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Our weekly newsletters offer you perspective on current events from an energetics standpoint. Your body, and being reacts to the energies at all levels. These could be local events, such as weather changes in your area, or global events such as full moons, eclipses, equinoxes and special holidays. They can even go beyond our globe to bring you news about the impact of the solar flares or other events whose energy impacts us and our world. 

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You are Impacted by the Energies of these events even when you don’t know it. You are an integral part of our world and our universe. Knowing about these worldly and otherworldly events helps you cope with them as they unfold and prepare for them before they arrive.

We bring you the awareness of such events to comfort you and provide you with solace through our newsletters, blogs and courses. It is important to help you realize that you are not alone in feeling the way you do; also to help you process things and choose to take it easier on yourself when things happen that are beyond your making.

You may be comforted to know that you are not alone in feeling jittery and achy or happy and elated. A Solar or Lunar Eclipse, a New or Full Moon in a specific month may be the source of your experience. you will find community and camaraderie by knowing that their impact is shared by all of us, as a community of like-minded souls.
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February 13, 2024

Portal meditation

Congrats on entering the 2/2 Portal!

This week we are in the Full Moon portal of February, which makes it a perfect time for setting intentions and petitions every day of this week.

We have been successful in opening the much-anticipated portal day of 2/2/2024, which happened exactly one week after the First Full Moon of this year. In our last newsletter I spoke of the First Full Moon of this year on Jan 25th and the ceremonies we performed at the White Sands Dunes in New Mexico.

You may have been experiencing the intense energy pouring down in the last few weeks. That is all because you were receiving these all-important new energies on behalf of earth and all Souls! The week of that Full Moon was a gigantic pour down of energies and during that week we had high energies days like 24/1/24 and 25/1/24- the Full Moon- on the following day. They culminated to the Portal of 2/2/24 which came about exactly a week later. I mentioned the importance of this event in our last newsletter. Please read about it all in this week’s blog post.

Blogpost for this week:

Forces of Light and Magnetism Elevate Us

As I sat to write this newsletter I came across an article which gave me greater incentive to write this week’s blog post which wraps up our work in a beautiful ribbon! The article had a statement which caught my attention:

 “….a Groundbreaking connection between Light and Magnetism.”

Together with all our beloved beings of Light, we have been working to elevate our world using divine mother’s teachings about Light and the magnetic forcefield that binds things together. This article was published on Feb 9th, exactly one week after the opening of the portal of 2/2/24. While the scientists involved must have been researching and elaborating on this discovery, I find it synchronistic and worthy of bringing to your attention. The elaborate details are in the blog. I hope you find it exhilarating!

Alchemy of Justice Module 7 from the Advanced Course series is available now. This is the last one in this series. I hope you enjoy it and please pat yourself on the back for the work you all did to end this series on a High note.

Our next series will begin in March of 2024, entitled: “Living Your Quantum Life.” Please watch this space for the announcement in March.

While the outlook from a worldly perspective may seem bleak, we know that great changes are in the works, that will improve our lot exponentially. This is thanks to all of you! Together we express our gratitude to our beloved Divine Mother for protecting and guiding us along the way and for persevering in her pursuit of greatness for us, our world and for future generations.

In her Loving embrace we come together as one,

Nasrin and james

February 1, 2024

desert meditation

Opening the Portals to Quantum Living!

I had originally planned to give you another blog in the Quantum Series, but this newsletter and blog contain important information that is time sensitive.

This is an important week because the energies of the month culminate in February as 2/2/2024 portal day this Friday. Portal days are special when the day and the month and the year are made of same numbers. Energy pours into our world from the higher realms shining brightly to raise the vibration of our world on portal days. Connecting with your guides and receiving guidance is always easier on such days.


Portal Days of Last Week

Last week we had a few important energy days. Last Wednesday was 1/24/24, an energy portal day, where the number of the day and the year were the same. Followed by the full moon of Thursday 1/25/24. Such days are times when the gateways to and from Heaven are wide open and our beloved Guides and Guardians are pouring down Light Energies. The first Full Moon of the year sets the pace for the rest of the year. You may have felt the intensity of energies during last week and wondered what is going on.


Performing Ceremony in White Sands, New Mexico

Every day last week we performed ceremonies and anchored energies at White Sands National Park in Alamogordo, New Mexico. This is a special, sacred Native American land surrounded by mountains. A vast area is covered by huge dunes made of crushed Selenite crystals that Nature has over time ground into a powdery sand. The Selenite originates as alabaster, a porous stone water soluble stone embedded in the surrounding mountains. It then dissolves under the glaciers over time, runs into the valley to then evaporate and become crystalized as Selenite sheets. The Selenite begins to crush by the windstorms in the valley until it becomes powdery and forms sand dunes. There is a sublime energy when you walk on the sand dunes, especially during portal days and the week of the Full Moon. We performed ceremonies every day from Tuesday to Saturday at White Sands. 


Portal Day of 2/2/2024

The above events were the precursor for the upcoming energy portal day of 2/2/2024. February 2nd is always an important landmark point when the northern hemisphere experiences mid-winter and the southern hemisphere goes into the summer season. This year’s 2/2 portal is no exception. In fact, it is even more important because of the extraordinary energies that are intended to elevate us.


Blog Post for this Week

This blog is related to all the information mentioned above. It is entitled Moving from Linear Living to Quantum Living.


You have been involved in the process of bringing these energies into our world and changed the trajectory of our future. Thank you for your service.


May the love and blessings of Divine Mother, Great Silent Watcher, Sunat Kumara lead you to live your best life.


Nasrin and Jim. 

January 25, 2024

quantum living meditation

The Time For Quantum Living! 


We are in the portal of the first Full Moon of 2024. This is a great time for manifestation. It sets precedence for all that follows for the rest of the year. It is good to remind yourselves about the importance of thinking good thoughts and focusing on manifesting the best life you can imagine and put some thought into Manifesting it with the help of our friends High Above. Ask for all you want and then some (as in the stuff you would not normally ask for because it could be unrealistic or farfetched!) and then ask them to give you their Guidance and their Grace to manifest that and better). Please ponder and reflect on the importance of this statement.


Meantime, this week, we have a blogpost that offers you an introduction to the concepts of quantum Living.


The Blogpost for this week is entitled, “Now is the time for Quantum Living.


In this blog I speak of the first time I heard an influential speaker say, “thoughts are things!”
I did not know how to interpret that statement and got really confused. But over the years I have developed an understanding of this statement worthy of sharing with all of you.


A few decades have passed since I heard that statement and Quantum concept are showing the truth of that statement vividly. It is my intention to use the concepts of Modern Physics to demonstrate that our thoughts influence our reality and by living in the awareness and Mindfulness of our thoughts we can create a better future and a fun life to enjoy.


In the blog I offer you tools and techniques to allow you to consciously become instrumental in making your own reality. Your presence and your thoughts alter the reality that you and others experience and live through.


Therefore, “Thoughts are Things!”! Your thoughts tangibly impact your reality and everyone else’s. Our thoughts combined, get meshed and Entangled together to manifest the reality we collectively live and experience- we shall discuss the Entanglement Concept to help us with manifestation of our desired reality in next week’s Newsletter and blog post.


I hope you enjoy this Month’s Full Moon with your Crystal Gird fully active and collecting Light and manifesting fun things for you. Looking forward to sharing more in our adventures through this year with the support, love and blessing of the universe and our beloveds in the Higher Realms.


In Divine Mother’s Light,

Nasrin and Jim

January 19, 2024

healing crystal set for money blog
Your Manifestation Crystal Grid for the year 2024 and beyond!
This week is the perfect time to start setting up your Manifestation Grid since we are at the First quarter of the moon. This means in exactly another week, by around Jan 25th, we will be at the Full Moon Phase which is the Highest point of the Energies. Please try to make your grid anytime from now until next week this time.

The idea of making a Manifestation Grid has to do with the importance of this year and its potential to spearhead great opportunities for manifestation. The concept, instructions for setting up your grid, the materials you need, and more are provided in a blog entitled: Crystal Grid for Manifestation of Things You Want. Please share this Newsletter, blog and your own understanding/impressions and experiences with those of like- mind. The larger our group the greater the outcome.

