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This blog is about your Soul. We have all sorts of sayings and parables about the soul: “He is a lost soul, he has sold his soul to the devil, He has no Soul, and more…” But do we ever stop and ponder why we talk about the soul specifically in such terms?

As human beings, we all come to Earth for an important purpose: to fulfill the mission of our Souls.  Somehow, while dealing with Life and its joys and difficulties, we lose track of why we are here. We get lost in our needs and desires, and we listen to the ego and our survival challenges.

We may spend various incarnations before we begin to feel a void that makes us wonder why we have incarnated in this life and what we are supposed to do with ourselves.

Awakening to the Presence of your Soul

It is in pursuit of the true meaning of life that we begin to search for Our life purpose or Mission. That is when the Soul finds a crack in the web of our self-involved world and begins to make initial attempts to connect with us.

The course which relates to this blog, “Know Your Soul” from our Foundational Course series, helps prepare you to connect with your Soul. You can learn how to call on, experience the presence and cognize the energy of your Soul. You learn how to invite your Soul to guide you, respond to your questions and queries, and give you “the big picture” plan of action. Your Soul can energize you with its presence.

There are Energy Centers within and around your body designed for this purpose. These energy centers can absorb and be filled with the Life Force of your Soul. They are designed to spread the Energy of your Soul to all parts of your body and being. They can disseminate guidance and direction into your mind and bring awareness through gut instincts.

Hearing and knowing the Guidance of your Soul

It is a magical experience when your Soul gives you guidance that comes from the depths of your own being. There is comfort in that! It helps you feel safe. It helps you feel uplifted and cared for. It helps you to operate and function optimally.

You are a “Highly Evolved Soul” having a Human Experience. You have always been fully united with your Soul. The Soul has always been there for you, Always! Over many incarnations in the density of this reality, the human aspect of you has taken center stage, and the Soul aspect has been pushed to the side. The priorities have shifted. The Human aspect, which is the limited part of your Whole-Body Unit, is at the helm now. Without the Soul’s presence and guidance, you are navigating Life blindfolded. The Soul can take the Blindfold off by being present and residing in your body. 

Great Silent Watcher Imbuing You with the Healing Light of Your Soul 

That Turquoise Blue Light of Great Silent Watcher empowers you to seek and accomplish your Divine Mission by connecting and working with your Soul.  Great Silent Watcher helps you heal yourself by sending you her nurturing, loving light as you study the “Know Your Soul” Course from our Foundational Series.

Your Soul remembers why you’re here and knows your Divine Mission.  Your Soul will help you navigate this worldly reality, as well as the Higher realms. Your Soul knows is easily capable of helping you succeed in your worldly pursuits and in accomplishing your Soul Mission.

Your Soul provides you with a map to navigate through this lifetime, but also to connect with the string of lifetimes in the past and into the future. These lifetimes are all important. They are integral to living your true purpose where you incarnate on earth, learn lessons that elevate your soul, and SERVE your highest purpose.

Your Soul Helps You Choose the Highest and the Best

Your Soul helps you to bring this lifetime in alignment with all other lifetimes so that it becomes a continuum rather than an ad hoc life, a life where you are born, do stuff, and then die. You’d live life differently when you realize it’s an important part of a larger whole. You’d give it more attention, care, and thought than when a life is nothing more than living, dying, and turning into dust. Done and done!

Once you are aware of the big picture perspective, then you’d live life differently because what you do here and now can affect you in future lifetimes and vice versa. 
Your Soul helps you perform better in this lifetime with purpose and dignity, in the honor and integrity that befits you as a Highly Evolved person on the journey to the completion of your full mission and Soul Purpose.

The Soul provides you with the scope for the big-picture perspective where your entire Soul Lineage benefits from the outcome. Your Soul Lineage members are like your eternal family members, and your Soul Lineage is your true family tree at Soul level.    

Your Soul can help you do more in this Lifetimes to elevate you to accomplish more, higher, better things in this life and beyond.

The relationship between the Soul and the Body

The body is the physical manifestation of the Soul. The body needs the soul to provide Guidance, Knowledge, and Wisdom. That becomes the framework for the body to function in a manner befitting of being Human, an intelligent and noble manifestation of the Soul embodied in physical matter as a Human Being.

The Soul and the Body are both integral parts of your Wholeness. They interconnect and are both important and necessary. One cannot or should not be without the other. That would be like wondering which is more important, the car or the fuel for the car- one can’t work without the other. If your body is the vehicle, then your Soul is the fuel – the life force that runs the vehicle.

At this present juncture in our evolution into this reality, we have lost sight of what we are as Highly evolved Souls. We have forgotten or chosen to ignore the fact that as an intelligent species, we have major responsibilities. One such responsibility is the guardianship of this entire planet and all the species. Sadly, we no longer seem to care that we are leading our planet to its demise.

Without the guidance of our Souls and our Higher selves, we are lost and confused…, but furthermore, we have become selfish, greedy, and short-sighted, forgetting that the business of taking care of ourselves should extend to future generations as well, not just us!

Your soul has the responsibility to see you through each lifetime, if and when, you allow it to happen. There are various levels of your Soul working their way up from where you sit in this reality to Higher Realms and realities which extend throughout the Universe and beyond. Just like climbing the steps of a ladder, you’d want to start with the first step by connecting with the aspect of your Soul responsible for this reality before moving to higher steps.

Soul Levels

On that First step of the ladder, you will connect with that Soul Aspect, which is most connected to you on this earthly plane and available to serve your needs. This aspect of your Soul has the difficult task of making sure you accomplish all that you – as the conscious self, your personality aspects, and your ego have agreed to do on Earth. Your soul has agreed to watch over you and make sure you do everything right.  However, the Soul is limited. If you are uninterested or unaware, then you are limiting your Soul and all the help available.

But fear no more!

You may have lost that connection, but the Soul has not. All it takes is your awareness and your desire to reconnect. This blog is here to heighten your awareness and help you remember. The free Foundational course series, “Know Your Soul,” provides you with the tools and techniques to reconnect and reestablish communication between you and your Soul.

Happy Travels on this exciting journey of life in the company of your new Bestie.

Enjoy the ride!

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