Rose Quartz

Crystal name and make up: Rose quartz is a member of the Quartz’s Family. It is known as the stone of love and wherever love is needed or desired Rose Quartz is recommended.

Raw chunks of Rose Quartz. Perfect for leaving around the house. Especially in bedrooms and family rooms to harmonize the energies and bring loving gentleness to the environment. Inexpensively priced.

Rose Quartz has a Rosy color that comes from the presence of titanium or manganese in the quartz which gives it a rosy hue; from pale pink to deep pink.
When it turns to Lavender, it becomes known as lavender quartz which, in essence, is amethyst. The presence of aluminum or iron adds various Hues from pale lavender to purple to the quartz and is raw Amethyst usually found in chunks.
Shape and quality: Rose Quartz is a common stone found almost everywhere – usually in large chunks which are cut into slabs and made into anything from table tops, counter tops and desks to tombstones and statues.  The smaller chunks are tumbled or polished into various shapes and used in sculptures.

They are often also tumbled into geometric shapes, as well as animal shapes, sea mammals shapes and birds. Rose quartz is also cut into shapes, as single and double terminated points and vogels and used together with other polished shapes.

Double terminated polished rose quartz is perfect for use in crystal healing layouts. Also, single terminated points with a cut base – capable of standing up on its own – work well for use in layout grids. Because of its prevalence, rose quartz is a reasonably priced and easily accessible mineral.

Special qualities and healing virtues: In all its forms and shapes, Rose Quartz magnifies the energy in a loving, harmonious way because of the emanations of the pink color which add sweetness, kindness, and love energy to the mineral. Rose quartz is believed to enhance harmonious, loving family relationships, as well as enhance or promote romantic relationships.

Ways to use it:  Rose quartz is a favorite stone for the Heart Chakra. In a Crystal Layout Grid, you may use rose quartz (tumbled, polished, double terminated, single terminated points or clusters) on all Chakras of the body and around the body to bring great peace and harmony.

This is especially beneficial in the case where mental, emotional pain, trauma, heartache, heartbreak, sadness and grief are present.

A broken heart from a broken relationship can benefit extremely well from such a Crystal layout. It can also be used in conjunction with single terminated or double terminated Clear Quartz to further enhance the energy and magnify the impact of Rose Quartz.

By laying a mixture of rose quartz and double terminated clear quartz, you can magnify the impact of the rose quartz and spread it in a harmonious manner around the body.

Placement of rose quartz in different parts of your bedroom – by your bed stand, between your mattress and box spring can bring harmonious, loving, nurturing energy to your bed and your bedroom.

Placement in various parts of your house, especially in the family room or living room and wherever the family gathers, brings harmonious energies to your house, your office, and where ever it is placed. It is considered a stone for enhancing romance as well as friendships and family relationships.

Do’s and don’ts: Rose quartz will fade if placed in direct sunlight. Please avoid placement indirect sunlight if you wish to maintain the integrity of the color. Rose quartz is the favorite stone of all the Deities and Masters as the loving nurturing energy helps the emanations of love and harmony in the environment.

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Smoky Quartz & Rutilated Smoky Quartz


Name and make up: Smoky Quartz – also a member of the quartz family. Its color turns to a smoky brown when exposed to Granite and other similar minerals.  While in semi-molten form underground,  special circumstances cause quartz to be exposed to pressure and radiation.

This makes Smoky Quartz especially sensitive to electromagnetic forces and a perfect insulator for repelling unwanted electromagnetic and static energies.

It builds up a capacity to recognize and neutralize electromagnetic forces present in the environment. For this reason, it is a stone to use for diffusing and dispersing radiation, radioactive and electromagnetic vibrations.

We come into contact with radiation via Xray machines, as well as everyday household electrical units, such as TVs and computers, as well as electric cables and electrical equipment and the naturally occurring electromagnetic forces of Earth.