Moving forward, please expect a series of Blogs, on the topics of Living with Quantum Concepts and Multi- Dimensionality. Both of these topics and the relevant materials are intended to help you understand that under these new concepts of quantum Physics you can manifest the reality you desire and deserve to enjoy. These new Courses will be offered under our Intermediate Series which is the next step after the Foundational courses. If you have missed any of the Foundational Courses or feel the need to brush up on them, now is the time to do it before the Intermediate Course Series begins.

A Note on the Advanced Courses:

We will resume the Advanced Courses in the Month of February. By then I should have a good amount of work done on the above blogs and New Courses. Thank you for your patience. You are all participating in the moving and shifting of the energies from the point we left the advanced courses to the time we resume again. You have the gratitude of Divine Mother and her entourage as well as ours. We are in this service together. Someday somewhere in our vast universe we will sit together and talk about our experiences over a glass or two of Heavenly Mana (or so I hope!)

In the meantime, back in the Earthly Ranch, we keep at it and cheer each other on with love and support from Divine Mother and her entourage of our beloved Beings of Light.

In great Love,
Nasrin and Jim 

January 12, 2024

2024 meditation image

2024 is Your Platform for Quantum Leaps!


I hope you are enjoying these clean harmonious energies of this baby phase of the New Year. Meditation and receiving clear guidance is so much easier when the pathways to the Higher Realms are clear and the energies are pure and unadulterated.


This is a perfect time to set intentions and make resolutions for what you wish to achieve, not just losing the weight gained after the festivities, but also those resolutions and intentions that will enhance your experience of this year and create a Solid Foundation for the years to come.


 To that end,  I am glad to bring you our first blog of the year


BlogPost Jan12th 2024- The Year of  Your Quantum Leap!


This Blog explains the qualities of the year and makes recommendations to take advantage of the Solid Foundation the year 2024 provides. The year has a harmonious flow focused on Manifesting Prosperity, Victory, and success in worldly pursuits.


We have just started the New Moon Phase.


This is the first New Moon of the year. We are in the baby phase of the New Moon( a one day old Crescent today!) It provides a perfect background for starting to set intentions and Plan for your desired Projects. Please consider making the type of plans that would have large scale implications which can bear fruit in ways to be huge improvements to your life which go beyond this year.

Examples of large-scale intentions would be planning for advancement in career opportunities that enhance life and may need planning, learning new skills, education, research.  Another example may be expansion in Family structure, marriage,  Children, relocation, and building a solid family structure that enhances the quality of your Life. 2024 is a year that can be a good container for you to embark upon auch large scale expansions which impact your life for a long time into the future.


A  manifestation Crystal Grid Layout for you to start the New Year and accelerate the outcome with the healing Power of Crystals. Look out for the announcement of the blog with the Crystal Gid in our next week’s Newsletter. bIog will contain instructions to create your own Crystal Grid  and use your specific intentions for manifestation of your desires and acceleration of your intention. So, Please start making a list of preferably 8 clear and specific intentions ready for next week.


 In the weeks to come we will bring you new courses that provide tools and techniques for you to transition and navigate through the year with great success and prosperity. Together we shall focus on the success of our Soul Mission in our work to make our world a better place for all to enjoy and for the future generations.


May Divine Mother’s Grace shower upon you throughout this year. May the presence and Guidance of  Sanat Kumara and Goddess Victory  shine upon your path throughout this year and beyond,


  Nasrin and Jim

January 4, 2024

2024 meditation sign
  Happy New Year 2024!
This is an auspicious year from a numerological perspective. It is an even numbered year which represents the Masculine Energies which can become the Solid foundation we all need to build and structure a new life with greater prosperity and support.
The other advantage of this year is that the numbers of the year 2+0+2+4= 8. Number 8 signifies victory and prosperity. turned on its side Number 8 becomes the symbol for infinity, another beautiful energy rooted in providing infinite opportunities and possibilities.
We welcome this New year and the support and protection of the Masculine Polarity and the solid foundation it provides.  This is immensely helpful when dealing with the anchoring of the Divine Feminine- which is our current priority. It provides balance by uniting both the Masculine and Feminine Aspects at personal and global levels for the entire span of this year. That eases the flow and movement of energies and allow us to swim with the tide and get things done faster. It allows Mother earth to cleanse and purify herself with greater ease, and it should even have a big impact in returning to peace and level headedness which is sorely needed at the global scenes.
The Masculine energies relate to your Mental Body and the way you’d process everyday events. A Masculine year provides a logical, rational and sensible platform for your growth and evolution.  We certainly need a much less emotional platform as evidenced by last year and the knee jerk emotional reactions we experienced in our personal lives and on the world scenes- we are still suffering the impact of two wars and many disasters impacting us at individual and global levels carried over from 2023 which provided Emotional upheaval and hard to process learning opportunities. We are grateful for all we received in 2023 and happy to start fresh with the New Year.
I would like to offer a group resolution for this year: Let’s make “Self-Love” our focus for this New Year and build our individual and communal solid foundations together with the blessings of our beloved helpers in the Higher Realms. Let’s also remember Goddess victory as the champion of this year of victory, prosperity and infinite possibilities. Please feel free to send your thoughts, comments and suggestions in the comment box or via email.
I found this post on my LinkedIn feed today and took its serendipitous arrival as a sign. It is a 3 min TED-Talk about Self- Love and steps for the loving Mindfulness meditation.
Moving forward I pray that we are able to return to our weekly newsletters, courses and blogs. I have a few new courses at hand which will provide tools and simple techniques for you to thransition and navigate through the year with great success and prosperity. Together we shall focus on the success of our Soul Mission in our work to make our world a better place for all to enjoy and for the future generations.
May Divine Mother’s loving embrace warm your heart and soul throughout this year,
Nasrin and Jim

November 1, 2023

November newsletter
  Happy November!

Can you believe we are in November already? This year rushed through and the summer went by super-fast, it seems.


Jim and I will be traveling for the next couple of weeks so this Newsletter will contain info for the next two weeks. May your November be joyful and filled with great sights, smells, tastes and feelings of joy and gratitude.


New Moon of this Month falls on November 13th. A perfect time for starting new projects in Joy and gratitude, the theme for this entire month.


Advanced Course offering:
Alchemy of Justice Module 6 & Navaratri 2023
  Just a reminder to all our advanced participants, that Module Six is a beautiful meditation offering prayers and petitions during the Festival of Navaratri Celebrations. You may offer your Gratitude during this Month of November by listening to and praying with this Module.


Foundational Course offering for this first week of November:
 This week we go to the 11th course in the Foundational Series, Great Silent Watcher’s Cocoon of Love, Protection and Empowerment.”

This is the penultimate course in the Foundational series and prepares the ground for the next course below.


Blog offering for week one of November.
There are many Blogs that relate to Great Silent watcher and you may go to our LiveJoy Blog section to choose your favorite one. My suggestion is to review “Clearing Negativity with Great Silent Watcher’s French Press.”

This is one of my favorite Blogs and the accompanying course. I use the technique frequently and sometimes more than once a day- when the going gets tough and I feel disconnected or overwhelmed. If you remember the steps, then please just imagine the French Press go through your entire body from the top of your head to below your feet, a couple of times to refresh your Energy Bodies and reconnect with your Whole-Body-Unit.


Foundational Course offering for this second week of November:
Turquoise Blue Cocoon of Empowerment and the Sacred Geometry of Star Tetrahedron.”
This is the final course in the Foundational series and brings a culmination of all energies under the supervision and guidance of Great Silent watcher.


 Blog offering for week Two of November
Turquoise Cocoon of Empowerment and the Sacred Geometry of Star Tetrahedron Blog Post.”
Please read this blog before you audit the course, as it explains the significance of the expansive experience which comes through when you build the Turquoise Blue cocoon of empowerment around your body and allow Great silent watcher to give you the sublime experience of being empowered and expanded.


We offer our joy and gratitude to Divine Mother and all the Divine Feminine entourage, and especially to Great Silent Watcher at this special time of the year. We offer them all gratitude for all, do on our behalf, for our world and the future generations who will benefit and reap the joy of living on earth- a better earth and a happier tomorrow for all souls under their protection and with their blessing.


May our Love and Gratitude fill their hearts with love and joy. May we be blessed with their Grace and feel hopeful and empowered to be of greater service to them and to our world.


In Joy and Gratitude to Divine Mother and to all of you,

Nasrin and Jim.  

October 26, 2023

Alchemy of justice 6

  Happy Navaratri 2023!


The moon will be full this week, on the 28th of this Month of October. Also, Navaratri festival portal has been passing through and the energies have been sublime. Navaratri is a 10-day festival when Divine Mother battles the forces of darkness and conquers, on behalf of all of us, her children.

