Name and make up: Considered a sacred stone that rings wisdom and intuitive knowledge to the forefront of the consciousness.

It is attributed to have sacred magical powers in India and the orient. The name Opal is derived from the Sanskrit word opala meaning precious.

The adjective opalescent is from the star burst or rainbow of light emanating from the  more expensive and precious varieties of Opals that are made into Gems and used for jewelry. Although somewhat rare and precious, Opal is found in many parts of the world: Australia has many famous mines of Opal. USA, China and Mexico all have large deposits of opal.

The makeup of the Stone: is of Silicone Dioxide hat sit in layers on top of each other and create the opalescent effect. In the case of the more precious varieties which have the rainbow of lights or the star bursts the tiny crystals of silicon dioxide get trapped inside small spheres that shine brightly when exposed to light and flash opalescent light.

Colors and shapes: Opals come in various colors: light blue, white, turquoise and green are common colors and sometimes the more rare varieties come in pink red and orange. The most valuable gem quality opals have a lot of rainbow opalescence or contain starbursts of colors.

Starbursts are more expensive and rare than the opalescent ones. Starbursts come in blues and greens and even more precious are the ones with orange yellow and red stat bursts.

Shapes: Opal is mined in chunks. Raw opal has the same healing quality as gem quality opal but at a fraction of the price. They are perfect to use by healers and by users alike. The gem quality Opals are cut and faceted or polished for used in jewelry and sometimes for ornaments and statues.

Raw Clear Opal

The raw uancut opal can be used for healing puposes. The Rock quality opals which display little to no Starburst or opalescence are used for carving sacred images on them for use as amulets and to wear.

In India and the Orient opals are revered as Sacred Stones with magical powers. Wearing an amulet or a talisman with the image of a saint or a deity is common.

You might have seen white or green jade pieces with carvings of Buddha, Quan Yin or other Oriental and Indian deities.

Special Qualities and Healing Virtues. Opal is a great Stone for emotional upliftment. It restores zest for life, enhancing your life force and will power. A perfect stone to improve trust in others as well as trust in yourself and  your own intuitive instincts. Go with your gut but carry a piece of opal while doing it to be safe!

Great to use when you feel emotionally spent and mentally worn out. Great to use for restoration off physical health after surgery; for restoration of mental stability after tests and exams; for recovery from emotionally traumatic experiences such as grief and loss or scary incidences.

Opals are perfect to have around older and geriatric s as they increase the life force and uplift the mood. also good for people suffering from depression I’m tripping you out of the winter Blues.

Good to carry it around during winter months what do have it in the house by your bedside under your pillow carry in the pocket or wear around your neck list or as earrings especially if you suffer seasonal depression or have been through any physical mental emotional trauma as explained above.

Ways to use it: You may use opals in Crystal grid layouts where them or place them in your bedroom under your pillow by your bedside hang them in front of a window or any other yes you may choose.

Starburst, gem quality opal from Australia. This one demonstrates the special red, blue, and green starbursts which only appear in high quality opal gem used for jewelry.

Chakra Placement: Since it is a high vibrational Stone it is best to use it over or near the highest Chakras of your body.

Placement over your Third Eye or on top of your Crown Chakra above your head in payouts or just for taking a beautiful Journey to the higher grounds during meditation is recommended.

You may also place Opal all over your Cosmic Heart Chakra directly on top of your thymus gland. It helps to activate your thymus gland and enhance its work while connecting you to your guys and duties who come through the cosmic heart Chakra.

Whose favorite stone? Opal is one of the favorite Stones of Divine Mother. Archangel Metatron considers Opals as the sacred stone of wisdom and the equivalent of the senior citizen of the gems, in terms of its maturity and experience.

Maintenance and cleansing/clearing opals: Carry a very small percentage of water molecules within their makeup. If these water molecules dry out The opal becomes hard and brittle.

Avoid placement in direct sunlight.  For cleansing It is fine to dip your opal in water if it gets to feel heavy and tired. Laying it in front if a window to absorb the Moon light is good but direct sunlight is to be avoided.
Do’s and Don’ts: Keep away from intense heat. Keep in cool place during extreme dry heat or extreme cold weather. Intense heat or cold may cause opals to crack.

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