Grounding Crystals

In this section we have collected a series of Grounding Crystals which all serve to keep you grounded- a state of mental, emotional, and physical clarity. Each crystal offers distinct healing qualities besides their ability to ground you and bring focus/clarity. If you are unable to find the specific crystal you are looking for, any of the other crystals from this category can be viable substitutes.

Black Jet used in Jewelry with Green Pearls


Black Jet

Black jet is a form of fossilized coal- great for grounding and focus, great purifier and a detoxifier- at physical level it helps especially the kidneys, the organ which stores fear of the unknown, fear of change and moving forward to let go and be free. Unlike hematite, black jet is extremely light due to porous nature of fossilized coal, the main component of black jet.

Mentally, emotionally it helps with the release of fears and phobias while grounding the positive forces into the present reality, helping the person to move forward without fear or concerns.

Placement on or below Root Chakra, between the feet, and/or at Earth Crust chakra level. Black jet has the greatest effects if you get scattered easily or in times when mental clarity/focus are vital. Carry it on your person while studying for exams, during a meeting/interview, or other circumstances where you need presence of mind.

Black Obsidian Obelisk and Brown Obsidian Pyramid


Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a form of Lava gases that cool off- great  for grounding, absorbs good and repels negativity. excellent buffer for psychic protection, repels/disperses and the energy of needy, leechy people and deflects the stress from stressful situations which deplete your energy. This crystal is effective for releasing anger, depression, stress, anxiety, and other forms of mental/emotional discomfort.

Placement on or below Root Chakra, between the feet and earth Crust chakra level. Keep obsidian on your person when exposed to people who experience mental health issues or are overly negative. This crystal helps protect you from their psychological run-off.


Raw Black Tourmaline with Vein of Mica


Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in all colors and also comes in two variants: opaque and clear. The clear variety is used primarily in high quality jewelry in the form of faceted gems. Black tourmaline specifically is great for grounding, deflects and disperses impure thoughts and action- a great cleanser and purifier of psychic energy and entities, dark magic and sinister attack. Tourmaline forms underground when subjected to enormous amounts of pressure and therefore serves as a healing stone used to release stress, pressure, and anxiety.

Placement on or below Root Chakra, between the feet and earth Crust chakra level. You may carry it on your person (touching your skin is ideal), leave it on your desk in your work environment, in your car, or any frequented location where you experience pressure.




Among the Grounding Crystals mentioned on this page, Hematite has the highest iron content. This allows you to build and protect your core (the core of earth is molten iron).

Great for grounding and balance of the lower chakras and manifesting intentions. It is important to use real hematite because only then will you experience your desired effects. Synthetic hematite is often sold and marketed as real but it can be differentiated from real hematite by gauging its weight. Real hematite is very dense and heavy while  synthetic is made of lighter compounds. Synthetic brands often use very similar names to hematite as the brand name and some even have a electromagnetic field which may be harmful to your body.

Perfect for placement below or on root chakra and use in grids. Great purifier of blood. Bringing your desired projects into

reality. Placement on or below Root Chakra, between the feet and earth Crust chakra level.