The first nine days are about praying and making offerings to sacred fires and chanting the 1000 names of divine mother. Prayers to Divine Mother are a 1000 times more powerful when offered during Navaratri. The tenth day of Navaratri is a huge celebration of Divine mother’s Victory.

 It is doubly potent during this week of the Full Moon to pray and imagine yourself in this year’s Navaratri portal and offer prayers for yourself, loved ones, for our world and all creatures. Please call for peace on Earth. Most of all please pray for Divine mother to succeed in choosing the best path for all of us and for our world.


Advanced Course offering:

Alchemy of Justice Module 6 & Navaratri 2023

We recorded this course at the finale of the Navaratri Celebrations. It is a sublime and potent way for us to come together and pray for our beloved Divine Feminine Cosmic Beings while also praying for each other, our loved ones, and our world. All advanced group members are invited to register and enjoy this course/celebration.

Completion of all the previous Modules in this course is a pre-requisite for taking this course.


Foundational Course offering for this week:

 This week we audit the 10th course in the Foundational Series, Build your core with lemon Light.”

This is a sweet and easy yet very powerful course which you can teach young ones and children too. They will enjoy imagining themselves in a bright Lemon-Yellow Body Suit and zip the happiness in while zipping the struggle and bad thoughts out.


We offer our love and prayers to Divine Mother, all members of the Divine Feminine Councils, and Great Silent Watcher at this auspicious time. We wish them all success in all their endeavors on our behalf and on behalf of our world.

May the Love and the Peace in their hearts transform our world to become peaceful and safe. May their Grace pour upon our world and all creatures. May we all become harmonious and aligned with each other and with our world.

In Divine Mother’s Light and Grace,

Nasrin and Jim.  

October 17, 2023

eclipse meditation

 The Gift of Clarity from the Solar Eclipse!

The Solar Eclipses is just barely behind us and the energies are slowly starting to feel clear and spacious again. It’s time to set clear goals and intentions and know that the universe is 100% behind you.


We have news from Mary Sise that there is a Free Gift waiting for all of you in celebration of Your Energetic Contribution to the Magdalena Summit. Please check it out here
Foundational Course offering for this week:
We move to the 9th course in the Foundational Series, Your Higher Self is Your True Self.”

It is so appropriate and serendipitous to be at the point of reviewing this Course and working with your Higher Self at this present moment. There is a clarity and spaciousness that comes after the Solar Eclipse.
It clears the Pathways for your Higher Self to reveal what may have been hidden and brings to the surface all you need to know and do to accomplish your Mission on Earth. Enjoy the journey that reconnects and realigns you with your Higher Self and all the adventure that will ensue.
 Blog offering for this week:
Your Higher Self is Your True Self. This Blog helps you understand the significance of your Higher Self and the important role that your Higher Self can play in promoting your ability to move from Survival Mode to Thrival Mode. Please read the blog first and then audit the course.
We call on Divine Mother and Great Silent Watcher for their Grace and the Highest benefits from all these auspicious and serendipitous events.
In Divine Mother’s Love,
Nasrin and Jim

October 5, 2023

what to expect during a lunar eclipse
Get ready for a Solar Eclipse Next week!


Eclipses are about Change. They bring maturity and wisdom to reveal what has been hidden. Before an Eclipse it is natural to remember things or experience unexpected emotional reactions. You might have bouts of depression, sadness, nostalgia, and/or even emotional outbursts during the days preceding a Solar Eclipse. Please watch out as they come to the surface and remind yourself and all your personality aspects to stay calm and keep cool. It will pass! This is a transitory phase with the purpose of healing and relieving you of unnecessary burdens. You will be better for it after it is all done.
This is a good time to pray for gaining better understanding of all that has been hidden which needs to be revealed, and releasing all that no longer serves you. Solar Eclipses always come at the New Moon. We have about a week to focus on releasing the old and embracing the new. A New Moon that comes with an Eclipse is a powerful way to accelerate the process by asking for optimal Growth and Empowerment as we wait for its arrival bringing change and renewal.
To read more about our eclipses please read our blog posts “How to Harvest the Benefits after the Solar Eclipse” and “What to Expect from The First Solar Eclipse of 2023?
This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. One that appears as a “Ring of Fire” around the Sun. The moon covers the Sun and darkens it leaving the golden ring of light at the edges. Hence the name, the Ring of Fire. You can find out more about that HERE.
It begins around 8.05 am PT and crosses over most of the west coast from Oregon to California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. Leaving North America, it then glides down over central and south America.
A Special Healing Retreat in Hawaii
Our dear friend Dr LuLu Shimek, invites you to a healing Retreat in Hawaii during the month of Jan 2024 Click HERE to learn more.
Foundational Course offering for this week:
 This is the 8th course in the Foundational Series, With Sanat Kumara in Shambhala.”
This is one of my all-time favorites. It is appropriate to do this course as we prepare to move through the Solar Eclipse. Please call on Sanat kumara, our Planetary Logos, to reveal all that your Soul and your Higher Self want you to know. Sanat Kumara’s energy over-Lights the Higher Self of every Human Being on Earth. Ask Sanat Kumara to help your Higher Self to connect with you and Clearly reveal all you need to know and do to accomplish your mission on Earth.
 Blog offering for this week:
With Sanat Kumara in Shambhala Blog post.” This Blog helps you understand the significance of Sanat Kumar’s involvement with you at Soul and Higher Self levels. Then go to the course to experience Sanat Kumara renew your connection with your Higher Self.
Advanced Courses:  In case you missed this announcement in last week’s newsletter, here it is:
Alchemy of Justice Module 5 is now available.
We ask Divine Mother to guide us to receive the Highest benefits from the upcoming Solar Eclipse and New Moon of October 2023. We Ask Divine Mother to Support Sanat Kumara to empower our Higher Selves to Align us with our Divine Mission above and beyond all limitations or expectations.
In Divine Mother’s Love,
Nasrin and Jim.  


September 28, 2023

Alchemy of justice mediation and green universe

Happy Fall!


Much has happened since last week culminating to Fall Equinox on Sept 23rd, which made it an double portal day9/23/2023. The Shift in the energies are increasing and palpable as we speak.

A huge Solar Storm spewed out of our sun directed to Earth. (Click here for the link to article on It arrived on earth around 18th of September just in time for the portal of equinox and continues to this day. Photographers are taking amazing pictures of the Aurora lights- Click here for the pictures on


If you felt rushes of fatigue, or skewy energies, you were feeling the pouring down of these energies. You are instrumental in the anchoring of the energies and their Divine purpose.


Divine Mother is pleased with the outcome as the energies are distributed by the Magnetic force field of Earth to the North and South Poles. An amazing display of Lights are seen as aurora Borealis in the northern hemisphere and Aurora Australis in the Southern.


More importantly, the shifting of the energies has enabled a whole new team of Beings who have arrived to specifically focus on us, the awakened Souls who are serving our world and helping to raise the consciousness of Earth and all Souls. They have come to the rescue of earth by raising our vibration and connecting us to higher energies. These new energies will empower us to get more done in our personal lives and help us to serve our Soul Purpose under their Protection and Guidance. Divine Mother calls them the Cosmic Rescue Team.


Please be gentle with yourself as you anchor these energies and know that whatever you are going through has a purpose. It has been directed by Divine Mother and Beings of Light to complete an important Divine Purpose through YOU.


Advanced Courses: Alchemy of Justice Module 5 is now available.


Foundational Course offering for this week:
We are at the 7th course in the Foundational Series called, “Know your Soul.

This is one of my favorite courses. It is so appropriate given where we are at this juncture with all the new energies pouring in to renew our connection with the Soul. Fortunately, there is also a blog post related to this Course. Please read the Blog first:

Blog offering for this week:
Know your Soul Blog post.” This Blog explains mechanics while the course gives you a firsthand experience of renewing your connection with your Soul. Enjoy these sublime energies and invite all the new members of the Rescue Team of Light to connect with you, to guide and empower you to remember who you truly are at Soul Level


Let’s come together to call on Divine Mother to guide us to receive the Highest benefits and render the ultimate service through the Cosmic Rescue Team. Please remember to call on these new beings daily. Connect with them at personal level by talking to them about everything. Call on them during your daily prayers and meditations. Ask them for all you need and want. Also ask them to elevate you above and beyond all expectations and limitations to accomplish your Higher Purpose.


