How to Harvest the Benefits after the Solar Eclipse

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The solar eclipse is finally upon us, and it is time we put its weirdness behind us. By now you have probably knowingly or unknowingly suffered through the jittery sensations, the headaches, the body aches, flu symptoms, and all other mental, emotional outbursts, anxiety and stress that comes with any Eclipse but especially with this Solar eclipse of April 2023. It is as if we were feeling earth’s pain of seeing her mom and dad-that would be the Moon and the Sun- playing some weird game of hide and seek with each other, with the Moon covering the face of the Sun, and the sun throwing rings of fire at her.  Together all over the earth we have been the children who felt the pains and uncertainties of earth and experienced her stress. She has been worried sick trying to figure what might come out of this game that has been so un-settling for her. But now, we need to look at the benefits and plan for harvesting from the endgame! So, it’s time we talk about How to Harvest the Benefits. I have explained the significance of Eclipses in two previous blogs; one about Solar and Lunar Eclipse and the second one specifically about the Solar Eclipse of April 2023.

Every New Moon is a harbinger of new beginnings and Solar Eclipses always fall on a New Moon. The New Moon, which begins with this Solar Eclipse, is about changes that will have to happen and the challenges and risks involved. Some new age Astrologers speak of the need for” courage” to face the challenges, and here is a link to one site that explains it: Here’s What Your Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Aries

I would like to suggest that this New Moon which comes with the cleansing impact of the Solar Eclipse can offer all of us ways to turn the challenges into opportunities by taking matters into our own hands and acting with the kind of courage that magnifies the impact of all new beginning.

The premise is that because of the Eclipse, this New Moon will be an intense one. The energy behind the Eclipse will push new things on us whether we like it or not. It may not wait for us to be ready to change things or start new ones. It is apt to bring it on whether we like it or not.

My intention for this blog is to offer you tools to turn all challenges into opportunities and make the best of all opportunities by calling on Help and assistance from sources that have much greater power than any Eclipse or other planetary event.  over how to meet the challenges of jumping into a bunch of new things and.

Turning challenges into opportunities

Choose the Changes You Want in Your Life!

1- Take matters into your own hands and decide what areas in your life you need to make changes. When you do that, you will redirect the power and force of the opportunities that the Solar eclipse opens up to your advantage. Then you can focus them into what you want to change and improve.

2- Clearly plan for all that you want to see manifest in your life. This requires making exact plans and delineating every step of the way with attention to detail. Then imagine all of it as if it has already happened exactly as you planned it using guided imagery and intentional visualizations. With these tools you vividly imagine the outcome you want to manifest. You keep visualizing the outcome as many times a day as possible. You tune yourself to imagine it all night long- even while you are in deep sleep or dreaming; and every time you wake up in the middle of the night, you reinforce it again and again. You keep doing this until you have manifested the exact outcome you want! Then you have proven that you have the power to override even planetary influences which are hugely powerful forces.

Once you accomplish such a mission, then you can manifest your desired outcome with every project or decision at any level of complexity at any time in your life regardless of a Solar Eclipse or any other powerful influence.

Bypass What the Universe Throws at You, Override it with Your Choices.

3- The Solar eclipse clears the deck to open a gap for new opportunities.  Without prior planning and intentional focus, you may be leaving it up to the universe to throw whatever it chooses at you. That can become a challenge you’d want to bypass if possible.  With planning and focus the energy of the Solar eclipse can actually empower you to succeed. The vacuum or the gap that the Solar Eclipse creates will clear the way and helps to create the exact environment for you to succeed, if only you choose to empower yourself to override the universe and do it your way. 

Challenges You Can Meet, Opportunities You Can Harvest.

It is true that the universe only offers us challenges that we can meet. yet, it is also true that at times the challenges that are meant to offer opportunities can cause havoc and Mayhem when we are not ready to deal with them. At the least, they might delay, distract, or come as an untimely surprise. The idea is that you would prevent such incidences and take matters into your own hands.

4-take advantage of the presence of your own guides guardians your soul and higher self. These beings as well as beings as well as the aspects of yourself are always present to guide and help you. Take advantage of their presence and put them to task.

Turn to the Higher Power that Surpasses any Eclipse!

Eclipses are planetary influences that have great power over us! But, have no fear, because we have access to something much more powerful. I should say, we have access to someone more powerful that can override and overpower all those the guidance and assistance available to us:

5-Call on Devine Mother and Divine Feminine Entourage to come to your aid. Divine Mother has always offered us Her Grace and her Assistance. Asking for her Grace means you open the door for her to give you more- she can give you what is good for you above and beyond what you may have earned. With assistance you’re asking her to give you what is owed to you because of the merits that you have earned. With Grace, you are asking her to gift you something above and beyond any merits you may have earned. It is always a good idea to ask for both Assistance and Grace.  


Why Would Divine Mother Give you Above and Beyond?

Divine Mother wants to give you more than the merits you have earned. Her point is that it is up to the higher power to make it right for all and she wants to begin that with all of us, her children. She asks that you ask for what YOU want and need of her. Asking for her Grace puts you in a much better position than just asking for her assistance. Here’s a sample of how you can word your request to Divine mother,

“Divine Mother, I call on you for Assistance and your Grace in the matter of

…. Name the issue that you need her Assistance and Grace for…….

Divine Mother, I ask your Assistance and Grace for the outcome to be above all expectations and beyond my limitations.  Divine Mother, help me embrace the changes and appreciate the opportunities you provide. Help me accomplish the highest and best results through your Guidance, Assistance, and Grace.

 Divine Mother, I call upon you and the Divine Feminine to give me your protection and Empowerment in all matters in life from this point on. Help me understand and appreciate your presence in my life. Help me heal while receiving your Love, Nurturance, and Grace. So it is, it is done!”

 You can make up your own “request for Grace and Assistance” in words that suit you.

I wish you great success, and Empowerment as we begin a multi-year-era (2023-2027) where eclipses offer opportunities for growth and personal development in the upcoming years. 

This is a lovely share! Thank you so much. I am so grateful to have the understanding as we all move through it.

 You and your work are such an amazing gift to all of Us!! 

  Infinite Blessings of Love, Joy, Peace & Divine Abundance! 

Rev. Jacqui Weiks

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