resources, Money, Abundance and Prosperity. These are in the form of Towers which draw energy from the Higher realms through their points and ground it into your grid/ your energy for manifestation. If you have 4 similar towers you can use them as long as they are in the shape of the towers- Smoky quartz, Rose Quarts, Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian are viable replacements. It is best that all four crystals in this category be the same type, and the same shape, and more or less the same size: all Green Fluorites in tower Shape and all within an inch or two of each other.

2- Four pieces of Clear Quartz Crystals for the manifestation of intentions that are events or states of being. The free-form of clear Quartz and it ability to focus on intensifying and magnifying your intentions makes clear quartz a perfect candidate. Clear quartz lends itself well to magnifying the manifestation for large scale, personal and global intentions. Once again, it is better for all four crystals in this category be the same type, and the same shape, and close in size: all freeform Clear Quarts and sized within an inch or two of each other.

3- I recommend four pieces of raw/unpolished, Selenite Rods to be placed around the entire grid for the purpose of protecting you and your entire grid and multiplying the results. Raw or unpolished Selenite Rods or Wands are powerful tools for protection and for magnification. They bring angelic and celestial energies to your grid. They are very reasonably priced mainly because they are unpolished and may shed a little. If you already have some Polished Selenite Wands, you may use those instead of unpolished; The polished selenite ones are perfect for handling and using as healing wands. Unpolished occasionally sheds when you handle it but if you are leaving it on your grid, it will be fine. It is important that all your Unpolished Selenite rods/wands be in similar shape, and size.

4- At the center of your grid, you may use a different crystal or one of the above two categories. Spherical shapes are best for the center. Clusters and freeform crystals work too. A small Rose Quartz sphere or raw chunk is a perfect one for this purpose as it draws in self-love, and loving kindness to your entire grid. Other Crystals that can work for the center include Clear quartz, rose, Tiger Eye, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, or Hematite. If you have a favorite crystal that is fully connected with you and your energy regardless of what shape or quality.

The significance of the crystal in the center is that it becomes the focal point of the entire grid. It pulls in manifestation energy from the Higher realms and energizes the manifestation of your intentions into your life. Therefore, it must be powerful and meaningful to you, easily creating a bridge between you and manifestation of objects and desires. That level of connection can happen even when you purchase a new crystal.

How to awaken a New Crystal and connect It to Your Energy.

You can sit with any/all your new crystals – after you clear them, see below for how to- and meditate for a few minutes. Start focusing on the one for the center of your Grid. Hold it in your hand. Feel yourself loving it and connecting with it. You may experience a sense of one-ness, even a feeling as if the crystal has let you inside its energy field. Imagine yourself as if you are inside of the crystal and you feel the energy of the crystal permeating around you. Once you do that, the crystal becomes part of you, and you create a bonding connection with it.

Clearing All Your Crystals, Before You Set-up Your Crystal Grid

Whichever crystals you choose for your grid, even if you have had them for a long time, it is important that you clear them first. You release them from whatever they have held on to or been carrying before. This makes room for them to absorb and intensify the new intentions easier. They become harmonious with you, with your intentions and united with each other. Then they can carry the energy of the grid instead of being filled with or distracted by other intentions, or other people’s energies (whoever handled them before you purchased them.)

Clear All Your Crystals for this Grid Together to Unite Them

Please note that: Selenite cannot be submerged in water. It will lose the shine on its surface. It does not need any clearing because it specifically carries the energy of the angelic and celestial realms, never picking up or adopting any lower energies. It does not need clearing.

Take all your other crystals intended for this gird and placed them in a dish together. Fill the dish with water until all crystals are submerged. Add a sprinkle of Himalayan salt (preferable) or any type of salt. Leave the crystals in submerged water for at l15- 20 minutes. If they look tired and have lost their sparkle you may leave them in water through the day and overnight, preferably by a window, where they can be exposed to sunlight and moonlight. Be mindful that some crystals (Amethyst), fade if they are exposed to intense sunlight for long periods of time

Instructions to Charge Your Crystal Grid with Prayers and Your Intentions

You may print out the diagram of the Shri Chakras, the Symbol of Creation and the Divine Feminine, to add more power to your Crystal Grid. It will last longer if you have it laminated. Otherwise you may use a poster board with any color that is attractive to you under your crystals.