They are here to help us remember our Soul Power to surpass the drudgery and survival issues we face living on Earth. They are here to help us remember who we truly and resume our Divine Service, leading our world to a better future for all. They can and will help us, but we must remember to ask them for what we want as well as what they have come to give us.


Call on Great Silent Watcher to remind you of them and protect you as you receive and resume your Soul Mission at the Highest levels.


We call on Divine Mother’s Grace and Love to accomplish the utmost good with her aid and the guidance of the Rescue Team.


Nasrin and Jim.

September 19, 2023

healing and regeneration meditation

Thank You for Your Support & participation in the Magdalena Summit


A Big Thank you for your participation in the Magdalena Summit, in person or energetically. Much gratitude to those  of you who took the time to write me with your positive feedback. Please know that you make a huge difference.  You give us incentive to do more all the time.


Many thousands participated in the event which allows Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine entourage to make new strides on our behalf. They will use the positive energy charge we accumulated on their behalf to help Mother Earth and humankind.


We are in the first week of the New Moon. Once again, this is the time to start setting new intentions. You might also consider putting extra power to pin/pull your old intentions into your reality so that they manifest faster.  We have another 10 days till the Full Moon of Sept, on the 29th at 5.57 am, EDT. It is easier and more powerful to manifest new intentions from the New moon to the Full Moon. It is easier to release the old and free up space, in the next cycle of the moon going from the Full Moon to the New.


We resume with our weekly Newsletters and courses.
Advanced Courses: Alchemy of Justice Module 5 will be available next week. Please check this space for the announcement.


Foundational Course offering for this week:
After a short sabbatical last week, we continue with the 6th course in the Foundational Series called, Healing & Regeneration of Your Vital Organs.


This is a beautiful Healing meditation where you enjoy resting on top of a huge Crystal Pillar in the Pool of creation and absorbing Love and Light from Great Silent Watcher to Empower you, to heal, protect and to uplift you. Enjoy this meditation and send this link to others please. Sharing these energies can trigger deep Healing. They can uplift everyone and elevate all.


Divine Mother’s Grace and Love to all of you,


Nasrin and Jim.

August 16, 2023

sun over earth
The New Moon of August is here!
August 16th at 5.38 AM. 

The New Moon has arrived and we expect to start with a potent New Beginning with lots of new intentions to add to our lists to cover more ground and gain greater traction.
Pull you old lists out and pat yourself on the back for all the ones you have already manifested. Then add the rest to you new list. We can all come together to empower each other’s intentions and magnify our own with our Group Energy Empowered by Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine Energies of Grace.

So First off, lets call on Divine Mother for her Grace and ask that she makes the best possible list of things to manifest on our behalf. After all she knows what is best and when we ask her to give each of us what is best for each f us and all of us as a group she will oblige. Maybe our next intention should be that she would give each of us the wisdom and understanding we need to welcome her decisions and enjoy the ride rather than question or fuss over change!
Let’s come together and do this as a Whole Group Unit through this week until we come back together again. If you wish to connect with me on any related topic please send me a text to 508-345-6112.  If you wish to go to the intentions form last week and add them to your list please go to the menu and click on Newsletters on our site. You can find all previous newsletters, with all prayers and intentions available in each one, going back to March of 2023 when we started the site on its present platform.
Foundational Course offering for this week:
 We are now at the 5th course in the Foundational Series called, Clearing Negativity and Purifying Your Energy Field With Great Silent Watcher’s French Press Technique.”
This is a wonderful technique which you can use anytime, anywhere, to get yourself uplifted and purified, energetically in a matter of a few seconds. If it is your first time on this course, please take your time and repeat the exercise until you are comfortable with it and remember the steps easily. If you are already aware of this course, please skim through it for a refresher and to align your Energy Field for Great Silent Watcher to keep you protected and uplifted at all times.
Blog offering for this week:
Blog Post- “Clearing Negativity with Great Silent Watcher’s French Press.
This blog post is relevant to the above course. It explains why using this technique can be beneficial and how its cleansing impact can be a great tool that uplifts your mood, increase your stamina, and heals you. It is advisable to read the Blog before starting the course please. This is more relevant if this is your first experience with the Course or the blog.

Please remember that you are an integral part of the Growth and Evolution of Humankind and our World. The Light that you bring to Earth emanates through your physical form to heal and uplift the 5 Elements which are the building blocks of our reality.
Please know that you are providing an enormous service with your presence and your Ligh. Thank you for all you do even if you are unaware of the exact nature of it. Your lack of familiarity of the full scale or scope of your Service does not diminish any part of it.
Your Soul knows what to do and how to do it in Service to Earth and all Souls. Please be gentle with yourself, Please trust that there is much transpiring through you which remain unknown or intangible and certainly unappreciated by the tangible world but much appreciated by Divine Mother and Divine Feminine beings of Light.
Divine Mother’s Love and Blessings to all of you,
Nasrin and Jim.  


August 10, 2023

man under moom meditation

Release the Old & Make Room for the New!

We are moving through the receding moon phase of this month and this is a time for releasing the old and embracing the new. The Moon does not have Light of its own but it reflects the Light of the Sun much like a gigantic Mirror.
That is why the Super Moons are so potent and powerful and perfect for goal setting, but it doesn’t mean that other phases of the Moon are not potent or important. We move through the last quarter phase of the moon this week to reach the New Moon, another potent phase with a different energetic purpose, on August 16th.
This whole week offers a window of opportunity for thinking and praying over the release of all things that are becoming old and stagnant. It’s time to ask for help from Divine Mother and all your favorite Beings of Light to come to your aid including your own Higher Self who knows exactly what should be released and how to do it. Divine Mother and other Beings’ Help can provide their Grace to accelerate and magnify results and to boost your Will Power so you can make it happen.
Let’s come together to pray while the Moon is at its gentle cycle of going back to its New Moon Rebirthing Phase. We will add this to the Global intentions that Divine Mother requested in the las few weeks. You may make your own prayer list for things to Release and say,
I call the Intersession of Divine Mother and all the Beings of Light. I ask for the release of all Old and Stagnant Patterns of Thought, Behavior and Belief Systems that no longer serve me, my loved ones, and our Global community.
I call for the grace of Divine Mother and all the Beings of Light to pour upon the consciousness of Humankind and our Mother Earth to rise to the Highest levels possible. We ask for their Grace to achieve this goal without Limitations.
I call upon Great Silent Watcher, the Guardian of Light, to provide Us, all Souls, and the Planet with Protection by Showering us with her Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment.
I ask Great Silent watcher to Empower and Protect Sanat Kumara, to shower our world and all Souls with his Umbrella of Light to create a strong and impenetrable shield for our personal protection, for all Souls and species, and for our planet.
Our prayers and petitions are offered during this release phase of the moon to create a rebirthing of Pure, Clean, Truthful, Benevolent and Beneficial World where everyone and all species coexist peacefully and live harmoniously together.
I ask this through the Grace of Divine Mother and all Divine Beings of Light.”
Foundational Course offering for this week:
We are now coming to the 4th course in the Foundational Series called, Awakening the Energy layers Around Your Body.”

Awakening and activating Your Energy layers will help to accelerate and empower you to do much greater things.  In subtle ways it empowers you to release all that no longer serves you through conscious and subconscious actions and enhances your desire for commitment and success. Even if you have already studied this course before, you will benefit from skimming through the text and/or listening to portions of Meditations to reactivate and remember the techniques offered in the course.
Blog offering for this week:
Blog Post- “Awakening the Energy layers Around Your Body.”

The blog post for this week is a perfect adjunct to the course. It explains the significance of the Energy layers that exist around your body and how you can benefit from them the more detail will augment the course. Please read the Blog first before starting the course especially if this is the first experience with the blog or the course.

Your Growth and Evolution helps our World to become a better place. Thank you for your Service in making our world better!
In Divine Mother’s Love and Great Silent Watcher’s Protection,
Nasrin and Jim


August 3, 2023

pink moon meditation
Manifest Your Goals Faster with the Moon’s Help!

We are experiencing the Divine Feminine Power of the Super Moon in early August. We come together to pray while the Moon is at its closest proximity to the earth and shining its Supermoon dazzling light upon us. Divine Mother has been asking that we pray for ending the senseless wars and violence; and now we hear of a possible Russian attack to Poland via Belarus. Divine Mother may have foreseen such a possibility when she asked us to pray for the end of the wars everywhere.

