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Life Path Reading Session


A Life Path Reading Session is relevant and timely if you have been wondering,


If this is how you feel then read on… 

Life Path Reading

You come to this world with a mandate to complete two sets of contracts and your Life Path Reading Session with Nasrin focuses on both of these:


1-Your Personal Contract which is the source of all your personal relationships with people, places and all things:

You’ll have a better understanding of why you have chosen your family- which includes the one you were born to and all your extended family members, and the one you choose to create as your own family in adulthood. Knowing the WHY part- Why this family, these siblings, those partnerships- romantic or work, or social- helps with the HOW part of the equation- how to deal with people, situations, circumstances, opportunities, choices and how to improve upon them to live a life of joy, prosperity, health and success….

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2-Your Soul Contract which defines your Mission and Purpose for coming into this world.

Your Soul Contract is the overarching reason for you being incarnate in this world at this juncture. Its scope goes beyond your personal contract and its importance cannot be over stressed. This is the part that you’d be missing without a Life Path Reading because this cannot be found in any book or taught in any workshop. This is the stuff that uniquely relates to you and you alone. It can be the root cause for all your actions and interactions and all the lessons they contain.

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Personality Aspects

There are no failures, there are only tasks to complete and lessons to learn so your Soul can elevate itself and your Personality Aspects can fulfill their job of making it in this world. The awareness sets in during your Life Path Reading Session that a task or project you completed or have been dreaming to get done one day, may relate to your Soul Contract. There is a lot of discovery and many AHA! Moments awaiting you in Your Life Path Reading Session.


 Please click our blog  What is a Life Path Reading Session  for more information on this topic.

Life Path Reading Session

Please note that a limited number of Life Path Reading Sessions are offered each year. You will benefit much more if you have prior experience taking some the Foundational Courses  and Personal Development Courses at Waves of Bliss or start with a Private Healing Sessions with Nasrin.


If you have had no experience with our offerings at Waves of Bliss then kindly read through blogs, books and ebooks and listen to some of the Guided Meditations in our evergreen Course (LIVE LINK to guided meditations with crystals). Having a Solid Foundation for understanding this work will ease you into the energy of a Life Path Reading Session and give you a framework for the scope of these sessions.

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With that in place please the button for an exploratory free session with Nasrin to discuss what you hope to accomplish through your Life Path Reading Session.

Dear Nasrin, I had my Life Path Reading session 12 years ago.  I make a point of listening to it once or twice  each year because I learn new things from it every time! Some of the things you have told me are still unfolding and are making even more sense now after all these years. Some of the events you spoke of are by now fully in place and clear to me. I enjoy it more each time and it brings up new ideas and possibilities.

 Thank you, I hope you are still doing this work.


We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!

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