Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano Erupts; A Sign for Raising Human Consciousness

volcano eruption and payers

Mauna Loa, the world’s biggest volcano is awakening again after 38 years of quiet rumblings. From an energetic and spiritual standpoint this is a sign of clearing and cleansing for earth and for all souls, that can bring clarity and positive change. Fire is a cleansing element. It has a purifying impact on all that it touches. The temperature of the lava in the case of the Mauna Lani volcano has been measured to be over 1800+ degrees Fahrenheit. When Fire comes through a volcano it brings with it the molten magma, pure firey materials from the heartcore of Mother Earth. This is the equivalent of new life force energy pouring out to the surface of the earth. It is the birthing of Pure Earth Essence coming to the surface to replenish us all. It will clear and cleanse the old, stagnant, and corrupted energies that need to be cleared and adds the new pure regenerated energies that replace the old.

As of this Thanksgiving, we have entered a New Cycle of Energy pouring down to earth and to all of creation. This new cycle is about raising the consciousness at all levels. This energy is intended to impact the lives and the consciousness of the entire globe. Being aware of this new cycle helps you be ready for it.  It allows you to focus your energy on it and helps your receptivity to a much higher degree. It helps that the Biggest volcano on earth is also bringing new life force energy to help the process!

How does that relate to you?

The answer depends on where you are in life at this point in time. If I am to guess where you are at, then I would say that you are at the top of this step ladder and the most important players in this game of life.  Let me explain it a bit more and you will get my drift!

  1. This new portal of energy is meant to uplift humankind in such a way that: The un-awakened souls-those who are spiritually clueless and have no inkling that they are here to serve a higher purpose- will awaken and begin to wonder about the real meaning of their life and their purpose.
  2. The awakened souls- those who do have an inkling and are searching for their higher purpose in life- will be guided to find their true purpose and enjoy living that purpose.
  3. The fully awakened and enlightened souls- who have been awake and been living their higher purpose and helping others in whatever way they can- This category will play the most important role of all:  Helping others find their purpose.

I believe that if you are reading this blog you belong to the last two categories above, even if you haven’t consciously focused on it.

You are at a point in this life where you will be empowered to lead.

As leaders you serve others.

 In this new cycle you’ll summon the power to serve by leading and lead by serving others.

You have a massive impact on our world.

The portal for the New Energy Cycle which will raise the consciousness to higher levels has opened around the Thanksgiving Holidays. It has begun pouring in, starting on 11/ 22/2022 and continues for a 3-year cycle to Thanksgiving of 2025. The most important part of this 3-year phase is the first three months. The energies peak- especially for those of you who will play the most important role- during Dec 2022, through Jan and Feb 2023. This 3-month phase is the most critical as the new energies for raising the consciousness pours down through you to the rest of the world. Through you it will create a path to magnify and increase during the rest of the 3-year period.

How can you best play your role in all of this?

There are things you could do to accelerate the positive impact of the energies that you receive and transmit. Your awareness of it helps a great deal.

  1.  Remain aware and conscious that you make a huge difference and be open to have an even bigger and more positive impact by volunteering to do everything you can.
  2.   Call on your guides and your higher power and ask to be given empowerment to lead by serving and serve by leading. Say, “I Volunteer myself to be of service to raise the consciousness of all souls. I call Upon my Guides and Guardians of Light at the Highest levels to Over-Light me. I ask you to Empower me to serve and help our world. Give me the wisdom and knowledge to help others. Envelop me in Your Light. I open myself to receive the Light of my highest source. I receive and transmit the highest Light from the highest source and anchor this light upon people, places and things to raise the consciousness of all souls and to make our world a better place for all.” 
  3. You are a powerful being of Light. Call upon the Source of your own Light and ask that Light from that highest source be poured upon you. Say, “I Call upon the Source of my Own Light to pour the Highest Light into me. I ask you for Guidance, wisdom, and protection. Bring me the Highest Light that I need to lead and to serve others.   Remove all obstacles from my path and guide me to raise consciousness in our world. Bring me and my loved ones peace, prosperity, health and wealth to help me be the instrument for a better world.  So It is. It is done!” 

Please print these affirmations or write up your own version of what you want to achieve for earth and all souls.  Repeat these intentions for the entire 3 -month phase which ends in March 2023. This is an important time in our lives. Let’s come together to make a huge difference. We can do this together and have great fun doing it.

What can you do to make a difference in Hawaii’s Mauna Lani volcano erupting?

At this point the lava is moving out of its tall summit and flowing only around the base to the areas which are safe and away from the population. It is important that we understand the significance of this gentle warning, that brings new life force energy. By being aware and calling on Mother Earth to be gentle we can show our appreciation and understanding to prevent it from becoming a greater warning. We cannot stop Mother Earth from cleansing herself in all the ways she sees fit. But we can ask her for her grace and compassion. We can show her that we have awareness of her needs and appreciate all she does for all of us, her children, who depend on her for our lives.  

Pele is the goddess of the volcanoes and Mauna Lani Volcano represents her physical form.   There are myriad stories and firsthand experiences that demonstrate Pele’s protection of the Sacred land of Hawaii and her compassion for humankind even when human actions border insanity and disrespect. The whole conglomerate of the Hawaiian Islands are sacred vortices of Light.  The Big Island of Hawaii is the home of the Mauna Loa Volcano and the National Park surrounding the Volcano. It is one of the most scared of all beacons of Light in our world.

Goddess Pele is a representative of the Divine Feminine. Clearly the reign of the Divine Feminine has arrived and Goddess Pele is playing her role in clearing the path for raising the consciousness of all Souls. We can all welcome the reign of Divine Feminine and live in Joy and splendor as it’s intended for us. You may call upon Goddess Pele and offer yourself to be the instrument of her light and her compassion. You can call upon the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine Entourage and ask to be their representative by receiving and transmitting their Light:

 Say, “Divine Mother, Goddess Pele, Divine Feminine Entourage, My Guides and Cosmic Guardians, I call upon all of you to pour your Light upon me and make me the instrument of your Love, Light and Compassion on Earth. Please direct the flow of the lava in Hawaii’s Mauna Lani to be most effective in clearing the energies and raising the consciousness of all while incurring the least damage to people, places and things. I ask you this for the good of Earth and all souls. So it is! It is done!”

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  1. Thank you so much. I received my answers 🤍🌹I shall stand by Divine mother, Sai Ma and all other kind angels at work for this cleaning our dark energies ☀️🙏🏻🌹

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