One way to express this Goal is to pray for the consciousness of Humankind to rise to levels where we do not seek senseless actions and aggression upon each other or our planet.

As our planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara’s energy provides a shield for our protection and for our planet. Our prayers and petitions can therefore be directed toward that goal:

 “As our Planetary Logos Sanat Kumara’s Consciousness must provide an umbrella of protection for Earth, all Souls and species on the planet.  I petition Sanat Kumara to fully Over-light all Human consciousness and protect all Souls and species of our planet.

 I request that Sanat Kumara be empowered, protected, and helped by Great Silent Watcher and the Divine Feminine entourage of Guardians and Guides and Beings of Light.

 I request them to reinforce Sanat Kumara’s ability to raise human consciousness so that harmonious coexistence with each other and with our planet becomes the norm.

 I request Sanat kumara’s Over-Lighting presence to help humankind to find and serve our Soul Mission and Divine Purpose.

 I ask this through the intersession of Divine Mother and all Divine Beings of Light.”

Foundational Course offering for this week:
Our 2-part Foundational course offering for this week is, Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Great Silent Watcher.”

It reinforces the petitions given above by helping each of you to connect with Great Silent Watcher and get a leg up in healing and uplifting your Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Blog offering for this week:
There are two blogs that relate to the 2- part course above.  Part one of the course relates to the blog post: Under the Turquoise Dome with Angelic Watchers and Great Silent Watcher

Part 2 of the course relates to the blog post:  Great Silent Watcher’s Double Coned Tornado of Protection.

The blogs bring reinforcement and clarity to the course.  Please read the blogs and audit the course even if you have already done it before. Enjoy the blogs and the course if you have newly joined us or if you have not yet had a chance to experience their energy.

We call upon Great Silent Watcher’s protective embrace for all of you, our world and for Sanat Kumara. Thank you all for your prayers, petitions, and participation in this work. This is our Soul Mission as a group which makes it all the more powerful and fruitful! We are glad to be in service together with you.

In Divine Mother’s Love,
Nasrin and Jim.  

July 27, 2023

alchemy of justice part 4 meditation
 Happy Supper Moon on Tues, August 1st, 2023
at 7.31 pm

We are in the heightened energies approaching a Full Moon which is one of the 4 Super Moons of this year. According to the Farmer’s Almanac a Full Moon becomes a Supper Moon if it falls close to or at the exact time when the moon is closest to Earth. The disk of the moon can be up to 8% larger and 16% brighter during Supper Moons.
From an energetic standpoint this is the time to seriously focus on the intensity of your prayers and ask for all your intentions and desires. Divine mother’s request for this month is that we specifically ask for the raising of Human consciousness to choose what is good and benevolent and beneficial for us, all the future generations and for Mother Earth. In asking for a rise in human consciousness we can expect an end to all wars and all forms of violence on Earth for good.
Advanced Course offering for this week:
Alchemy of justice Module 4 is available now
Foundational Course offering for this week: Moving in the right order we come to our second course in the foundational series “Centering Your Chakras.” Please audit this course- skim through it- if you have already taken it so your body aligns itself and get recalibrated to the energies in the right progression.
In Divine Mother’s love and embrace,

Nasrin and Jim

July 21, 2023

butterfly meditation 2

Happy New Moon Week!


It is time to start the list of your intentions, once again, during the birthing of the new lunar month in July. Please remember Divine mother’s request to end the war in Ukraine and eradicate violence on Earth for good.


In case you were feeling out of sorts during the last few days, here’s why: there was a 7.2 earthquake off the coast of Alaska which happened late at night on Saturday the15th.

A few of you connected to talk about the weird and skewy energies, brain fog or aches and pains and the state of stress and anxiety that was present. You may remember me saying, “it really feels like a natural disaster and it has the energy of an earthquake.” Meanwhile doubting myself, I was looking at all the volcano sites to see if I could find the culprit.


Generally you’d start to feel such events a few days before the event happens and their impact in your bodies stop after the event. Sometimes chaos follows in the aftermath in your environment and for the people who have no awareness- they end up processing the clearing that happens to earth move through them in the aftermath- It is a way to catch up with mother earth.


I speak of these events, not to be the prophet of doom but to ease your mind. You feel things move through your body because you are helping Mother Earth cope with her own pain and you help her accelerate her own healing. She does her best to heal herself while incurring the least damage to all creatures and creation where possible.


Please pat yourself on the back for feeling these energies even if you did not know why. You are instrumental in easing her pain and make a huge difference in her healing process. You are shouldering some of Mother earth’s pain, fears and anxiety and transmuting it through your own body.


Let’s join together to add this prayer to our list of intentions as we begin a new Moon Cycle this week:


We pray to Divine Mother and Divine feminine entourage- add any Being you desire. We ask for their Grace to pour down and heal our planet and all Souls.

We call for the healing of Mother Earth. We call for the regeneration of our beautiful planet and her return to a pure and pristine state. We call for the purification and restoration of the five elements to their pristine state.


We call for the purification and restoration of all the kingdoms of our planet- the plants, minerals, animals, humans and all other creatures that may not fit in any of these categories.


We acknowledge and thank everyone who participates in clearing the energies of Earth and dreams of a better tomorrow for us and all future generations. We offer our focused attention and deliberate intention in all the ways we can serve to make our world a better place.


Course offering for this week:
Starting with this week, we begin offering the foundational courses in the order they are supposed to be learned. originally, I compiled these courses in the order they were given to me relevant to the energies of the moment.


Now that we have all the foundational courses assembled is important to anchor their energies in the right order.


This week’s course is Grounding
This weeks related blog is also entitled Grounding Blog Post.


All beginner and intermediate participants:
Please start the courses in this order even if you have already started them. The correct order will help you process the energies for yourself. You allow them to be anchored through you in the right order. This is a great service and we thank you for it.


All Advanced participants:
Please audit these courses by skimming through them so that your energy is embedded into them and they get anchored through you in the right order. You are instrumental in the anchoring of all the energies that is disseminated through Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School. Thank you for your service.


May you receive a 1000-fold for all you do in service.


Nasrin and Jim.

July 12, 2023

Great Silent Watcher’s Cocoon of Love, Protection & Empowerment

May There Be Peace on Earth Now and Forever!


Divine Mother is calling us all to come together once again and pray for the ending of the senseless war that has passed its 500th day over the last weekend.   This is an appropriate time to release all energies of war and violence since we are presently in the final quarter of the moon cycle. Release, release, release is the flow of energy for the final quarter of the moon.


Let’s come together to pray and Intend for the ending of all wars and all violence everywhere around the globe. Let’s pray for the end of violent thoughts and actions in the hearts and minds of all souls. Let’s pray for the eradication of root causes of violent and vicious thoughts and actions from earth and all souls and species. We offer these prayers and intentions and ask that they come into effect immediately. So it is. It is done!


Course Offering:

Free Foundational Course Series- “Great Silent Watcher’s Cocoon of Love, Protection & Empowerment.


This is the course that should go before the final course in the Foundational series, offered two weeks ago: Turquoise Cocoon of Empowerment and the Sacred Geometry of Star Tetrahedron.” If you haven’t yet started it, please wait and start with this week’s Course- which is about receiving Love, Protection and Empowerment from Great Silent Watcher. Her Cocoon of love, Protection and Empowerment formed with two Six-Pointed Stars is the precursor to the 8-Pointed Star Tetrahedron offered two weeks ago.


Interestingly, portions of this week’s course got posted as a blog until I realized my snafu.  I asked why this had happened. The answer was that it contained great love from Great Silent Watcher. I, therefore, turned it into a course so you can all enjoy the energy and connection with Great Silent Watcher. It offers a simple version of the Cocoon to be established around your body before moving to the final Course in the series- mentioned above.


Blog Offering:


You may have already read the blog post offered two weeks ago: “Blog- Turquoise Cocoon of Empowerment and the Sacred Geometry of Star Tetrahedron. ” It is relevant to both Courses from Foundational Series mentioned above. It expands on: Sacred Geometry, 6-Pointed Star, 8-pointed Star Tetrahedron, Light Body Activation & how to access your Multi- Dimensional Self for manifestation of your desired reality.


