Forces of Light and Magnetism Elevate Us

Portal meditation

This year has already proven to be a landmark point from the perspective of raising the vibration of earth and elevating our Soul consciousness en-mass. In the spring of 2023 Divine Mother spoke of the need for energizing the Light that shines upon our world by raising its vibration. She gave us a series of landmark points that would culminate by 2/2/2024. To prepare for this we have been working together as a group- including all of you who read the newsletters and visit our site. Through the blogs courses and our group energies we have united (consciously and unconsciously) to be the conduit for the light to become brighter and for the success of the much anticipated paradigm shift that will change the trgectory of our lives and our reality from survival, pain and suffering to thrive with success, love, peace and harmony with each other and with our world.

The good news is that we have accomplished what Divine mother planned. The purpose of this Energy exchange has been to receive the Higher Light energies into our bodies and our world. This phase of our elevation, which has spread over the last 11 months, has been to open the portals Light to magnetize our Higher selves into our world and to experience ourselves as Multi-Dimensional Souls. This gives us the ability to Expand the Magnetic Force-Field of our reality above and beyond this 3D Realm to the Higher Dimensions where manifesting all our desires are much easier and life is simpler and more fun. We would then elevate ourselves to open the portals to the Higher Dimensions and connect with our Higher Selves There. The focus is to expand our Magnetic Forefield to merge and expand specifically into the 4th Dimnesion as we begin this journey.

As I sat to write this newsletter I came across the article below which speaks of the “Groundbreaking connection between Light and Magnetism.” Interestingly the article was written on Feb 9th 2024, exactly one week after we entered the portal of 2/2/24. It announces the newly discovered connection between Light and Magnetism where Light carries qualities and forces that interact with forces of magnetism. An interesting quote from the article states: “this breakthrough marks a paradigm shift in our understanding of the interaction between Light and magnetic materials.”

The focus of the article is on using the qualities of Light and its interconnection with the force of magnetism for improvements in specific Light controlled fields of technology and states: “this discovery signals major leaps in our understanding of Light-magnetism dynamics.”
Divine mother has been explaining the importance or raising the vibration of our own Light and the Light within the Container of our Reality, which is held together by the forces of magnetism. In other words, there is a Magnetic Forcefield that holds and binds our reality together. Through her teachings we have learned that all the events that make up our experience of our reality come together because this Force of Magnetism exists. The container of our Reality is held together by the Magnetic Forcefield that is contained within the relevant light suitable for our Reality. When we raise the quality and the substance of our own Light, our reality too benefits from it and vise versa- when our reality rises in Light it magnetizes the exact forces required to shift, improve, elevate and enhance our experience and our ability to materialize the life we desire.

Using Laws of Modern Physics Bring us Quantum Supremacy

Becoming aware that there are new tools at our disposal allows us to start from an advantageous platform. By understanding the role of Modern Physics and the relevance of Quantum concepts in our life at this juncture of our world’s evolution, we can elevate our Light, and lift our Reality out of the pain of living in survival mode to the Celebration of Life and experience Joy. Our recent Blogs on the topic of Quantum Physics provide a background and set up a framework for our elevation to the next level. New upcoming courses offer you information, tools and techniques to manifest a future where we can all live in peace and comfort. We will work toward collaborating with each other as Citizens of One World while celebrating and honoring all Life on our planet and healing our world to shine its beauty and majesty brightly, once again.

On the topic of elevating our world through Light that through new discoveries and triggers inventions, here’s a utube video is by Dr Michio kaku a renouned quantum physicist

He wrote the book called “Quantum Supremacy”. The above talk explains the material which he presents in greater details in the book. It will give you an expanded understanding of the unlimited possibilities open to us in near future. It may help you realize that the plans which Divine Mother speaks of are simultaneously enacted in various fields of science and technology, pharmacology, physics and more.

Our Quantum Shift to embrace the laws of Modern Physics are even more valid now that we have elevated our Quotient Of Light to absorb and magnetize the energies of the 4th Dimension, and live a more fulfilling Life. We are the pioneers to receive those energies and consciously transmit them to our world. Then we can elevate our world to magnetize these forces to itself and rescue Mother earth from depletion, pollution, overpopulation, pain and misery. We are the conscious participants and witnesses to these Groundbreaking events. This is an auspicious event in our history despite the havoc and mayhem we currently see around us!

We come together to call upon our beloved Divine Mother and all the Beings of Light to bring us the Wisdom, Power and all the relevant resources to accomplish this benevolent task and to serve/save all Souls and all Species. So it is!

We look forward to your comments and suggestions. It helps us to cater to your needs better.

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