Clear Quartz and other members
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Crystal name and make up: Quartz is a very common mineral found in great abundance everywhere around the globe.  Clear quartz is a member of this family.

Quartz is a milky white color, made of silicone dioxide. Oxygen is the main ingredient of Quartz. It forms in a semi-molten layer in the mantle of earth – the layer directly below the crust of earth.

As it cools down, it comes up closer to the surface and is found in great abundance everywhere in the crust. Clear Quartz, as its name implies, is the clear version. Clear Quartz has the clearer and transparent look of Quartz with often some milky parts.  The clearer the piece, the more precious and effective a healing tool it becomes.

Shapes and color: Quartz is a common stone and can be found in all shapes and sizes. Quartz and Clear Quartz usually come in a transparent milky white color but there are many types of quartz – in a variety of colors. Even the colorful varieties are found in abundance. When other minerals are present, they blend their color to the milky white quartz base, adding what is known as “impurities”.

These impurities change the color from white or transparent to smoky or purple or orange or other colors. These colored versions then become their own varieties – minerals which are very pretty with added qualities to the healing potentials and benefits. These are quartz with minerals that add color or texture. The varieties of quartz include clear quartz, smoky quartz (dark colored quartz), rose quartz, lavender quartz, rutilated quartz and snow quartz.

In addition, some extremely popular and favorite stones are also quartz based. Amethyst is such a stone; a purple variety of quartz. Amethyst is quartz with iron and aluminum impurities which turn its color to those amazing hues of lavender to purple. Similarly agate which also comes in all colors, is quartz based. Carnelian is an orange colored mineral which is quartz based.

Obsidian, which is natural lava gases turned into glass in a variety of colors, is also quartz based. Onyx in another common quartz based mineral that comes in all colors. Citrine is yet another and comes in a yellow to orange colors and is a quartz-based mineral.

Then there are those minerals that are not quartz-based but carry a smaller quantity of quartz within them or are formed into a bed of – or contain running veins of – quartz. A good example is fluorite; a mineral that comes in all colors, including rainbow fluorite. Quartz is usually present in the environment where fluoride is formed.

Shapes of Quartz: Quartz comes in a huge variety of natural shapes. This includes single Terminated (ST), double terminated (DT), clusters, and other combinations of shapes which are considered among crystal lovers and healers as a specialty within the healing circles. Quartz is also mined in chunks and used raw or tumbled as polished large and small pebbles.

It is cut into slabs and Polished into anything from tabletops and kitchen counters to small ornamental containers, statues, ornaments and beads that are made into reasonably priced jewelry. It is polished and shaped into different geometric shapes such as spheres and cubes to heart shapes and more. Some of these forms and shapes of quartz are explaind here.

Single point or single terminated quartz (ST) – also known as fingers- are the most prevalent and popular of clear quartz varieties, used in healing and crystal layouts.

Double terminated quartz crystal

Double terminated Quartz (DT) – is the quartz with two termination points, one at each end of the crystal. This type is popular in healing because it magnifies the energy and shoots it out from both ends of the crystal. It also absorbs the energy from both ends for the purpose of magnification, amplification, clearing, cleansing and programming.

Double-terminated Clear Quartz is one of the most sought-after types of Quartz: it is popular for meditation where a person would lay inside a crystal healing grid with double-terminated pieces or hold the piece in each hand.  The crystal layout with double terminated points laid on top of all the Chakras can enhance the function of the Chakras, magnifying the activation all of the Chakras. Double terminated clear quartz can move the stagnant energy from the body much faster than a single tournament clear quartz.

Quartz clusterClusters – quartz with a bunch of small finger points sitting together like a bunch of grapes, or more accurately, like pomegranate seeds on a base is known as a quartz cluster. Clusters grow in those shapes naturally and organically, as do symmetric and geometric shapes of polished quartz.

A cluster can magnify its impact by the number of the little single point fingers shining and emanating the energy that it is charged with. There are effective ways to clear and cleanse mental, emotional, as well as physical ailments and stagnant energies from the body using single or double terminated points and clusters which grow in those shapes naturally and organically as well as symmetric and geometric shapes of polished quartz.

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Programming Quartz Crystals: Quartz is a programmable crystal. This means that it can be programmed to effectively magnify and amplify the impact of a specific objective, plan, idea, design and intention. This makes it perfect for meditations. This means that the effectiveness of your meditation can be increased when you use clear quartz in any of its varieties. You can hold one with both hands, or one in each hand.

You can also sit or lay down in a clear quartz crystal grid layout with a number of single, double terminates or with clusters and other polished or tumbled pieces.

Crystal layouts can be used in conjunction with candles, fragrances, spices, herbs and other stones, crystals and gems to magnify the impact of all. Furthermore, quartz is can be a great medium to attract an object to you and/or to accelerate its attraction to you – its manifestation in your life.

Quartz points as Twins or Soulmates: The shape of a soulmate clear quartz is 2 pieces of quartz points attached lengthwise or sideways or sideways. These are considered great for amplifying a romantic relationship between soulmates or magnify the intention for finding a soulmate.

They are also known to help provide Harmony between soul mates.  Also used are 2 pairs of twin pointed quartz, especially in healing of twin energy when one twin is lost during childbirth or in early Childhood.

