Amethyst Cathedral

Name and make up:   Amethyst is a form of Quartz.  The presence of aluminum and/or iron in the Quartz gives it the beautiful variation of purple color.  Some believe that the name is derived from the Greek word Amathystos which means sober or literally, not drunk.

Perhaps the dark reddish purple color, resembling the color of wine, has something to do with the naming of the stone.  The intention may be to express something as beautiful and enjoyable as wine but one that keeps you sober and not drunk.  Amethyst is known as the stone for royalty.

Color and shape:  The color varies from a pale lilac to a deep dark purple and reddish purple.  The shape comes in a large variety, both natural and polished versions, which are cut to different shapes. The natural clusters might have many tiny small crystalline points snuggled together or have distinct very large single points that sit together nestled within smaller points.

Amethyst also grows as very large single points which is then cut from its base and used for decoration or healing. Amethyst also comes in the form of veins that are mined in chunks and then polished into single and double terminated points as well as a variety of geometric shapes.

Amethyst Cathedrals: Cathedrals from in tunnel-like crevices in Earth’s mantle. The tunnels are created when volcanic rocks cool off and the gaseous substances inside the molten volcanoes burst or evaporate to leave empty tunnels. The empty space is then filled with molten materials which cool into Amethyst crystals that take the form of the cathedral shaped tubes. Their size varies and can be as long as many feet tall and deep.

These look like long tubes of hard rock from outside, but when they are cracked open, they reveal an amazing sight: hundreds of thousands of beautiful and shiny single points pop up like the shiny seeds inside of a pomegranate fruit.

Amethyst Geode

Amethyst also comes in the form of geodes – from small ones that fit into the palm of the hands to huge ones which are have cavernous bodies which can fit a human being inside. It requires a skilled and experienced person, who has the eye for finding geodes and cathedrals, to distinguish between a boulder rock and one which contains Amethyst in its interior.

Some large chunks of raw Amethyst are carved into statues of figurines and angels, as well as decorative plates and dishes.

Brazilian Amethyst is very popular because of its color and quality. Much of it is exported to all parts of the world. All the Amethyst pictured on this page are examples of Brazilian Amethyst.

German engineering has brought an array of expertise and machinery which allows the chunks of Amethyst collected from veins and from single points to be polished to many shapes.

Naturally Formed Amethyst Clusters

These refined pieces are exported around the world to collectors and healers.  Large single points or clusters with cut bases are polished to be tall and majestic with their points shooting energy into the environment.

Single and double terminated Amethyst points are used for healing purposes.

Special Qualities and Healing virtues:  Stone of power!  Amethyst is known to be a power symbol used by royalty, leaders and people of power.

It has represented power and status and is used in jewelry, amulets, head dresses and worked into the ceremonial garments of many masters and leaders of olden times.

The masters do appear bedecked in Amethyst stones on their ceremonial robes, capes, crowns or head dresses and their Scepters of Power.

Amethyst is great for opening the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown. It balances the spiritual and physical aspects of life and provides energetic sustenance for the entire body. This stone enhances the Higher Chakras such as the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. It is also helpful in balancing your body and its needs in the Spiritual Realms with mundane level success and victory. Great for stress reduction and clarity of focus, it brings the ability to see clearly from the higher perspective. This facilitates gaining foresight, inner wisdom and knowledge. Amethyst helps release pressure headaches that may occur as a result of the activation of the Third Eye or Crown Chakra. It brings a general sense of well-being and closeness to the Higher Realms.

On the Physical Body, Amethyst can reduce headaches and be effective in relieving the pain of migraine headaches.  It is also known to help reduce and heal bodily aches and pains. It is also good for balancing the mental, emotional state and connecting the body, mind and emotions with the Spiritual Aspect.

Furthermore Amethyst is known to purify and balance the energies; helping with alignment of the body and the Chakras and the energy centers of the body to the Higher Self and Soul.

Ways to use Amethyst:  Because it is a high powered stone, it is generally used for opening the Third Eye center.  It is placed between the eyebrows on top of the forehead or placed above the head on top of the Crown Chakra. This stone can be a perfect addition in crystal layout formations.

A person lays inside a set of crystals that help to magnify the energy and purify the body, helping with the release of physical or mental, emotional issues.  A number of the same variety of stones, such as one of the following, would also serve this purpose: Rose Quartz, Clear Quarts, Smoky Quartz or Selenite.

Then a piece of Amethyst in the form of a raw chunk  or a polished shape, a cluster, a large single point or a double terminated point, can be placed above the head. The Amethyst harmonizes its energies with the other stones and is magnified in its impact by their presence.

Polished faceted gemstone amethyst can be used to create crystal grids for the purpose of manifesting specific intentions

To create perfect balance, it is important to balance the energies with a grounding crystal placed at the feet: a stone that is especially beneficial for grounding such as Hematite, Black

Obsidian, Black Jet, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz or any other black or dark colored stones that are specifically used for balance and grounding.

You may also create the entire grid with Amethyst pieces and use one piece of grounding stone at the feet. This may be an expensive venture since the price of Amethyst is rising rapidly due to the high demand.

On the other hand you can lay inside a grid made of only two crystals: one Amethyst at the head and one grounding stone at the feet.

In this way, simply by using two stones, you can get a balancing and alignment of your body.  A piece of Amethyst can also be placed under a copper pyramid.

The person sits with the Amethyst in the copper pyramid to benefit from the magnifying impact of the copper, together with the healing energies of Amethyst.

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Chakra placement: In chakra placement, Amethyst is universally known as a great purifier of energy and a catalyst for opening the Third Eye.

Therefore the most prevalent use for Amethyst is in enhancing the Third Eye.

Placing a small single point with cut base or a double terminated piece directly over the Third Eye between the eyebrows can be a way to accelerate the opening of the Third Eye, and the ability to take journeys into the Higher Realms.

Amethyst can pull the heavenly energies to charge and energize the Third Eye, while purifying and cleansing that center from the dross and the cobwebs which prevent it from full activation.

Activation of the Third Eye allows the person to experience inner lights and ultimately to gain the ability of inner visions with Deities, Angels, and Guardians.

Visual perception of the Higher Realms is a huge achievement and a great sign of elevation for anyone on the spiritual path who cares to connect with the Higher Realms and attain spiritual evolution.  You may also create a crystal grid layout made of Amethyst and Selenite or Amethyst and Clear Quartz.

On one hand, Amethyst will magnify and purify the energies of the Higher Realms, while both Selenite and Clear Quartz bring the celestial energies and cause further magnification and acceleration.


Whose favorite stone is it?  Saint Germain and Quan Yin. Saint Germain is one of the masters who favors Amethyst and the color purple which is associated with him (his Signature Energy), as the Guardian/Chohan of the Seventh Ray, which is the Purple Ray.

He wears Amethyst on his headdress, on his fingers, as an amulet and on his Scepter of Power.

Also Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, is associated with Amethyst. She was the Guardian and Chohan of the Seventh Ray for 14,000 year previous to Saint Germain. She handed the baton over to Saint Germain in the 1950s.

Maintenance and upkeep:   There isn’t much in terms of upkeep except; placement of Amethyst in the sun would cause discoloration.  It is best to keep it away from constant sun.