Meditation For World Peace

meditation for wold peace

The war in Ukraine still rages on. Our beloved guides and guardians are calling on us to stop the violence and trauma of this unwanted war by offering our declarations and affirmations in this powerful meditation.

When we use our free will for the good of all the Earth and humankind, the universe responds to our call.  When we are self-aware and appreciate the concept of cause-and-effect, we can understand that violence, rage, anger, vengeance, and other negative actions have accumulated and condensed to the point of the war.

We have the power to deactivate these negative energies and dissolve their impact.  Even if our numbers are small, our intentions are strong because they come from a place of goodwill, not ulterior personal motives for profit or self interest. The universe takes notice of this.

We have the support of extremely powerful beings in the higher realms. Together we can accomplish greater peace.  Please join us in performing this meditation and invite others to share and join in.

Love & Light,


meditation for world peace

Meditation for World Peace

Nasrin Safai Foster

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