Name and make up: Corals are from the sea. They are sea plants. Many sea creatures depend on coral for their existence. Some use coral as nesting ground and leave their spores in the coral to grow into fishes, eels and other sea creatures. Others use it as their home and habitat.

Coral necklace made using red bamboo coral and black obsidian resting on a chunk of white coral. See similar items in our shop!

Some creatures use varieties of coral as food.   Unfortunately, as the temperatures rise and the sea waters get warmer, the corals die faster.  The Great barrier Reef in Australia has been a home to the most varied and colorful coral the world over.

However they are dying at rapid rates- 75 percent of them are lost and the rate of loss is increasing, yearly in some cases.

The demise of coral and sea minerals are also a loss for all the sea creatures that use the coral and other creatures like coral as their food and as their homes, nests and habitat.

Awareness of this issue and focus on changing our human habits to accommodate a more moderate and less invasive way to live in our world can go a long way towards change. Intentions for healing the waters of our world and Prayers for the return of peace, harmony and stability is another great way to focus on positive change.

Their demise is also a loss to the beautiful varieties of semiprecious and precious minerals that are collected from the sea and enhanced through cutting into shapes and dying to vibrant colors for use in jewelry and healing.

Shape and color: Corals come in most vivid colors and shapes. They bring other stones and gems to life. The fan shaped and the tree shaped ones are popular for decoration in their natural form.

One fanned branch could be inserted into a piece of marble, or set into a stone in a display unit with gems and jewelry laid on top or around it.

Red Coral

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Corals are also cut to shape and dyed to use as jewelry. Red coral and Red Bamboo Coral are popular ones that are used in jewelry making. Red coral goes well with pearls – especially white pearls.

It makes Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli and Malachite come to life.  It enhances the blue of Turquoise and Lapis and the green of Malachite to sing and shine.  Making jewelry with coral is a wonderful experience.

Healing Qualities and Virtues: As a general rule, corals are great for balancing the liquid content of the body and for our primordial Life Force.

The origin of life has been traced to the sea. Corals are creatures of the sea and provide nurtureance to all creatures of the sea, from the tiniest plankton to large mammals.

Our bodies contain more than 75 percent water and the liquid content of our bodies fluctuates depending on our needs and on the state of our bodies.

Coral can bring balance and equilibrium to the body by helping the flow of the liquid within the body, balancing the circulation, releasing bloatiness and water retention and the general overall well-being of our physical bodies.

After all, we too are creatures who have originated from the sea at our primordial beginning which links to the birth of the first living single cell creatures in the sea.

How to use Coral: A piece of coral next to your bed stand can work on you while you sleep, without the need to spend any extra time, energy or focus specifically on it.

The varieties of coral which are polished smooth and dyed in all colors can be beneficial for placement in the chakras based on the chakra colors.

You may match the relevant chakra with similar colored coral pieces. Generally we recommend the use of any mineral in its purest and most natural form for the highest benefit. However, even a polished and dyed piece of coral can have good energy and provide healing vibes.

Chakra Placement: You may place a smooth piece of Red/ orange Red Coral on your Root Chakra/ Sacral Plexus level in your lower abdominal areas for enhancement of your passion for life, creativity, zest for life and increased Life Force in those areas.

Such a piece will also balance your reproductive organs and provide added Life Force to enhance sexual desires and nurture the sense of stability in becoming vulnerable and accepting intimacy in romantic settings.

You can place a string of Red Coral at the center of your body to go from the Root up the middle of the body, while lying on the chakras all the way up to the Throat Chakra.

Red Coral, especially Red Bamboo Coral, can be a great way to balance all the Chakras, down from the Throat all the way to the feet and the Earth Crust Chakra.


Who’s favorite is it? Goddess Hecate loves Coral. Coral on its own or with rubies and garnets or any other red gems. As does Goddess Isis, who favors Red Coral used with Lapis Lazuli and Turqoise – with or without White Pearls.

Dos and donts:  Check for color fastness. Some dyed pieces tend to bleed their colors.  I always place the coral in water overnight when I first receive them to be sure the non-color fast residue washes off before making into jewelry.

Sometimes this dulls the color of the coral, but it is better to safely remove it than to ruin clothes or get the dye on your skin. It is best to remove your dyed coral jewelry when taking showers or baths.