Malachite & Lapis Lazuli



Name and make up:   Malachite is a powerful stone with a beautiful green color.  It’s make up is somewhat complex, and it comes in many shapes, mostly with bands and layers that make the formation even more beautiful.

Malachite comes in chunks or layers. It is often then formed into geometric shapes and polished into various objects, including statutes and dishes, vases, and other collector’s items.  Malachite sometimes comes in a combination of other minerals.  Malachite and Azurite together give a beautiful green and blue combination.  Malachite and crisacola give a combination of various turquoise-blue to green colored combinations.

During ancient times in the area where Malachite is prevalent, alchemy was practiced which probably led to the name it was given. The origin of the word Malachite comes from the Middle Eastern words, mala-ik or mala-ikah which represent angelic beings and it also represents someone who is of high lineage, high royal lineage. It is possible that the name was given to this stone due to its potencies to bring strong, clear and pure heart energy, such as the energies from the angelic realms of the mala-ik.\

In ancient times in royal palaces, malachite was used in the structure of rooms and buildings.

To this day, many of the ruins of Middle Eastern palaces have malachite together with lapis and other precious stones in the mosaics and sacred geometries demonstrated on the ceilings.

They are seen in the domes and the walls of what remains of these palaces from Greece and Turkey, to ancient ruins of the Persian Empire.

Copper has also been associated with malachite in the area where malachite grows.  Malachite was turned into powder form and used as makeup during ancient times.

The same applies to Lapis Lazuli and Azurite, with the blue to purple colored pigments.  They’re also used in paint, originally before synthetic and chemical paints were prevalent.

To this day Malachite and Lapis, as well as Azurite and Chrisocolla are used in pigment form by painters who know how to use their qualities.

Healing qualities and special virtues: Malachite is used to enhance self confidence and ability to achieve and manifest one’s highest desires. A stone for advanced seekers on the path of exploring greater mysteries.

A strong stone for transformation and alchemy. In Ancient Atlantean times, Malachite was used for divination by priests and priestesses and as a power stone for vision quests and journeys to altered states of consciousness. Increases the intuitive abilities but not a stone to use by beginners and novices.

 Malachite is a great healing stone and a great stone for opening the heart and for protecting the heart.  It is one of the stones in the protective category.  It is beneficial for people who consider themselves as empaths because it protects the empath from picking up energies from other people, especially needy people, and prevents the absorption of ailments into the body of the healer.

It is a great stone for those who perform healing services and this includes doctors and nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dentists and all other professionals who happen to encounter many sick people and have a need or are required to be in close

Raw uncut Malachite. Best use – for crystal grid layouts. Place over the Personal Heart Chakra for a few minutes at a time. For advanced crystal users and healers familiar with the strength and power of Malichite. Beginners use more gentle crystals, such as Rose Quartz, Selenite and Clear Quartz before trying Malachite.

contact with people who are physically or mentally and emotionally sick.

Malachite is a powerful and potent stone, especially good for removal of trauma and bringing to the surface old stagnant issues from childhood – relating to heartache, heartbreak and grief.  Because it is a powerful stone, it can blast open the Heart Chakra and bring up an avalanche of emotions to the surface.

It is therefore recommended that you treat malachite with great respect and know that if you have had traumatic experiences in the past, a piece of malachite, even a small piece, can bring those issues to the surface in order to release them.

This is not to deter you from the use of malachite, it is simply to explain that stones like malachite, Lapis Lazuli and Azurite and other powerful and potent stones whose basic make up is power and release, are to be used with respect, and in utmost gentleness with yourself.

Therefore if you have a piece of malachite that is turned into a necklace for you, make sure that for the first few occasions, you only wear it for a short time because when it is laid over your Heart Chakra, close to your body, it is most potent in bringing up

emotions to the surface.