Wishing you Peace and Joy,


Nasrin and Jim

July 3, 2023

4th 2 meditation

Happy Birthday to America!
 Tues July 4th, 2023

Divine Mother’s Love and blessings to all of you on this week of Full moon, Guru Purnima and 4th of July. We pray for her grace to shower upon all of us, our world and all souls. We pray for this land of Liberty, Equality and Abundance to keep blessing us with its Liberty, equality, Abundance. All three of these qualities have made this land so special, valuable, and sought- after.  Lets pray together for each of these qualities as defined by Oxford dictionary to continue to render their full meaning and potential immediately and for all generations to come:

  • Definition of Liberty- “the state of being Free, within society, from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior or political views.”

We pray for that state of existence where everyone is free from oppression, restrictions, discrimination or seclusion because of their behavior, beliefs or way of Life imposed by Authorities or leaders.

  • Definition of Equality: “the State of being Equal especially in Status, rights and opportunities.”

We pray for closing the gap of haves and have nots by raising the status of all humankind as equal to one another. We pray for presence and exchange of Love, compassion and respect among all souls and honor their rights. We pray for opportunities to be equally afforded to all souls where applicable.

  • Definition of Abundance- “To have more than adequate supply of everything.”

We pray for the continuation and increase of the abundance that has blessed this land to continue and to extend to all souls at all levels of existence. This Abundance has been evident since the advent of this new world. We pray to preserve and expand its scope for present and future generations.
For the past many decades, the rest of the world has looked upon America as “the Land of Opportunities,” where anyone can have a fulfilling, abundant life. We pray for America to continue to perform as an abundant land with a generous spirit. We pray that this land promotes and encourages the fulfillment in the hearts and minds of all souls in America and to extend and expand the generosity of heart, mind, and spirit to everyone everywhere around the entire planet.
We pray for the Grace to pour down from our beloved teachers, spiritual guides and our very own Divine Mother and Divine feminine entourage. We request for this blessing to be showered upon all souls and our planet during this special week of multiple festivities and energy portals. We offer gratitude and love to all Beings who help us achieve this. We thank each other and all others who are instrumental in anchoring such grace and awareness into this land and our entire planet.
Let’s celebrate these amazing days in prayer and contemplation of all the ways we can make our world a better place. Please offer these prayers and/or your own special thoughts with deliberate attention and focus. We will take a break from offering courses or blogs this week.

May this be a new beginning for all of us around the globe, a new opportunity to “WILL” our world to be a better place for all, always and forever.
Happy Birthing a better tomorrow for our world and all souls,
Nasrin, Jim and Waves of Bliss Team.  

June 14, 2023

turquoise blue meditation

Happy Summer Solstice!

June 21st at 10.45 ET

Summer Solstice has arrived and we are officially entering the Summer Season! Enjoy Summer in the Northern hemisphere while the winter has officially started in the Southern Hemisphere.
The Moon is in its first quarter this week, so please make your list of all things you want to manifest and repeat them every day with (even without) your daily meditations as we approach full Moon, on July 3rd, when the energies of Manifestation intensify to the MAX! This is a perfect time to start the next round of your intentions. Everything you have not yet manifested from Last month can be added to the list for this month and gain momentum until they all manifest.
From Foundational Series
Free Foundational Course and Blog Post “Turquoise Cocoon of Empowerment & the Sacred Geometry of Star tetrahedron”:  

This is the final course in the foundational Course series. It is a course to seriously change gear and experience the power of your unlimited self. It is advisable that you start with all the early Foundational courses before going to this one because you will get more out of it with a Solid Foundational Base and gradual activation and intensification of your Life Force Energies, your Energy Bodies, your familiarity with the Guides and Guardians such as Great Silent Watcher whose Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment will wrap around you as a cocoon in this course.
 Our blog for this week isTurquoise Cocoon of Empowerment & the Sacred Geometry of Star tetrahedron– blog post.”   
 It is related to the Course above and explains the significance of each of the topics discussed in the course. These topics include, Sacred Geometry, Star Tetrahedron, Light Body Activation and accessing your Multi- Dimensional Self to accelerate the manifestation of your desires in this reality.
Advanced Group Members: Please audit this foundational course. You already have the skills to achieve the desired outcome discussed in the blog and the course above. You will enjoy understanding the mechanics of how you do the work when you go roaming the realms in those Monthly Advanced Courses and all the daily meditations which you exercise so diligently.  You are the bright stars who illumine the Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School Horizon and we Thank You!
To All of You Who Desire know Your Unlimited Divinity & Power:
Please read the blog and study this course after you have audited/exercised all other Foundational courses offered so far. Please be gentle with yourself and allow the energies to do their work. With every repetition you strip some layers of dross and take on some layers of Light. That is the primary function of this course. New skills and freedom to experience yourselves as Divine Souls will shine through in time with practice. Be patient please. You have the love and support of all who have walked this path before you and all who are watching and supporting you from high above.
May your heart be filled with Love and your Light shine ever brightly.   Enjoy Summer!

Nasrin and Jim

June 14, 2023

Your higher self meditation

Goddess Pele is Cleansing Earth!

You may have been feeling a bit of relief from your own body aches and pains since Mother Earth is feeling relief after spewing some fire and lava out of her belly to the surface. A few days ago Kilauea volcano in the Big Island of Hawaii erupted, once again, with multiple fountains of lava shooting up hundreds of feet high into the extremely large caldera, at the mouth of the volcano. I include a Video here that explains a good bit about the logistics.

To set your mind and bodies at ease, I will explain the spiritual connotation of this development where both major Volcanoes in Hawaii, Mauna Loa and Kilauea are spewing fire simultaneously and adding to the land mass to the Big Island, the home of Goddess Pete. As the Guardian of the Fire Element and the Goddess of Volcanoes, Pele is revered and respected by all who know her especially in the Hawaiian Islands where is reigns supreme. She is purifying our beloved Mother earth with her Fire element while keeping the lava flow in check. This is an occasion to celebrate as the purification has much wider impact than meets the eye! Feel free to connect with her as you watch  Utube videos of her in action.
The Moon is in its final quarter, and once a gain it is a perfect time for final release of things that no longer serve you, especially while Pele is around and the volcanos are spewing cleansing Fire energy.
Free Foundational Course and Blog PostYour Higher Self is your True Self”:  
This is a 3-Part series which is extremely important for this current point in our world. This course is about connecting to your Higher Self and experiencing the unity that exists within all Higher selves of all intelligent species who are connected together under the umbrella of Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos.
 It is time that the over-lighting presence of Sanat Kumara extends to all humankind and embraces us all to return to the Dignity, Integrity, honor, Truth and Unity we deserve, as Highly Evolved Souls. If there’s one being who can and will do this for us, it would be Sanat Kumara who has full Support from Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine.
Advanced Group Members– Please audit this foundational course and add your own energies to it. Please call on Sanat Kumara and Divine Mother for their Grace and their Over- Lighting presence to give priority to awakening humanity to their Higher Selves and Higher Purpose. Thank you!

To All of You Who Want the Best for Humanity, Earth & All Species- Please check out this course and do the final exercise offered in part- 3 daily for a month.  Please call on Sanat Kumara and Divine Mother for their Grace and their Over Lighting presence to awaken humanity to their Higher Selves and their Higher Purpose. Thank you!
May Divine Mother and Sanat Kumara’s Grace, Love, and Blessings, fill you all with Joy!
Nasrin and Jim


June 7, 2023

Centering your Chakras meditation course

Mother Earth is Rumbling!

In case you are wondering why you have so many aches and pains in your body checkout the volcano map on It might give you a clue!
The Moon is in its 3rd quarter, a perfect time for reflection and release work. Yet the quiet energies of this moon phase are interrupted by huge plumes of ash and rocks spewing out of the volcanoes in more than a dozen sites around the globe.  El Popo is Central Mexico is still spewing while more than 3 sites in Indonesia and multiple sites in Japan are smattering ashes and rocks. Other volcanos in Southwest Alaska, Philippines, Peru and few others are rumbling and letting off steam (ash actually) to quiet down Mother Earth’s belly aches.  
Please be gentle with yourself and remember that you could be feeling all this activity in your own body. After all, what happens to earth doesn’t stay with earth: it happens to all of us even when we are unaware of it.
Volcanoes are about the Fire Element which has a transmutational and cleansing impact. So is summer. So, the fire energy of summer combined with the fire of the volcanos is wreaking havoc on our bodies. Rain scarcity and heat indexes of above 100 F can replicate the drought energy within your body in the same way that it impacts Earth. These Fire Energies are not quenched by the much-needed Water Energy, as rain. So, please drink lots of water and stay cool, in all the ways you can, temperamentally as well as temperature wise! 
Free Foundational Course Series “Centering Your Chakras”:  
This is a 2-Part series which was previously offered as two single courses. provides you with a great tool to realign and recalibrate your chakras so that you can make the best of the present earth situation and clear the dross and pain which you may pick up from the rumblings of earth and the uneasy temperature fluctuations.
I am continually amazed at how we adapt to unforeseen changes and adopt ways to cope and thrive.  Let’s come together and ask for Grace for Mother Earth to overcome her pain and unease. Together we can be a huge force for much needed change as we call on Help from the Higher Realms and our beloved Guides and Guardians.

