“Every Cell of Your Body Responds To Every Thought You Think” – Think Gratitude!

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The solar flares of August 4th followed by the Super Full Moon of 8/8/2022 have been brewing for a few weeks now. Their impact is showing up by scraping off the surface and exposing our raw vulnerable parts in ways that are surprising and uncomfortable.  Those of us who understand the spiritual and energetic impact of these energies may be feeling worn out, low energy, sleepless, restless, irritated and generally out of sorts.  Others who are unaware of the impact of such energies on their bodies may have more intense reactions. Sometimes we end up on the receiving end of such behaviors. A medical professional friend half jokingly called it “split personality behavior” to describe the way some people react to these energies.

How the energies affect us

The energies scrape off the walls & coping mechanisms that we have built over years and decades leave us raw and vulnerable. This helps us re-examine our behaviors & interactions for ways to heal ourselves so we no longer need walls.  Meantime, we are all experiencing a sense of uncertainty and wondering what on earth is going on inside and around us.

Fall Equinox of 2022

The good news is that we are now entering the portal of Fall Equinox which happens today Thursday, 9/22/2022 at 9:04 pm.  This will lead us to a more stable period of calm which will culminate by October 10th-12th to begin a new phase of stability and healing which will stay with us for a while.

While pondering on these energies and the way I was feeling I came across this quote from my friend, Dr. Lulu Shimek, “Every cell in your body responds to every thought you think!”

Dr. Lulu Shimek ND, Co-author of DNA book: “Detox, Nourish, Activate- Plant and Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood and Love”. 

This quote made me pause to reflect on the depth of its impact and I thought the best antidote for these energies is to add “GRATITUDE “to her quote and share it with all of you,

  “Every Cell of Your Body Responds to Every Thought you Think! Think Gratitude!”

Seven steps to Gratitude

This reminds me of the teachings of Metatron in the olden days. He taught us to distract ourselves from brewing and steeping in self-pity, irritation, guilt, shame, embarrassment, sadness or depression. His remedy was to Choose Gratitude by distracting from whatever negative thoughts, emotions or reasoning we were immersed in. He would go so far as to tell us “you have to fake it to make it!”

Step by Step Remedy for Getting Out of The Negativity,

1- Become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

2- Distract yourself the moment you go into the negative.

3- Look for something pretty, soothing, beautiful, different, distracting, etc, and when you have spotted it then express gratitude,

“I am grateful for this flower, for this car, for this friend, for the sun, for the rain, for the pain….”

4- Stay in gratitude for as long as you can stretch it.  With practice you can make it go longer and longer. But even if it lasts just a moment, you have been successful. You have pulled yourself out of the destructive impact of the negative thought-whether directed at yourself or another.

5- Stay focused on gratitude and keep coming back to it when possible and add forgiveness to the mix even toward yourself.  “I forgive myself for this mistake, I love and accept myself without conditions.”

6- Repeat again when you become aware that you have lost the gratitude. That is all it takes!

7- Practice the steps over and over until it becomes ingrained into the psyche.

Distraction Phase

Distraction from destructive thoughts helps the healing process. Once distracted from negativity your energy can be redirected to building and creating something beneficial and healthy. Then you can build on the healing and love energies to recreate a state of peace and harmony to replace the state of havoc and mayhem.

 Transition Phase

It’s important to be mindful that there is a transition phase between coming out of negativity and going into gratitude. Think of it as a bridge that tempers down the negative thoughts/emotions and helps you build on the positive until you are ready to go all the way into gratitude.

 Distracting from negativity provides the bridge by allowing you time and energy to realign and become receptive of gratitude.  Without a transition phase the task of jumping into gratitude itself becomes part of the annoyance especially if we are still brewing in the negativity and having difficulty coming out of it!

Happy Fall Equinox!

in Joy & Gratitude,


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