Color and Shape: The color of Smoky Quartz is anything from almost black, to dark smoky brown, to a golden brown, especially in the presence of golden strands that give it a rutilated look. Smoky quartz is a hard Stone capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear without showing signs of damage.

Special Qualities and Healing Virtues: It is perfect for grounding. If you are a regular meditator, it is worthwhile to keep a piece of smoky Quartz handy to hold for a few seconds, or minutes, after your meditation is over to bring you to a state of balance and ground you in the physical body again.

Because of its dark color, smoky quartz is usually recommended for placement over the Root Chakra or at the feet to balance the stones that are placed on the Higher Chakras. Also to ground the positive energies of all other stones in a Crystal Layout Grid to move through you to connect with earth. Because of its make up, it acts as an insulator.

People have been known to use it during an X Ray or other types of scans; carry it around during a chemo therapy or radiation session or just lie inside a grid of smoky quartz.  You can set up a cocoon of  6,8 12 or more smoky quartz around the entire body like a cocoon and lie in it for a few minutes or longer.

In such situations a person can make a bed grid by laying the Smoky Quartz pieces around the edge of the bed, between the mattress and box spring, so that every night the stones can neutralize the hazardous impact of chemo or radiation from the body. Smoky Quartz is a gentle stone and it will not detrimentally effect or harm anyone, even if you lie in a grid for extended periods of time.

Similarly it would not detrimentally affect others, if the bed is shared with others.  However, please use your instincts and your own guidance as to the length of time to stay in a layout grid, the number of stones to use and the placement of the stone on or around the body.

Whose favorite stone is it? Smoky Quartz is similar to Clear Quartz, a favorite of many Masters, Angels and Deities.

How to use it and Chakra placement: Wear it as jewelry items or carry it in a pocket to protect you from picking up Radioactive waves, radiation or electromagnetic energy in the environment.

You may use it in Crystal Grids and layouts between the feet on the Root Chakra or directly below the Root Chakra between your thighs.

It clears and calms negativity and emotional stress. Placing a set of smoky quartz pieces in tumbled form or as single or double terminated, around and on top of the Chakras of the body can bring you a warm, fuzzy, soothing and relaxing energy where you can connect to the love of Mother Earth and the grounded energies that this dark colored quartz carries.

Type R LSD is a form of smoky quartz which may contain mica within the quartz LS time tends to come in clusters with points that are muted or flat rather than Sharp and pointing LS site is extremely powerful for meditation as well as placement over or around the lower Chakras of the body in crystal grid layout.

It is also beneficial to hold in the hands while meditating and to carry around for protection it is a stone to bring pieces of soap together from past lives and heal fragmentation and dispersed Energies it is perfect to ground and connect you to the present moment and allow you to live life in the moment healing homeless and integration of Body Mind and Spirit is within the special properties of Smoky Quartz.

Maintenance and cleansing/clearing- because it is a hard stone, it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Do’s and don’ts– since this is a member of the Quartz family, please read clear quartz.

Rutilated Smoky Quartz

Rutilated Smoky Quartz and Rutilated Quartz: Small strands of titanium oxide called rutiles are responsible for a beautiful golden display inside some quatz pieces. This can happen in clear and smoky


quartz pieces. The titanium strands of rutile create a beautiful formation like golden shiny strands of hair inside Smoky Quartz or Clear Quartz.

When exposed to the light, the rutiles play the role of conductor of energy, magnifying the impact of the healing in the same ways that the metal gold does. Furthermore, as well as being a conductor of energy, it raises the vibration of everything that is exposed to a piece of rutilated smoky quartz or clear quartz.

Pieces of rutilated quartz can be used in the same manner as you would use Clear quartz, rose quartz or smoky quartz. Rutilated smoky quartz can be used in Lower Chakras for grounding purposes and to balance the Higher and Lower Chakras.  Rutilated Clear Quartz and Amber Colored Quartz can be used on or around the Higher Chakras of the body.