How to use Malachite:  As a general rule, you may use malachite on your Heart Chakra.  It is perfect for the entire upper chest area from below the throat all the way to the end of your rib cage – the entire chest area which includes Cosmic Heart, Personal Heart and Seat of the Soul Chakras.

When exposed to Malachite: The first time you are exposed to a piece of malachite, it is best to simply hold it in your hands and sit with it for a few minutes.  After a few experiences of holding it in your hand, you may use it by your side table in your bedroom, under your pillow or in your bed and allow it to work on you and be in your energy while you sleep.

After doing that for a while, you may lay it on your body on its own. Then you may place it in a crystal grid layout with other healing and magnifying stones – Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Angelate – that can go around your body to enhance their impact.  In such a case, it is best to use it in conjunction with rose quartz.

You may make a grid with 6, 10, 12 pieces of tumbled or raw rose quartz, placed around your body.  Lie inside of the rose quartz grid and place one single piece of malachite on your upper chest area.  Do that for 10 to 15 minutes and allow the rose quartz to work in conjunction with the malachite.  Then remove it and give yourself a few days to let the energies work on you.  During that time be aware of the energies that come to the surface.

You can do this grid layout with malachite and smoky quartz as well.  Smoky quartz helps to ground you while you do the release work.  You can add one piece of smoky quartz at your feet while you use the combination of rose quartz and malachite or you may use smoky quartz with malachite by making a circle or cocoon of smoky quartz around you and lying with your malachite on your chest.

You can increase the time that you allow the malachite to stay on your chest as you get used to the energy of your malachite.

Do’s and don’ts:   There are no specific do’s and don’ts with malachite, except to use it with gentleness and for short periods of time.

Lapis Lazuli

A Sacred Blue Stone whose name is a mix of Greek and Middle Eastern. Used in Ancient Land of Chem (Khem) the land where Alchemy originated and the Motherland of present day Egypt. Lapis was used during the Atlantian Civilization for thousands of years before it sank.

Just before it sank, the gifts of knowledge and the mysteries that were cherished and divulged by the priests and priestesses of Atlantis were brought to Chem/Egypt to be kept for posterity.

Tumbled Lapis Lazuli. Can be used in crystal grid layout over the Throat Chakra. This is a stone for advanced healers and regular crystal users. Beginners please avoid until you have used more gentle, basic crystals, such as Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Selenite.

Present day Egyptians still revere Lapis, as a sacred stone for power and magic. It is a stone for accelerating the manifestation of the Higher Power and achieving greater goals.

It protects the person and the project, invites sacred alchemy, stability, creativity and breathes Life Force into a project.

Name, make up, color and shape: Lapis is another complex mineral similar to malachite.

It has a beautiful blue color.  Some varieties have bands of silver, gold, or mica which creates a white or an off-white vein running through.

Lapis comes in a vivid blue color, a cobalt blue or a sapphire blue color; sometimes with calcite or pyrite that add different shapes and colors to the blue of Lapis.

The name Lapis Lazuli is believed to have come from the ancient Persian region where Lapis has been prevalent – in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Lajhavard is the actual substance from which Lapis Lazuli is made of.

Lajahavard is a substance that has been ground to a powder to give color and used as dye in ancient times – and also used in makeup for eyes.  Powdered Lajhavard or Lapis was used as coal eyeliner during ancient Egyptian times and is also still used today.

Since Lapis is a complex mineral, it has a complex energy field that makes it more powerful and potent.  The form that Lapis comes in is mainly chunks that are then shaped and polished to all geometric forms, as well as gems, jewelry, and in the structures of palaces and in stoneware, dishes and statutes, etc.

From the ancient times, Lapis Lazuli has been considered a stone of power and a sacred stone for kings, queens and royalty.

In ancient Egypt, Lapis Lazuli was considered a sacred stone and many items were made from it including statutes of Isis and the Hathor Goddesses, as well as scarabs (beetle).

The sacred beetle’s is a sacred creature, according to ancient Egypt. Its shape is used as a talisman for bringing power.

