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A. Foundation Building/Personal Development

These are foundational courses which aid in personal development. Courses found in any one of these series will enhance your sense of well being.

A-1 Centering Technique

A-2 Centering with Chakra Colors

Energy Layers around  the Body

Space Clearing

B. Self Help/Healing

These courses are designed to offer overall healing as well as improving the sense of  self and the human experience.

          Comprehensive Healing Series (9 Phases)

          Healing Manifestation Series (12 Phases)

            Gifts from Divine Mother

           Isis Reveals the Mysteries of Egypt

          Sacred Geometries

C. Special Events/Ceremonies

These courses include seasonal, special events and ceremonies which happen throughout the course of each year. Examples of such events include solstices and equinoxes. We celebrate these events through ceremonies and meditations which bring a sense of group unity.

Special Ceremonies 2018

Special Ceremonies 2019

    Spring Equinox 2020 ceremony

D. Relaxation & Stress Relief Meditation

These are simple and fun meditations that can be used by anyone, at anytime, in any place. You can even listen to a few minutes of any meditation to calm your mind and re-enter a sublime zone.

E. Healing Crystals & Angel/Nature Spirits

These three categories of meditations help you experience (1) the healing potential of crystals/minerals (2) angels and how they can assist us to enhance our lives and (3) nature spirits/creatures from elemental kingdoms who are tasked with healing and guarding us, the Earth, and all species.

Healing Crystals – Healing the Inner Child with Moonstones

Healing Crystals – Rose Quartz for Loving Relationships

Healing of the Heart with Green Fluorite

F. Mindfulness & Performance Enhancing Exercises

It has been scientifically proven that when you exercise mindfulness meditations you calm down all areas of the rational brain – where stress is accumulated and the sense of separation and overwhelm occurs. Simultaneously, you are activating the emotional brain (right behind the third eye). This portion of the brain is the center for self-expression, self-love, and self-acceptance. These mindfulness meditations achieve that goal.

G. Self-Growth & Enlightenment Meditations

These exercises provide techniques to take you deeper into self-growth and healing at all levels of body, mind, and spirit. It is important that you would have taken the foundation building/personal development courses before you have taken any of these.

G-1 Cosmic DNA Activation Series

          G-1-1 171014  Cosmic DNA Activation PH 1

          G-1-2  181111 Cosmic DNA Activation PH 2

         G-1-3  181209 Cosmic DNA Activation PH 3

          G-1-4 190120 Cosmic DNA Activation PH 4

          G-1-5 190217  Cosmic DNA Activation PH 5

          G-1-6 190317  Cosmic DNA Activation PH 6

          G-1-7 190420  Cosmic DNA Activation PH 7

G-2 The Four Attunements Series

          G-2-1 190127 The Four Attunements PH 1

          G-2-2 190224 The Four Attunements PH 2

          G-2-3 190324 The Four Attunements PH 3

          G-2-4 The Four Attunements PH 4

Life After the Four Attunements Series

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 1

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 2

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 3

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 4

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 5

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 6

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 7

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 8

          Life after the Four Attunements PH 9

           Life After the Four Attunements PH 10