Setting the crystals on the diagram and charging intentions in each crystal:

1- Start with the crystal that goes in the center of your grid: hold it in your hand offer it to the universe, your favorite Guru, spiritual Teacher, deity Angelic Guardian, and/or to Divine Mother as the symbol of the mother of all creation. Say,

I call upon Divine Mother/ the universe/ the cosmic angelic Guardians/ my guru/ the great spirit/….(call on whomever you choose to call by their names) I set the intention for manifesting…. State your specific intention… (remember that the first 4 towers are for manifesting objects you want.) I ask for your intercession and your Grace to fill this crystal and the entire Crystal grid for my benefit and for the benefit of all souls. and to shine your light upon it. I ask your intercession for my benefit and benefit of my loved ones and our world.”

Now place that Crystal at the center of your grid and take a deep breath and pause for a couple of seconds.

2-Go to the first crystal out of the 4 Fluorite Towers (or any tower shaped crystal you have chosen.) pick up the first one and say I feel this crystal with the intention of…. (Say the name of object you desire)…. I call upon Divine mother to intercede and accelerate the manifestation of this intention.

3- Going clockwise, repeat this sequence and pick the next tower, lift it up, say the prayer and placing all four crystals in the four corners of your grid.

4-now pick up the first of your Freeform crystals-the clear quartz-hold it up and say the prayer,

I call upon Divine Mother/ the universe/ the cosmic angelic Guardians/ my guru/ the great spirit/….(call on whomever you choose to call by their names) I set the intention for manifesting…. State your specific intention… (remember that these are the four freeform crystals for manifesting states of being for yourself, others, and our world.) I ask for your intercession and your Grace to fill this crystal and the entire Crystal grid for my benefit and for the benefit of all souls. and to shine your light upon it. I ask your intercession for my benefit and benefit of my loved ones and our world.”

You have charged the first of your free-form crystals that are states of being/global intentions. place it between the top two towers (see the diagram.)

5-Going Clockwise pick up the next crystal in this series and charge the three other crystals with their own specific intentions and place them in their respective positions.

6-Now you will use your four Selenite rods to close-in your grid. Pick up all four pieces and hold them up together and say

“I call upon Great Silent Watcher, the Cosmic Guardian of Light to fill these selenite wands, with her Light of Protection, Empowerment and Manifestation. Please protect me my loved ones and my world throughout the entire. Of this year and beyond I thank you for your grace and protection. So it is!”

Going clockwise from the top, start placing the four Selenite Wants in place at the four edges of your diagram. Once they are placed, you have completed setting up your Manifestation Crystal Grid.

Final Meditation to Charge and Complete Your Crystal Grid.

Now say,

“This grid of light is charged for an entire year. I request Great, silent watcher and divine mother – (and anyone else you wish to call)-to recharge and recalibrated every 24 to 48 hours.”

It will make a significant impact if you can give 2 to 5 minutes of your time each day by sitting by your grid for meditation for a couple of minutes repeating your intentions. You may light a candle if you like (but that is an optional item which is not necessary every day.) You may write down all your intentions and all the prayers and read them out lout or while meditating. Leve the written list under or by the side of your Grid so it can get charged- then read it daily in the morning as you begin the day, or at night before bed, or at any convenient time that suits you.

Now, since this is your First sit down with your grid, sit for a few minutes and feel the energy of the beings and think of the intentions and objects you desire to manifest. Imagine them already in your life. Imagine enjoying all the joy of having everything you have asked for and say a prayer of gratitude for all of it. You must believe it to manifest it. Act as if it is already there. Focus on all the positive aspects and distract yourself from glitches or obstacles. You have invited the support of the best helpers to mingle and pour down the Highest Energies into your crystals. You have set up and charged every crystal with your best intentions. Let the crystals Charge you now with their gifts of love, heal your body and your surroundings including people, places, and things. The Energy of your new Grid will begin to spread from your crystal grid throughout your entire space, your house, your street and spread beyond. Enjoy the energies.

Please feel free to send pictures of your Crystal Grid, your comments, and questions in the comment box, or send them via email or text to me.

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