Powdered Lapis has been used since ancient times for painting, for coloring cloth, and also used with specific oils to make into a paste or a powder used as an eyeliner or kohl.

Qualities and virtues:  Lapis Lazuli encourages clarity of focus and helps with strength in decision making with wisdom and power. Lapis is a stone that is generally used for the higher chakras, specifically over the Throat Chakra for release of blockages in communication.  It is a powerful stone used in similar ways that malachite is.

Therefore in placement of Lapis over your Throat Chakra, please exercise extreme care because emotions can come to the surface that may have been blocked or stagnant for a long period of time.

How to use:  Some healers use lapis over the Third Eye and Crown Chakra to empower those higher chakras, as well as the Throat Chakra, to open.  As a general rule, my recommendation is that you do the same with lapis as you do with malachite.  First place it somewhere nearby or hold it in your hands for a few minutes. You may use it by your bedside table or in your bed.  Finally you may use lapis on your Throat Chakra while you meditate laying down or in conjunction with selenite, as a great way of magnifying its energy but also helping it to become gentler to your body.  Selenite tends to bring celestial angelic energies to you.

An effective way to use lapis in a Grid is to put 6, 8, 12 to 18 pieces of selenite in the form of a cocoon around your body and a piece of Lapis on your upper chest, your throat, or your Third Eye.

You may place a grounding stone, such as smoky quartz, hematite, black tourmaline, black jet, or black obsidian at your feet or between your thighs- at the tailbone or crutch area – to provide grounding to balance the high intensity of the selenite and lapis pieces.

Lapis Lazuli is also great in jewelry, check out some necklaces using this stone in our shop page.

You may wear a piece of lapis high on the chest or in choker style over your throat. This will help the Throat Chakra to help bring you self-confidence, self-esteem and ability to speak your truth.

To become confident that you know the answers and that you can clearly express yourself.  Lapis is a great stone for self-expression, a stone for clear expression.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone to connect you with your soul and to allow you to remember your soul purpose. It can help you accelerate in realizing your Soul Purpose by bringing you greater power to accomplish things that will move you further along the way; and removing obstacles and impediments that can delay or distract you from seeking and acting on your Soul Purpose, your Divine Mission.

Lapis helps with the ability to express yourself clearly and achieve desired results from voicing your truth, your opinion and your ideas.

Polished lapis lazuli beads and raw stones Find similar items in the Jewelry by Nasrin category of our shop page.

Fear of expressing yourself, fear of retribution from speaking your truth, lack of self-esteem in expressing your opinion or your truth can all cause stagnancy and bring up problems and issues causing blockage or pollution in the Throat Chakra.

Stagnancy can manifest as inability to speak clearly, concisely, or with conviction about your truth or your opinion; mumbling, not speaking clearly, not being clear about where you stand or unable to stand for your truth when needed, feeling like being choked or coughing for no reason when an emotional issue comes to the surface, are all symptomatic of energy stagnancy in the Throat Chakra.

Using lapis lazuli can rectify such issues and help to remove the stagnancy, but be conscious of the fact that accelerating yourself in the use of lapis directly over your Throat Chakra can open up an avalanche of pent up energy that may have been trapped for a very long time, going back to childhood or even to lifetimes in the past. 

This is not to deter you from using lapis or moving forward with its use. This is simply to explain the importance and the enormity of the potential of this stone. There is a great healing potential in using Lapis Lazuli; the more you need to use it, the more impactful the initial outcome can be.

Therefore, in order to remove stagnancy and pollution in a gentle and productive way, begin by meditating with lapis lazuli for short periods of time. Then place it near your bed, then in your bed and ultimately place it on the Throat Chakra or wear it on your body. You may also use a piece of lapis lazuli in a crystal grid layout.

