These crystals are associated with guided meditation courses all of which are linked down below. It is recommended to take the course when purchasing the crystal in order to receive all of the crystal’s benefits.

Using these crystals in conjunction with the associated guided meditations can provide you with a higher platform for experiencing success and finding greater joy and fulfillment in life.


Moonstone: See “Healing of the Inner Child with Moonstones” course here.


Moonstone is called by this name because it resembles the soft, feminine energies of the moon. It is therefore like a nurturing, loving mother who nourishes your inner child. Moonstone is also considered a great stone for children as they reach the age of puberty. Moonstone is believed to help with difficult menstrual cycles as well as balancing hormones for both women and men at a young age. For these reasons, moonstone was chosen as the stone for healing of the inner child. View the product page for moonstones here.

Placement of Moonstone on the Body: Place over your belly for all issues which make your stomach churn. Place over your lower abdomen/reproductive organs for hormonal balance and menstrual cycle. Place over the third eye for removal of memories and thoughts of emotional trauma. Place over the heart chakra or in the middle of your chest for issues that makes your heart sink.



Green Fluorite: See “Healing of the Heart with Green Fluorite” course here.


Green fluorite is an excellent tool among these meditation crystals for healing mental and emotional issues that relate to heartache, heartbreak, and breakdown of relationships. View the product page for green fluorite here.

Placement on the Body when Using Green Fluorite: Place this crystal on your chest while meditating or sleeping.



Selenite: See “Healing Anger with Selenite” course here.

High Vibrational Tool. Selenite is used for activation of all chakras, especially the Crown, Third Eye Chakras and above.

Best for communication with Angels and Celestial Guardians and helps to facilitate communion with the Higher Self as it opens and clears the higher chakras, allowing for a clearer flow of energy. Helps telepathic connection with people and places of sacred origin and knowledge.

Facilitates connection with past, present, and future realities. Heightens meditation. Great for clearing dross and pain from traumatic experiences of past lives as it helps clear etheric blockages and brings Light and healing to every cell, raising the quotient of Light.

Polished Selenite wands with a pointed tip render the best results when used as meditation crystals. You can hold one in both hands or one in each hand. Wands are also great for making energy grids. You can try using four wands and placing them under your mattress or in the four corners of a room to heighten the energies.

Find the product page for selenite wands here. Selenite also comes in various other forms such as hearts.


Rose Quartz: See “Rose Quartz for Loving Relationships” course here.

Special qualities and healing virtues: In all its forms and shapes, Rose Quartz magnifies the energy in a loving, harmonious way because of the emanations of the pink color which add sweetness, kindness, and love energy to the mineral. Rose quartz is believed to enhance harmonious, loving family relationships, as well as enhance or promote romantic relationships.

Placement of Rose Quartz for Use:  Placement of rose quartz in different parts of your bedroom – by your bed stand, between your mattress and box spring can bring harmonious, loving, nurturing energy to your bed and your bedroom.

Placement in various parts of your house, especially in the family room or living room and wherever the family gathers, brings harmonious energies to your house, your office, and where ever it is placed. It is considered a stone for enhancing romance as well as friendships and family relationships.

Find the product page for rose quartz here.