How To Use Crystals for Meditation

how to use crystals for meditation cystal

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Are you looking for a way to enhance your meditation experience? If so, consider using crystals. Crystals can help amplify the effects of meditation. They have been used for thousands of years and carry ancient wisdom. They are known for having healing powers that can help us connect to our inner self and the world around us. Working with crystals during meditation can assist with your spiritual health. Mental and physical health improvement can also be seen when you take time to connect with your crystals .


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Even though you do not need meditation crystals, they can create a heightened and more sublime meditative experience. Crystal healing has a different effect on every person. Here are some benefits of using crystals for meditation.Meditation practice and connection to your inner peace become more profound.Brings harmony to your body and relaxes your body from stress and anxiety.Realign your energy centers to act in synch with your worldly needs and higher purpose.Your spiritual awareness is intensified, connecting you with higher consciousness.Your intentions are magnified leading to manifestation of your desires faster.Your self-awareness is heightened and your intuition becomes sharper.

Crystals can lead you to deeper and more profound meditations where you can tap into the healing energy emitting from your meditation crystals. You may be able to get in touch with things that exists beyond the five senses and relate to all levels of healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

Everything on Earth is made of condensed energy, and meditating allows you to connect to this space of higher consciousness that can allow you to communicate with the energy of yourself and everything around you. This connection to energy can bring a sense of oneness with the world. Seek stillness and connect with the energy and communication system of the world around you. Just as the trees communicate through their connection with the ground, meditation can help us to connect with the world around you and to bring the light from the higher realms to place us into our 3D world.


Some crystals may magnify the energies of unconditional love while others clear away negative energies. It can feel overwhelming to know where to start. The first step to choosing your crystals for meditation is to decide what specific intention or desire you wish to manifest. Your specific intention can be best served when the chemistry of the crystals and its healing qualities matches your desired outcome and your intention. Begin by writing down your intention and goals to have bring more clarity before buying or choosing the right crystals. Then you will want to visit your favorite local or digital crystal shop to choose the crystals you connect with most. You may even want to try your hand at creating a crystal grid.


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Cleansing and programming your crystals to vibrate to your specific intentions, before use, are also important steps. But for now, please make sure you clear your meditation crystal from any prior programming by doing one of the following:

      • Run it under a running tap for a few seconds, provided it is not a water-soluble crystal. Selenite will be damaged if exposed to water. Angelate or Celestite can disintegrate because the earth material that holds and surrounds it might fall apart.

      • Get it on clean earth in the sun and/or full moon night- It can be left on the grass or a flower bed. Be mindful that some crystals will fade in color if exposed to the sun for too long- amethyst and rose quartz are among these. 

    Use sacred sage smoke or light a stick of Palo Santo and hold it under your crystal for clearing- this is the safest method, although it may not accomplish the task of recharging the crystal. If the crystal you have chosen is worn out by prior use and in need of recharging, then use the combination of sage and leave it on a windowsill on a full moon night and in the sun for a few hours to get recharged.

    These are all wonderful ways to cleanse and recharge your crystals for optimal usage in your daily meditations. Be sure to check the specifics of your crystals to make sure they aren’t sensitive to light or water when using these techniques.


    how to use crystals for meditation cystal

    Before you begin you meditation session make sure you close your eyes and connect with your crystal. Hold it in your hand or wrap your hands around it if it is very big, and send it your love energy. At some point, you will feel an energetic exchange, as if the crystal is responding to you. That is when your crystal is opening up to your energy and becoming interactive with you. From then on, it will be a beautiful journey of healing and discovery between you and your meditation stones.

    To meditate, hold your crystal in with one or both hands. If you have two healing crystals you may hold one in each hand. You can also place the crystal near you if it is a large crystal or on top of your body as you lie down to meditate. Another way of meditating with crystals is to meditate by sitting next to a crystal grid layout with multiple crystals nearby. Be loving and gracious with your stones. The more you give them the more you will receive from them as they are receptive to energy.

    Crystals can be a wonderful way to connect with the world around you, especially while in meditative states. Find crystals that call to you, that you feel a connection with. When you connect with a crystal it amplifies energy needed to manifest your intentions for that stone.

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