Anecdotal story: During our group meditations, invariably some members of the group get into coughing bouts.  Some experience it as a gentle cough that happens once or twice, others get severe coughing bouts that forces them to leave the meditation.  A meditation environment is one where the chakras get a chance to be aligned.  When a person’s Throat Chakra is blocked or stagnant, coughing is a mechanism to clear the stagnancy.

Lapis lazuli can accelerate the release of stagnancy.  Be aware that you may experience coughing bouts or emotions coming to the surface with the placement of lapis.

Putting it in your energy field or being exposed to it for short periods of time to allow yourself to build up resistance and to allow your body to release the blockages is the best way to experience the impact.

If you feel pressure, tightness in your throat or drying up of your throat or other temporary issues, it is natural.  This is because you are releasing the stagnancy, as these experiences come up.  The process is actually part of the healing curve.

In a healing curve, there is a period of discomfort while unwanted and unnecessary factors which are causing the blockage or stagnancy come to the surface to be released and transmuted.

The result is clarity, purity, empowerment, ability to speak and to express and connection with the soul in order to realize your Soul Purpose and Divine Mission.

Abilities and alignments that ensue from the clearing can be numerous once the healing curve takes effect and covers all the relevant areas of healing.

Our intention for requesting the gentle use of the more potent and powerful stones is to make the healing curve a gentle one and to avoid a healing crisis.  All the phases of healing, including the healing curve, are part of a long process.  A gentle healing curve is always preferable to an intense, healing crisis.

It is best to be avoided if possible. However, it is important to note that even a healing crisis is a transitory and temporary state. Once on the other side of the hill, everything becomes more pleasant and the relief from the release of the burdens can be a euphoric experience.

Anecdotal story: A long time ago, a friend and I participated in a workshop.  We were asked to reflect upon this question: “which would you prefer, 10 minutes of intense pain or 10 days of a dull ache?”   Conferring after the workshop, we both agreed that the answer was obvious.

What was not obvious to us was that we were choosing the exact opposite choices. I responded with 10 minutes of intense pain and then relief.  She responded with 10 days of dull aches. I wonder if my care free young age and her mature age and longer experience had something to do with our choices.

Each person is different in their choices and there are no hard or fast rules about the best way to go. Spiritual growth and evolution is as much a journey as is life itself.  While taking two steps at a time may seem a faster approach, sometimes pushing to

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get to the finish line does not justify the result.

Taking all the steps and not missing any in between can be a better way to experience the wholeness of life or the journey.  Taking every step with conscious awareness can put us ahead even though it may seem the longer process at the onset.  Sometimes we end up retracing the steps that we missed and as a result the process takes longer to complete.

Whose favorite stone is it? Goddess Hecate favors lapis as one of her favorite stones. Goddess Isis also loves lapis and so do all her Egyptian, Sirian peers. The Hathors are deities worshiped by Isis and her entourage.

Goddess Isis is believed to have built those magnificent temples in Sakkara, located in present day Egypt, to honor the Hathor Goddesses. The Hathors love Lapis Lazuli. You may choose to call upon them to charge your lapis pieces with their vibration. The alchemy and magic of sound is their realm of expertise. They are adepts in the use of sound to create, to heal and to manifest all intentions and objects.

Hathors are willing to teach and to use that expertise to heal and help our world and all people and all creatures in it, just for the asking.  Please remember that we need to ask them for their help. Otherwise they have no power to give us anything, even if it is good for us. This is the case with every deity. It is the Universal Law applicable to all righteous things in our world and in the Higher Realms.

Our free will prevents any Higher Beings and deities from doing anything for us without our permission. The original idea was to protect us from any harm and allow us to do what we feel is best for ourselves.

Interestingly those creatures and entities who have intentions of harm towards us, disobey this law anyway. Instead it has become a noose that prohibits the benevolent deities from helping us since they are the only ones who actually do observe the universal laws!

Do’s and Don’ts:
  There are none except to be gentle and use the high powered energy of Lapis Lazuli for short periods of time until you build up resistance and gradually release the dross and stagnancy.