Great Silent Watcher’s Double-Coned Tornado of Protection

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Please start with the blog post “Under the Turquoise Dome with Angelic Watchers and Great Silent Watcher” to give you the full picture perspective.

The Turquoise Blue Tornado of Great Silent Watcher is a Double-Coned Tornado attached at its widest point. This shape is also known as Bicone, or Dicone.

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It is emanating Turquoise Blue Light with a beautiful Pure energy which brings you healing where you need it. It also has a purifying impact which can clear and cleanse your Body, Mind, and emotions.

Its significance is to provide you with:

1) Protection from harm and injury.

2) Relief and respite from all negative energies including: 

     a- Your own annoying and unwanted negative thoughts and emotions.

     b- Negative energies coming from people, places, and things, (some places and things can carry and contain negative energy too!)

Meditation Steps:

  • Great Silent Watcher calls on your Personal Silent Watcher, a smaller holographic aspect of herself who is your Personal Guide (read about Silent Watchers and Angelic Watchers in the last blog mentioned above.)
  • Your Personal Silent Watcher is instructed to place you inside a Double-Coned Tornado made of Turquoise Blue Light.
  • Your own Silent Watcher calls on a legion of Angelic Watchers to form a circle around you.  These Angelic Watchers are your Personal Guardian Angels. Their numbers range from 20 to 100 depending on how much help, clearing, or healing you might need at any given time. Your Angelic Watchers, also known as Watchers, begin to form a beautiful spiraling Double-Coned Tornado of Turquoise Blue Light around you.
  • Imagine yourself inside the Turquoise Blue Tornado that is spinning gently and slowly around you. Do not be concerned about the direction of the spin. The Angels will apply the exact rotation and direction according to your needs. As a rule, the spin would be clockwise if they are bringing in Energy to empower and energize you. Or it may be counterclockwise if they are clearing and cleansing you which means they are releasing and removing energies that no longer benefit or serve you. The spiraling Tornado can continue to remain active around you, releasing negativity and bringing you self-confidence, self-love and acceptance, courage, trust, and fearlessness to do your best at all times.
  • Take a deep breath. Envision a scene where the Double-Coned Tornado (as shown in the pic below) has fully formed around you. 

double cone spiritual life coach

  • You are comfortably standing inside it so the widest part of the Double Cone corresponds to the midsection of your body. The bottom point of the Double Cone extends about twelve inches below your feet. The top point of the Double Cone extends about twelve inches above the top of your head. Imagine a Cord of Golden-Silver Light extending from the top of your head all the way to the Heavens and reaching the Pool of Creation where Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light spreads out in an ocean of Turquoise Blue Light. This cord collects that Blue Light and pours it down into your Crown Chakra, energizing you, uplifting you, and strengthening you.
  • Visualize yourself protected inside the Tornado of Turquoise Blue Light, clearing negativity and uplifting your mood. Once established it will remain in place and continues to spin around you releasing negativity and bringing you courage, trust and fearlessness to do your best at all times.
  • You can request this Double-Coned Tornado for your loved ones, your home, business and for anyone, anywhere.

Personal Double-Coned Tornado of Protection

Imagine yourself inside the tornado every morning as you start your day and every evening before sleep. Ask for the protection to remain active at all times even when you are not paying attention. Please remember to ask for it when you feel the need to be uplifted, when you feel down and depressed or out of sorts. Please call on Great Silent Watcher, your own Silent Watcher, and your Angelic Watchers to spin your tornado around you, to energize you and to release unwanted energies and emotions. Also, call it in if you have difficult encounters with people or find yourself in problematic situations which leave you depleted.

Ask and You Shall Receive!

Always ask for help. It is a myth that we shouldn’t ask for things. The Universal Laws germane to our Planet are based on the premise: “Ask and You shall receive!” This is a planet of Free Will. We have come to this planet of our own Free Will and we are responsible for what happens to ourselves here! Our Guides and Angels, the Masters, the Deities and the Divine Feminine cannot interfere with our Will or administer something that we did not request. That means unless we ask, we won’t automatically get help.

The Concept of Free Will

This is because we “willed” it to be this way.  And by “we,” I mean every Human Being who has incarnated on Earth. This is the nature of life on this Planet since our original ancestors took human form. The Universal Law of Free Will went into effect and became pertinent to all of us when Humankind created the Human Kingdom on Earth. The laws were written that way because we asked for it to be done that way. We wanted to be left alone to do what we “willed” when we got here! We didn’t ask that our will be the same as those who guide us and know better!  Why? Because when we asked, they told us, “Don’t go there, it’s hardship and pain and misery and you don’t deserve it”. But we wanted to do it because it looked pretty and was different from what we were used to: the boring old Light, Light, Light, everywhere!!! The Free Will Law does not apply to other kingdoms: Plant, Mineral, or Animal. They do get help because they have a collective consciousness, which is directly connected to Mother Earth and the Higher Beings. They are under the direction of these Higher Beings, except when we interfere and mess things up: kill animals, birds, mammals, destroy forests and vegetation and flora and fauna without a plan to replace them for future generations; and extract the minerals- stones, gems, metals, oil, gas, coal and much more to the detriment of all. We, Humankind, have individualized consciousnesses and we need to give permission or to request things which we want or need.

So, if we want things to be different and if we need help, we must ask for it!

Tornado of Protection Around Your Loved Ones

Imagine each of your loved ones inside their own Tornado of Protection and intend that it remains active, energizing and protecting them all the time. You may do this for every family member whether they live with you or apart. Imagine it permanently present. You may extend this protection to include your extended relatives, friends, clients, coworkers, and associates. You do not need permission to be the element of good for others. Requesting that Great Silent Watcher brings everyone her protection from harm is an act of goodness. It brings them to safety and it will merit you the reward of being good and doing good for other. It brings you extra brownie points, in the eyes of Great Silent Watcher and elevates your Soul and your Higher Self.

Tornado of Protection Around Your House

Imagine that Great Silent Watcher has erected an enormous Double-Coned Tornado of Turquoise Blue Light around your house. It encompassed your entire house and property while stretching up to the heavens above the house. Ask Great Silent Watcher to always protect you and everyone who lives in your house as well as all your belongings. Ask for the protection to remain active at all times even when you forget to renew your request for it.


Tornado of Protection Around Your Car

Call on Great Silent Watcher and ask her to place her Turquoise Blue Tornado of Protection around your car. Ask for the protection to remain active at all times- while it is parked as well as when you or anyone drives it. Imagine yourself safe and protected while you drive. Imagine the Tornado of Turquoise Blue for yourself and all your passengers as well as other cars on the road and pedestrians that come in close proximity to your car. You can request and imagine receiving this on behalf of other drivers, car owners and and cars.

Be Creative and ask for things you have been dreaming of! If it’s not good for you, or you are not ready it may not happen anyway. After all, our Guides, Deities, Masters and Divine Feminine have great compassion for us and want what is best for us and for Earth and all creation. When we ask, we are giving them permission to do right by us.  PLEASE ASK!

Please check out the Free Guided Meditation entitled “ Healing Body, Mind, Spirit with Angelic Watchers and Great Silent Watcher” in our Foundational Courses.  The Meditation walks you through the steps helping you experience the powerful energies of Healing and protection.

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