In Their love and blessings,
Nasrin and Jim

June 1, 2023

hand is sky meditation courses

Happy Strawberry full Moon on June 3rd!


This week we will all take a break from courses and blogs. We all need a break to enjoy the Summer’s approach!  Please be mindful that the full Moon of this month falls on this Sat June 3-4th. This is known as the strawberry Full Moon by the Farmer’s almanac. While June is definitely a Strawberries and cream kind of month, please remember to set your intentions and repeat them daily starting from now and going beyond the Full moon to 6-7th Of this month.  Then do a ceremony at the peak of the full moon anytime on the 3rd or 4th. A ceremony can be a simple act of lighting of  a candle, burning some incense or buying/ picking flowers while stating your intentions to manifest your specific desires. Calling on your own Higher self and soul as well as your favorite guardian/higher power will add more vibrancy, zest and fervor.


Additionally, Please do the following as part of your service to yourself, to our world and to all our beloved guides and guardians who support and protect us in the Realms.


Advanced group members who are on Alchemy of Justice Module 2:
Please repeat the petitions Divine mother gave us- The summary/bullet point is at the top of the transcript page.


Foundational Course participants:  Please repeat the meditations in “with Sanat Kumara in Shambala” and/or “Know Your Soul” Courses“. These two are key to unlock the power of your Soul and your ability to jump to a higher level since we are in the energy of the Full moon of June which is the beginning of Summer and the domain of the Fire element where everything can accelerate and manifest faster- if you let it and guide it- through these courses.


life after death youtube video
Sharing a YouTube story which is relevant to Soul and Higher Self: I came across an interesting YouTube video which is relevant to the bog and the Free Foundation Course for next week, “Your Higher Self is Your True Self.” The story is about a man who was dead for a 20-minute period during surgery. He had an Out of Body Experience where he watched his Soul leave his body and hover over his body and witness the medical team go through the procedure without giving up on him.  At some point, he becomes aware of someone standing next to him who shows him the important landmark events of his life and then stretches his arm through the clouds to shake the man’s hand and send him back to his body. My impression is that the man was shaking the hand of his Higher Self. The man does not refer- and perhaps does not even know anything about, the Soul, the Higher Self, an Out-of-body Experience  (OBE) or a Near-death Experience (NDE), yet there is a lot to learn and read between the lines in his story.


Enjoy the story, the Strawberries and Cream and Wimbledon if you are Tennis fans.


Nasrin and Jim.

May 26, 2023

Know your sould mediation heart rock
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We wish you an enjoyable long weekend. Please be mindful that the Big Volcano in Mexico City affectionately named El Popo is spewing fumes and gases and might erupt at any moment. This Volcano is very close to Mexico City and city population. Your prayers and meditation to request for the volcano to do least damage is requested. Please see my blog about the eruption of Mauna Loa Volcano for instructions and information about the energy of Volcanos and how you might feel when one is brewing.
Course Offerings from Foundational Series:

This week’s free Foundational Course is “Know Your Soul” This 2-part series is about your soul and its connection to your body.  Part 1 is about building your Golden Silver shaft of Light which takes you to the Higher realms to connect with your Higher self. Part 2 is about the experience of re-connecting with your Soul and filling your Energy Centers with the Light and the energy of your Soul.
Advanced Course Offering: Alchemy of Justice Module 2 is now available. Please register and enjoy it here.
Blog Offering:
Our blog for this week is related to the course above: Know your Soul Blog Post” is about the significance of connecting with your Soul and recollecting your Soul Mission which is the purpose for being incarnate on Earth at this important and critical time.
Podcast: we have a podcast recommendation for your long weekend. The host is our friend, Dr Lulu Shimek who hosts the Genetic genius Apple podcast. My recommendation is Podcast # 178 produced on April 17th 2023 with Nicola Clinch, a Maturation Technique specialist. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast and was inspired to read her book “Surrender”. The premise is that once we release all things that no longer serve us, we gain Maturity and a new uplifted perspective on life. She speaks of all things we have adopted as our truths which are learned behaviors and opinions of others. She teaches how to release them and find freedom and maturity.
Divine Mother’s Love and blessings to all of you, all the veterans and their families.

Nasrin and Jim.


May 17, 2023

Energy layers meditation diagram hand

Time to manifest with the New Moon of May!

We are at the end of the waning Moon phase now.  So, rest and recoup and get your list of things to manifest for the New Moon which starts on May 19th. The New Moon is a great time for setting intentions and planning on all good things to manifest just the way you want!

Course Offerings from Foundational Series:

This week’s free Foundational Course is “Awakening the Energy Layers Around Your Body.” This 2-part series is about the Energy layers around your body.  explains the function and significance of these layers and helps you activate these layers and charge them with the Colored Light which brings each layer into full alignment with your Body and Being.

Advanced Course Offering: Alchemy of Justice Module 2 Look out for Module 2 of Alchemy of Justice Course in our newsletter for next week. Blog Offering: Our blog for this week is related to the course above; “Awakening the Energy Layers Around Your Body Blog Post explains the energy layers around the body in detail to help you understand their significance and teaches you how to work with them in a practical manner.

Nasrin and Jim.

May 10, 2023

Healing body 2 diver meditation

Happy Mother’s day!

We Celebrate each other, our moms, and Our beloved Divine Mother and all the Divine Feminine Entourage who have been blessing us with their Presence and Grace.  This Mother’s Day Brings with it a whole new beginning. To start anew we have a New Course From the Foundational Courses, healing and regeneration of your vital Organs. This week we have a second course which is a special Mother’s Day Gift.  Please see the description of these two below-while we serve our world and heal our Planet.


Please remember that we are in the waning Moon phase now. This is a great time time for releasing the old to make room to embrace the new especially after the two eclipses of the past few weeks where all kinds of stuff got Triggered and loosened up ready for release! This is a perfect time to focus on healing and regeneration while releasing the old. The course series, “Healing and Regeneration of your Vital Organs” (see below) c perfect tool to do just that!  Next week we will have other courses to help you Soar Higher with the loving energies of your Soul and Higher Self and to start a New Phase of Growth with the New Moon of May 19th.


Course Offerings from Foundational Series:


Our First Free Course from the Foundational Course Series is , “Healing and Regeneration of your Vital Organs” You are invited to the pool of creation where Great silent watcher helps to regenerate your vital organs while you rest on a Healing Crystal Pillar.


Our Bonus Course is also a Free course  from the Foundational series  Called “Build Your Core with Lemon Light


In This short course is appropriate for everyone even children.  The Lemon Light of Joy and empowerment condenses to form a beautiful Body Suit that covers your entire body and empowers you to accomplish whatever is beneficial for you when you imagine it around you. It can become a tool to remind you that you have the power to accomplish anything that you set your hearts and minds to. The Shimmering Lemon Light is a great gift to spread Joy and empowerment to all of you and your loved ones as well as our beautiful Planet Earth.

 Wishing all of you and your families a most joyful and Happy Mother’s Day Celebration while remembering Divine Mother pouring her immense Motherly Divine Love to Earth and all Souls.


Nasrin and Jim.

May 3, 2023

Sanat Kumara in Shamballa meditation

Sanat Kumara is breezing through with the Spring!  

Sanat Kumara’s energy is permeating in every iota of time and space and you may already have felt his presence.  It is time for Earth to come to the point where the father figurehead can be among us and his grace can change the trajectory of life on Earth. You are cordially invited to participate in this celebration with the course and blog offerings for this week. They are filled with the joy of Sanat Kumara’s presence.

Please be mindful that a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is coming up this Fri May 5th.  Emotions are  running high and jittery  reactions are expected. Decision making  on important issues are  best left til after this Fri.  Check out this link for more.

