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Have you ever wondered how you manage to balance your weight on your feet? Even someone with big feet still carries a lot of mass and weight on a pair of feet.

How does it feel when I’m ungrounded?

You are scattered, forgetful and unfocused. You feel you have brain fog, can’t remember where you left things, can’t speak clearly and ramble on to make a point or loose your train of thought or say the wrong things. You may feel unsupported and unsure of yourself uncertain. When Ungrounded you are not in the zone.

How does it feel when I’m Grounded?

When you’re grounded you have focus, your mind is clear, your emotions are calm, you feel confident, things unfold smoothly and you feel good about yourself. You are in the zone! 

What is grounding and how does it work?

Grounding is a way to be present in the moment; to be stable, clear, and focused; to Draw life Force and Support  from everything that surrounds you; to live and act in the awareness that you are connected to the ground below you. That Ground is part of the consciousness of Mother Earth- who happens to provide all the resources in Your Life. When you are connected to Earth and all the Elements, Mother Earth supports you: you bounce off the earth and have agility in your steps; You breeze through the airand get things done with ease and grace; you feel focused and clear and on top of the world. Without Grounding, you are deprived of all the resources, love and support of Earth.  You feel uncertain abandoned, get scattered and disheartened.  You spend time and energy looking for something that is already there but you are disconnected from.

Learn to Draw Good Health, Wealth, Abundance, and prosperity From Earth

Your biggest advocate and constant supporter is Mother Earth. Yet you and the rest of us take it for granted or we completely forget about it. Support from parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, and others come with time limits. They are sporadic, interactional, and transitory. Support from Earth is constant and available your entire life.

Our entire existence depends on Earth. When connected to Earth and Consciously Grounded you open the doors to receive all the support and resources you need or desire. When you intentionally ground yourself to Earth and live in the awareness of this exchange between you and earth you enter into a mutual agreement that is a win-win.

Grounding Provides a Safety Net

 Grounding is also a means to help your physical body stay agile and upright, protect you from accidents and injuries.  From an energetic standpoint, Grounding helps you release negativity and heaviness of life. Instead, you can receive and absorb the nurturing Energies of Mother Earth.

The Energy Centers That help you Ground to Earth

 Your Earth Crust Chakra This is a chakra located appox 12” below your body which connects your Energy field with Mother Earth’s Energy field. Known as the Earth Crust Chakra it aligns with the Chakras inside your body to nurture, energize, activate, and align your Energy centers with Mother Earth and her Energy centers.

The Chakra at the Heart Core of Mother Earth. The Earth’s Core can be considered a chakra too. While your Earth crust Chakra is specific to you and moves with you to wherever you go, the Earth Core Chakra stays still and is shared by all souls and Mother earth too. This planet is a “Conscious Being” of great magnitude and capabilities. Despite all the havoc and mayhem prevalent on Earth right now and in all ages past, she manages to cleanse, purify, and sustain herself and she continue unperturbed.  She is quite the maverick at clearing and cleansing herself and finding ways to regenerate, rejuvenate, reestablish, or reconfigure what’s necessary to continue to nurture all life forms.

Activate the Energy Centers Within and Above Your Body

Once you are fully grounded and have a strong and stable connection to Mother Earth then  you can open and activate your Higher Chakras within and above your body. These include Heart chakra, 3rd Eye and Crown as well as Chakras above your head. Doing so allows you to connect with, your Higher Self, your soul, your Guides, Guardian Angels and Cosmic Beings. The opening and activation of the higher Chakras cannot happen unless and until the lower Chakras have been opened and activated.  That process must start with your Base Chakra, which is the lowest primary chakra within your body. This chakra is also known as Root Chakra because it is at the root of your body. First you’d consciously connect your Base Chakra with Mother Earth and align it with your Earth Crust Chakra and the Core of Mother Earth. Then you can draw support to build a solid foundation for activation of the higher Chakras.Then you will accelerate yourself  in gaining the benefits in all aspects of your life.

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