Generator quartz crystal: Generators can be in the form of a single point large quartz piece  clusters of many crystals sitting together collecting and transmitting energy that can benefit every soul and permeate everywhere around. The purpose of these crystals is to clear and cleanse the world and to magnify and permeate healing energy.

The generator crystals- both in single point or cluster format- can be used in group settings where many people focus on a united intention- peace on earth, healing of a mutual friend, magnify and manifest a common goal. The performance of the group can be enhanced and magnifies with any Clear quartz crystal especially the Generator Crystals.

The Quartz Generators  can also be used  by a single person in any situation where magnification of a goal or a healing is intended. This applies to personal intention for the benefit of the Self of for other people, places or thing. Please note that intentions that may cause harm to another are null and void and incur repercussions. Therefore be mindful that whatever intentions and goals you choose to manifest or to magnify, do not harm anyone, any place or anything.

It is believed that during the civilization of Atlantis the Generator Crystals were utilized to create/generate and maintain an invisible bubble of Light over the entire city of Atlanta, the Capital of Atlantis. This bubble served as a container to raise the vibrational frequency inside the bubble close to the 4th Dimensional levels. that would mean an acceleration of the process of manifestation of all benevolent intentions. It would also provide an uplifting experience in the body as the dimension of light would enter into and impact the bland and dense reality of the Third Dimension. This would allow the citizens of Atlanta to perform their daily tasks as if in the 4th Dimension, where thoughts manifest much faster into actions; and actions could be performed with greater ease.

These Generator crystals of Atlantis where intentionally destroyed at the ending of Atlantean era when an invasion of alien Energies became imminent. The decision to destroy the crystals was made in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of alien races with malicious intentions towards humankind.

The destruction of the generator crystals led to the sinking of the island of Atlantis. The induced implosion of the Generator Crystals left a rip in the crust of the earth and pieces of the crystals landed from one end of the earth to the other.

Some of the Atlantean Generator Crystals from the area between present day Australia and New Zealand landed in present day Brazil and the surrounding lands. Since the pieces found in Brazil  carry the Atlantean energies and  are coded with the imprints of that civilization they are considered extremely potent and powerful. They are believed to be  powerful tools for  healing  and easily programmed to accelerate the manifestation of intended desires.


Atlantean and lemurian Generator Crystals:  Prevalent in the regions of Central and South America discussed above, varieties of Quartz crystals could be found washed up on River beds and in valleys. This has been the case especially in Brazil where  Clear Quartz Crystals, as well as other  Quartz based Crystals are still mined and sold to the world. Brazilian Crystals especially carry the pure essence from the two main civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The wisdom and knowledge related to healing with the Generator crystals has been retrieved and practiced for millennia and has been popularized in the New Age circles at present time. As the demand for Clear quartz and other varieties of Quartz based crystals grow, so does the supply which is abundant and covers around the glob. Quartz is one variety of mineral with huge deposits spanning every region of our globe.
These mines  produce small and large pieces of clear quartz and other types of quartz. Some are sold in their natural state as chunks or with naturally polished facets. Other pieces are hand or machine polished for use as healing tools, cut to shape  as ornaments and the finer, more transparent and clear varieties are faceted and cut as Gems for use in jewelry, exported to all parts of the world.

Abundance Crystals:

Abundance quartz crystals

Clear quartz abundance crystals are those which are formed in clusters with one tall quartz point in the center and a bunch of small points all around.

The tall piece is meant to attract abundance from all directions to itself to help magnify abundance to benefit its user.




Other types of clear quartz are:  Manifestation quartz, Lemurian Seed Crystals, Self-healing Crystals, Laser Crystals, Phantoms, Rutilated Clear Quartz , Celestites or Elestials, Cathedral and Record Keeper. More info on these to come.

Special Qualities and Healing Virtues Of clear quartz: The most important healing qualities of clear quartz and other members of quartz’s family are twofold:

1) magnification and amplification.   2) clearing and cleansing.

Quartz is a programmable crystal; therefore it magnifies and amplifies whatever intentions you place in it. Similarly, quartz is used as a clearing and cleansing mechanism during healing sessions. Its ability to clear, purify and cleanse your overall energy, your Chakras-energy centers along the spine, your physical body, mind and emotions and to connect you with your soul and higher self, makes it the most harmonious and prominent item in the toolbox of any seasoned healer and all beginners. It is recommended as one of the first crystlas to work with to every beginner and newcomer to the field.

Do’s and don’ts: You may immerse your quartz in order to clear it. You may add a small amount of Epsom Salts for complete healing and purification. Instead, you may use Himalayan salt, table salt or baking soda.

Since quartz has the tendency of clearing and cleansing the environment, as well as the body, it can pick up a lot of dross, pain, and struggle and stagnant energies while clearing your house. Therefore clearing and cleansing your crystals is a regular requirement.

Simple washing, especially if you have some of those salts, is sufficient for charging and regenerating your crystals. To return them to their optimal potency, it is extremely beneficial to use the moonlight and the sunlight, as well as laying them in nature. Placing them on top of the bare ground in an area where the soil is clean or on the grass or on a bed of flowers is very successful in clearing them.

Also placement next to the root of any succulent or citrus fruit – indoors or Outdoors is helpful. Succulents and citrus fruits have a tendency to clear and cleanse minerals while rejuvenating and regenerating their potency. Clear quartz is the favorite mineral of every Deity, Master, Guide, Angel, as well as divas and fairies.

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