Course Offerings:

Free Foundational Course – With Sanat Kumara in Shambhala.  This course is beneficial for beginners, intermediate and advanced seekers. This two-part series is highly recommended as a life changing event for all of you. Sanat Kumara’s energy is permeating in every iota of time and space as you do the meditation in the audios approx. 35 and 40 minutes. Learning about Sanat kumara and visiting Shamballa in meditation is a great way to serve Earth and all Souls while you elevate your own energies.

Blog recommendation for your enjoyment and personal development: With Sanat Kumara In Shamballa Blog

Our blog for this week ties up the courses in a gift-wrapped ribbon. With Sanat Kumara in Shambala is a short blog for easy read. I have provided links to read more on the topics that might interest you.

Thank you all for your beautiful Light and for your presence in this communal Human Experience. We are all in this together with Sanat Kumara and Divine Mother’s blessings,

Nasrin and Jim

April 25, 2023

Clearing Negativity and purifying your energy field courses

Creating a Powerful Group Energy to Manifest best outcome for all!

Together we can magnify the impact of all NEW OPPORTUNITIES that are open to us since the Solar Eclipse of Last week. The Second Quarter of the Moon begins on April 27th . It will be even more powerful for setting intentions and manifesting desire. Imagine all of us who are part of this newsletter magnifying each other’s intentions and call on Great Silent Watcher and Divine Mother to pour their grace upon all of us in our group please

New Blog for this week:

Clearing Negativity with Great Silent watcher’s French press.” This blog is related to the Free Foundational Course series “Clearing Negativity and purifying your Energy Field with Great Silent watcher’s French press.

This blog explains the significance of clearing negativity and offers tools and techniques for clearing and purifying yourself, your loved ones and your personal space, land, property, etc. The blog also offers techniques for clearing intentions and plans that no longer serve you as well as ways to clear Mother Earth of her negative energies. For the meditation and the steps of the technique please read the accompanying course series mentioned above which was offered in last week’s newsletter.

Nexy week we will have a new treat: A new course by Sanat Kumara
Watch this space!

Wishing all of you and our group energy a magnified forcefield for manifestation of all that best serves all of us and a deep but gentle cleansing and healing for our beloved Mother Earth.
In Divine Mother’s Love,


April 20, 2023

tree with flowers meditation newsletter

Happy New Moon on April 20th. Let’s Harvest its benefits together!

The New Moon starts with the Solar Eclipse of April 20th. It will be perfect for New Beginnings especially because the eclipse has opened up and cleared the deck for NEW OPPORTUNITIES that we can turn into our benefit while we serve our world and heal our Planet.

Please Start setting intentions for all you wish to Manifest in the upcoming two-week period from the New Moon of April 20th to the Full Moon of May 5th. This Two-week period sets the scene for the rest of the year and all the Eclipses which are supposed to be bundled together to influence all of us between now and the Total Solar Eclipse of August of 2027.

This Week we have multiple offerings:

Blog Recommendation Relevant to the Current Solar Eclipse and how to benefit:

How to Harvest the Benefits After the Solar Eclipse.” Is a blog about how you can best benefit from the opportunities after the challenges of the Solar Eclipse end!  This one is about the opportunities that come with the New Moon. the blog post for this

Free Course Offering from our Foundational Course series:

Clearing Negativity and Purifying Your Energy Field with Great Silent Watcher’s French Press.
This is a 2-part series. Part one teaches you a technique that uses the concept of French Press to clear and dissolve Negativity from your Physical Body and the Energy layers surrounding your Body- Negativity weakens your mind and tarnishes your thoughts. It makes you feel sluggish and uneasy, even exhausted. Clearing Negativity restores your natural state of well-being. Part two is about incorporating Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Blue Light of Empowerment through your entire body and the Energy layers around your Body. The Grace and protection of Great Silent watcher will restore and nurture you through this course.

Course Offering in Advanced Series:

 Jim and I look forward to celebrating the first Module of our New Advanced series with all of you in the Core advanced Group.

The  Alchemy of Justice” is available Live Via Conference call on Sun April 23 at 3 pm ET. Please look for the email with access code and conference # in your inbox this week.

Looking forward to coming together with you to start a New Phase of Growth and service with Divine Mother’s Grace and Blessing.

Wishing all of you and our beloved Mother Earth Healing, Regeneration and Rejuvenation as we move through the New Moon of April. The photo is from the Magnolias in Central Park in NYC!


April 12, 2023

what to expect during a lunar eclipse

Watch out! The first Solar Eclipse of this year is coming! 

Last week we had the Pink Full Moon that precedes the upcoming Solar Eclipse on April 20th. It’s the first one in the year 2023! If you’ve had the jittery sensations, the body aches and especially the headaches, please don’t blame yourself. These sensations and others have started with the Full Moon of this month and may continue until the Solar Eclipse next week.  The good news is that all the discomfort will give way to release of the old patterns and makes room for great things to come our way with at the other end of this Eclipse. Lots more on this topic in the blog post for this week entitled “What to Expect From The First Solar Eclipse of 2023?

Course Offering in Advanced series:

Our New Advanced series, “Alchemy of Justice” will be available Live Via Conference call on Sun April 23 at 3 pm ET. Please join us if you have already completed all the 12 Modules in Alchemy of Your Cosmic Light Series.

Blog recommendation for your enjoyment and personal development:

As stated above our blog this week is about next week’s Solar Eclipse, “What to Expect From The First Solar Eclipse of 2023?” Please check it out.  This one will impact all of us on Earth even though its description as a Hybrid Eclipse is a bit misleading and makes it sound less important than it is. I have provided links to other sites which explain the astrological significance of this eclipse, especially from the perspective of the four Zodiacal signs who will be affected by it even more than the rest.

Let’s come together to pray and call on Divine Mother’s grace and compassion so that we may all release what no longer serves us and embrace all that benefits us and our world with the best outcome for all.


 In Divine Mother’s Love,



April 4, 2023

Grounding meditation course tree with light

Happy Easter! 

I hope that The Easter bunny visits you this weekend and brings you lots of sweeties and some warm weather for those of us in the Northeast who still have snow on the ground☹! 
Course Offerings:
Free Foundational Course – Grounding.  This course is beneficial for beginners, intermediate and advanced seekers.

This Three-part series is highly recommended for all of you. The short audio meditations will help you connect with Mother earth and feel her love, compassion and abundance. Feel free to share this course with your loved ones. It is an easy one to learn and fun to do with kids and grandkids.
New Advanced Series Course called  “Alchemy of Justice” will be available in upcomin weeks. Watch this space for the announcement.
Blog recommendation for your enjoyment and personal development:
Grounding is the blog for this week. It relates to the course above and explains the concept of Grounding, the significance and the mechanics of Grounding. It is a short 3-minute read.
With Divine Mother’s love and blessing during this Easter Celebrations and wishing all of you and our beloved Mother Earth healing and rejuvenation.

March 30, 2023

capital building meditation

                                                                            Happy Spring!  
Some of you may be experiencing spring more than others.  We still have snow on the ground, but on our visit to Washington, DC, last week, we saw the cherry blossoms in full bloom. I have included some in this newsletter.
Course Offerings:
Free Foundational Course – Healing Body Mind Spirit with Great Silent Watcher.  This course is beneficial for beginners, intermediate and advanced seekers.

This two-part series is highly recommended for all of you. The short audio meditations will help you connect with your own angelic watchers and the arrival of your very own Cosmic Guardian, The Silent Watcher. Part one under the dome is 32 minutes, and part two is 25 minutes.
Advanced Series Course Alchemy of Your Cosmic Light Phase 12 is available for you now; this is the last module of this series. Please register here and let us know if you have any problems registering.
Blog recommendation for your enjoyment and personal development:
Two blogs are available which relate to the healing of body, mind, and spirit with the Great Silent Watcher Foundational Course. These two are “Great Silent Watcher’s Double-Coned Tornado of Protectionand “Under the Dome with Angelic Watchers and Great Silent Watcher.” They will provide information and understanding about the above course.
Our seekers at beginner and intermediate levels can benefit from the 2 blogs and related course, as a perfect foundational tool for you. Those in the advanced course series will be reminded of the significance of your Angelic Watchers and the circle of 108 Silent Watchers, which we brought forth together, with Divine Mother’s guidance in Module 11 of The Alchemy of Your Cosmic Light.
Thank you all for everything you do in service to the Light.  Divine Mother’s blessing to all of you and our beloved Mother Earth as we move into the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere.

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