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Foundational Courses

Our foundational courses are offered Free of charge to help you:

  1. Understand Your Body’s ability to heal and regenerate through Energy Healing.
  2. Explore techniques to regenerate and rejuvenate your Body, Mind, Spirit.
  3. Increase your stamina and your Life Force to succeed and thrive.
  4. Heal Energy Centers within your body and expand the energy layers around your body for Transformational Therapeutic impact.

Foundational Courses

Foundational Courses are designed for everyone at all Levels. You will find something new and beneficial if you are an advanced seeker who has been on the spiritual path for a very long time or for a short time. You will find them beneficial in all aspects if you are a beginner and new to all such concepts.


To build a Solid Foundation we recommend that you try these courses in the order suggested below. The concepts are built one on top of the other like steps of a ladder which can help you ascend to Higher Wisdom easily.


When you study them out of order you may face a bunch of new concepts some of which are not explained in the course you are studying because they are already explained in an earlier course.


If a course catches your attention so much that you choose to experience it out of order, please go back and start where you left off to help you grow your knowledge base most effectively.

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Courses Order

Each course bears a number from 1 to 12 to delineate the order, for your convenience. Below is the list in numerical order:


  1. Grounding.
  2. Centering your Chakras.
  3. Healing Body, Mind, Spirit with Great Silent Watcher.
  4. Awakening energy Layers Around Your Body.
  5. Clearing Negativity & Purifying Your Energy Field with Great Silent Watcher’s French press technique.
  6. Healing and Regeneration of Your Vital Organs.
  7. Know Your Soul.
  8. With Sanat Kumara in Shambhala.
  9. Your Higher Self Is Your True Self.
  10. Build Your Core with Lemon Light.
  11. Great Silent Watcher’s Cocoon of Love, Protection and Empowerment.
  12. Turquoise Blue Cocoon of Empowerment and the Sacred Geometry of Star Tetrahedron.
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Intermediate Courses

  • Intermediate courses are recommended to be taken after completing all the Foundational Courses. This gives you a Solid Foundation when you begin the Intermediate level courses and accelerates you on your journey of personal growth.
  • The main function of the Intermediate Level Courses is to provide you with a platform to make your journey distinctly yours. It aims to cater to your specific needs and desires.
  • Intermediate courses lead you to the next level of spiritual Growth and evolution where you become an advanced seeker. Your Soul becomes your guide, and your companion, helping you fulfill your true purpose for being incarnate, you Soul’s Mission.
  • Intermediate Courses provide a bridge to the advanced Courses from Waves of Bliss and Path to Enlightenment Mystery School.
  • Intermediate courses may be easier and shorter than some Foundational Courses. This follows the natural progression of any learning experience. It is harder to begin anything but once you learn the basics it becomes easier.
intermediate mediation course

 Dear Nasrin, I want to thank you for sending the downloads of all meditations from the  all- day workshop of last spring. My favorites are the Centering Technique and Centering with the Chakras. I repeated those two daily and after about 3 weeks I could feel a huge difference within me. I felt stronger and more powerful. Everyday events at work did not consume or trigger me and I was able to stay clear and focused.  That calming energy is still with me, although I don’t meditate everyday anymore. It feels as though it is all settled within me in an easy to access and manage routine. If I feel off balance I sit and do the meditations and all gets better again. Thanks, and please come back soon.


We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!